Ron Paul Delegates Walk Off RNC Floor in Protest

"It's an embarassment to the process, it's an embarassment to the state of Maine, and to the party as a whole how things were conducted today," said Maine National Committeewoman Ashley Ryan minutes after half the Maine delegation walked off the Republican National Convention floor in protest.

Ron Paul-supporting delegates have accused the Republican establishment of changing the rules of the seating process in order to avoid embarassment for Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Their arguments are not without merit.

The Ron Paul faction did not go out quietly, cheering loudly whenever Ron Paul delegates were announced and yelling out the running tally of Paul votes every time the convention announcer failed to do so.

While Maine--and the broader Ron Paul movement--lost this symbolic battle, some delegates say that Republicans  have made a bad mistake alienating the Ron Paul vote by picking this fight.

"The party's fractured. This was completely unneccessary, and it's ridiculous," said Ron Paul supporter and Oklahoma delegate Steve Dixon.

Approximately 2 minutes.

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  • ||

    Ron Paul should endorse Johnson. If he thinks the repubs are going treat Rand Paul decently he's living in fool's paradise.

  • Whiterun Guard||

    Wishing and hoping are what the other party does.

  • ||

    I don't see where wihsing and hoping come into this. Its about taking votes.

  • Whiterun Guard||

    I will keep saying it:

    Stop assuming that the RNC (or DNC) gives a shit how many votes their candidate gets.

  • Enjoy Every Sandwich||

    We're ready for the elections now. Both parties have their excuses for losing in place.

    The Democrats have "voter suppression" and the inevitable "racism" ready to go.

    Now the Republicans have their "those darn libertopians split the vote with their unreasonable extreme purism blah blah blah".

  • ||

    And if Romney wins, they'll say "See.... we didn't need those dirty liberty-lovers anyhow!"

  • Enjoy Every Sandwich||

    Yes, and all that talk about how Rand Paul fellating Mr. Mittens would lead to smaller government will be quietly forgotten.

  • steve walsh||

    Ron Paul is Don Quixote and thus you are Sancho Panza.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    UNACCEPTABLE! Ball caps with suits.

  • ant1sthenes||

    Is it too much to hope that the Texas GOP secedes and forms a state GOP confederacy to punish the national GOP for their hubris? And, in such a scenario, would ballot access laws favor the state party or the national party?

  • Loki||

    Apparently the GOP thinks they can win without the Ron Paul people. Which may be true in this election, but what about 8, 16, 20+ years from now, when all the old "establishment" GOP types are dead and the college students and disaffected gen-X and younger folks are in the prime voting age demagraphic?

    So go ahead, alienate the Ron Paul supporters. Enjoy being an irrelevant historical curiousity when the 2032 election rolls around. Cockstains.

  • DEG||

    Will we still have elections in 2032?

  • steve walsh||

    Libertarians will become the majority conservative political party around the same time soccer achieves most popular professional sport status in the United States.

  • Suellington||

    That would be about 2032 give or take few years. Who wants the over/under?

  • Homple||

    Well, that's at least one bunch of kooks that the media and Democrats can't accuse the GOP of harboring.

  • RSDavis||

    As a resident of St Louis, MO, I have to wonder - will this moment in history be a replay of 1969 YAF convention, where the libertarian and Republican factions split, creating the LP?

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