Willie Brown Finds His Niche

This might not be news to all, but following links toward what was promised as (but totally wasn't) fascinating thoughts from a Palin-frightened Dem pol, I discovered that former California Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has reinvented himself as the greatest amalgam of Herb Caen and Larry King you've ever feared at the San Francisco Chronicle.

The column is of course called "Willie's World." Samples from the particular column in question. Yes, these are all from the same piece:

"If she can answer questions like she handled herself at the convention, Palin will turn out to be the most interesting person in all of politics, and the press will treat her like they treated Obama when he was first discovered."

"A note to John McCain: Get rid of the suits.....They make him look old. And Cindy - keep the hair up."

"I have to say the whole Slow Food Nation movement is something of a puzzle. A guy came up and asked me - does it mean you cook it slow or eat it slow?"

"...a final one you'll want to see is "Fly Me to the Moon." It's the Disney-type animation story of Apollo 11 told from the perspective of three flies. Now that is something to see"

"...there's a new dining tip for people going out in Oakland. Be sure to order soup. That way when the robbery starts, you can slip off your jewelry and drop it into soup so the robbers won't see it."

I can't say I've gotten more news and insights I can use from any other pundit or columnist this week. Waste your life in his column archive.

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  • Alan Vanneman||

    I wish I had seen this earlier. I went to Maria's in Oakland, ordered the minestrone, and broke a tooth on one of Willie's pinkie rings! Ouch!

  • Ryo||

    Reminds me of Norm MacDonald's take on Larry King:
    Larry King's News & Views

    "I don't ever remember seeing a Mormon, not once, not ever."

  • ||

    Norm MacDonald's take on Larry King

    I liked MADTV's "review" of Deadwood by Larry King. A sample:

    "It's bloody, gritty, and full of surprises. And that's just my underwear."

  • Old Bull Lee||

    You can run, you can run,
    Tell my friend poor Willie Brown

    Standin' at the crossroads
    I believe national discourse is sinkin' down

  • Dave T||

    If your chance of being robbed while eating out in Oakland is that high that you need a bowl of soup as insurance, my advice would be to STOP EATING OUT IN OAKLAND.

  • talboito||

    The best strategy has been to eat at the restaurants most recently robbed. None has been hit twice.

    Also, the police are claiming, again, that they caught the guys. So no more need to worry.

  • ||

    Herb Caen was sane, but Larry isn't.



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