Eleven O'Clock Links

* Chimpanzee politics.

* California counties rebel against Sacramento.

* Citizen journalism in Pakistan.

* A retirement home for deleted Wikipedia entries.

* The music of the stocks.

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    That's total bull. In the two years I've been posting and reading Monkey Tuesday* entries, I've seen nothing--nothing!--that indicates that mild-mannered chimpanzees can achieve the coveted alpha male slot. The researcher, in essence, is claiming that some sort of hairdresser achieved supremacy in a chimpanzee group. Ha! What a farce--these people clearly don't understand chimpanzees at all.

    *With apologies to Penn Jillette, the Godfather of Monkey Tuesday.

  • Derrick||

    Wow. Kalifornia sure is in bad shape. Preview of what's to come at the federal level.

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    * The music of the stocks.

    Holy crap! That was totally Teh Market! "Will the recording industry sue me for sampling their stock chart?" ROFL

  • robc||

    The music idea was stolen from Douglas Adams.

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    * Chimpanzee politics.

    Jane Goodall for Minority Whip!

  • Citizen Nothing||

    I'll vote for any politician/chimpanzee who drops by my house to personally groom me.

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    The music idea was stolen from Douglas Adams.

    I've toyed with the idea of spending a year dead for tax purposes.

  • Cool Cal||

    Chimpanzees... don't have politics. They're very... brutal. No compassion, no compromise. We can't trust the Chimp. I'd like to become the first... Chimpanzee politician ...

  • boosh||


    The Jenkins link is interesting. I have always wondered just how much global political info sites like Flickr and Facebook let slip through their fingers -- how immediately do their servers register civil unrest or natural disasters? It's a shame there isn't a window onto that data beyond, say Google Zeitgeist. It would make for a fascinating map.


  • GG||

    Barney Frank goes full retard.

  • Orange Line Special||

    Thanks to Jesse Walker for continuing to be a useful idiot for Wikipedia (in this case for one of its other fans).

    Meanwhile, for those who oppose disinfo, here's a Wikipedia article that was locked and deleted. I see now it's back.

    For those who want to know what's missing from another WP article, see this. Bear in mind that's the first google hit for her name, and all those who visit her entry aren't getting a full picture but instead are just getting a sanitized picture.

    And, Reason doesn't mind.

  • Jesse Walker||

    I'm generally pro-Wikipedia, a position only strengthened by your unconvincing arguments against it. (They scrub out Lonewacko's loopy conspiracy theories? Quelle horror!) But it's worth noting -- just in case someone is keeping track of all the massive reading comprehension errors you bring to this forum -- that the site I linked to exists to criticize Wikipedia for excessive deletions.

  • Orange Line Special||

    And, what Jesse Walker can't figure out is that the linked site is - wittingly or not - a giant link farm for Wikipedia. By linking to that site, Walker gave the site a little "link juice". The linked site then transferred some of that "link juice" to Wikipedia, which in a very small way helps them maintain their position at or near the top of search results for most terms. Multiply that by all the sites linking to that site, and all the other useful idiots who link to Wikipedia, and all those people are funneling a huge amount of "link juice" to WP, and helping them stay at the top.

    I didn't add the NAU article to WP. And, the second link above discusses the ValerieJarrett article at WP, which is still missing the news that it's widely believed she's "SenateCandidate1". That's not a "loopy conspiracy theory", that's something that's been covered by major news organizations.

    Jesse Walker simply doesn't have the intelligence nor the integrity to figure out the major structural problems with WP. Read and think about their rules to figure that out. Because of their rules, their coverage closely matches what the NYT/WaPo say, and because of the demographics of those who are active on the web, most of their articles lean left. Basically, they're left-leaning establishment disinfo, and Reason is helping.

    As an example of how pernicious WP is, it's like a nightly news anchor who consistently spreads disinfo but remains popular. Some people would realize the damage that would cause and speak out against it. Others would not. Clearly, Reason is in the second camp.

  • Jesse Walker||

    Yes, I forgot about your obsession with links and Google ratings. If only more people would link to Lonewacko instead of Wikipedia! (Until they do, Lonewacko will invade every comment thread on the Internet and relentlessly link to himself.)

  • C L||

    I can completely see California splitting into 58 little states once the state government officially ceases to function. It will be cool to watch.

  • Warty||

    I didn't realize Lonewacko trolled other sites. Is reason his first love, or are we just a fling?

  • ed||

    The music of the stocks...

    Fails. For all the charts in the vid that trend downward, the "composer" sticks with a bouncy major key. A bit of modulation to the minor would have made all the difference.

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    Basically, we're the last bar in town stupid enough to serve him. He might hold some sort of record for the number of blogs he's been banned on.

  • Jesse Walker||

    For all the charts in the vid that trend downward, the "composer" sticks with a bouncy major key.

    Didn't that make it funnier?

  • Charles||

    Is that why Lonewacko types LikeThis? For people who mistakenly skip the spacebar doing Google searches?

  • AlanS||

    If the California controller wants to write me an IOU if I had "too much" money withheld, then I want to be able to write him an IOU if I had too little of my money withheld.

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    Is it Schwarzenegger's time for Total Recall?
    Davis was booted for much less.

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    The researcher, in essence, is claiming that some sort of hairdresser achieved supremacy in a chimpanzee group.

    Pro Lib; did you notice *this*?

    Mark Foster, who was an undergraduate pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in anthropology and a B.F.A. in acting when the research was conducted, was the study's lead author of the study.

    It sounds to me like a conspiracy of hairdressers.

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