Scott Walker Enjoys Commanding Lead in Latest Poll

With less than a week before the recall election, incumbent Gov. Scott Walker leads in a new poll from Marquette Law School.

Madison, Wis.— It’s hard to analyze the Marquette Law School poll released Wednesday and not say that things are looking pretty bright for Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP, less than a week before Tuesday’s recall elections.

It’s not just that Walker’s lead over his Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, has grown to 7 percent, a 52-45 percent edge among likely voters that the pollster said "falls slightly short of statistical significance."

It’s not even that a slim majority, 52 percent, think Wisconsin is on the right track.

No, the biggest problem for Democrats may be that their key criticisms of Walker don’t seem to be gaining traction with the Wisconsin electorate.

The John Doe investigation into the actions of Walker's former aides who served in his office while he was Milwaukee County executive?

That issue made it into Barrett’s opening remarks Friday night during the candidates’ first debate.

“This isn’t a rematch or a do-over because we can’t do over the fact that Scott Walker’s administration has been investigated, a criminal investigation that looks at the activities of some of his key aides while he was county executive, and his decision, his refusal to release secret emails that were on a system that was in his county executive office and his failure to tell us who is raising his (criminal defense) funds,” Barrett said.

The Marquette poll of 720 registered voters was conducted May 23-26, mostly before Barrett made those remarks.

But although the John Doe investigation has been a familiar theme in Democratic campaign ads for weeks, the poll indicates people care less about the issue now than they did in February, right after charges were filed against some of Walker’s former staff members.

Seventy-seven percent of those polled last week said they had heard or read about the John Doe investigation, up 5 percentage points from February.

“There’s an awful lot of news stories that are important news stories that don’t hit 77 percent of the public,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientist Charles Franklin, who is conducting Marquette's polls.

But 47 percent of those polled said the John Doe issue is “just more politics,” compared to 46 percent who said it’s “really something serious.”

In February, fewer had heard of the investigation, and only 40 percent of those polled said it was “just more politics,” versus 50 percent who said it was a serious issue.

Walker seems to be winning on jobs perception as well.

Democrats and Republicans have been sparring over job-creation and unemployment numbers for months — no surprise, since it’s the No. 1 issue on voters’ mind.

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  • WarrenT||

    I give not one fuck about Walker, I just want to see the unions lose and am dismayed that the gap isn't wider.

  • wareagle||

    the gap may well be wider. When Repubs have slim leads, the reality is often a far larger lead. Still, the unions are pouring a shit ton of money into this, they will have the goon squad out in full force next Tuesday, and they count on the ignorance of a certain percentage of the public.

  • jacob the barbarian||

    This is a case where Walker is performing a public service by kicking the Public Employee Unions in the balls. If he can follow this up by ass raping them somehow, I will only applaud all the more.

  • AlmightyJB||

    I wouldn't get too excited about this yet. Nothing more dangerous then a cornered animal which is wht the unions are at this point. They have "enthusiasm" on their side.

  • Almanian's Evil Twin||

    What JB said. Remember Ohio....

  • Randian||

    Ohio was a done deal from the beginning. The whole framing of that debate was well done by the pro-union side.

  • Sharon Stone||

    Plus Northeast Ohio still remains a cesspool for Union activity.

  • Randian||

    Just wait though - when the 20% school aid cuts come, I want to watch everyone shed tasty tears even though SB5 would have prevented this.

  • Sharon Stone||

    The most ironic part about last november's election was the fact that SB5 failed and yet school levies were failing all across different areas of the state.

    I cannot wait for the day when we get rid of these leeches.

  • jacob the barbarian||

    Think seal kill. Find em, bash em, skin em. Repeat.

  • R C Dean||

    Wisconsin has a long history of significant voter fraud. It ain't over til the last lawyer is sent home.

  • Nicholas Card||

    [citation needed]

  • Cool Story, Bro||

    It took me all of 2 seconds to type "voter fraud in Wisconsin" into Google.

  • JoshSN||

    And the very first link is PolitiFact, saying that recent allegations of Voter Fraud by Reince Preibus and Scott Walker were"false.

    Cool Deceit, Fuckwit.

  • Anonymous Coward||

    If the Marquette Law School poll says 7%, more likely the reality is 12%.

  • Sevo||

    Sorta like hoping for Mittens, except in this case Walker did something.

  • DrAwkward||

    "20 percent of those polled said Wisconsin has more jobs now than it did a year ago. That’s up to 38 percent in the poll released Wednesday—an 18-percent increase in two weeks"

    No, that's an 18-point increase, or an increase of around 90%.

  • Sevo||

    Fun with numbers! You can always trust a newspaper reporter:
    'We found a 100% increase in the number of folks who support X!'
    Yep. last week it was one, now it's two

  • sweeterjan||

    20 percent of those polled said Wisconsin has more jobs now than it did a year ago. That’s up to 38 percent in the poll released Wednesday—an 18-percent increase in two weeks"

  • jason||

    He is campaigning for a long time and he is doing very good.

  • joy||

    Seventy-seven percent of those polled last week said they had heard or read about the John Doe investigation, up 5 percentage points from February.

  • Concerned Citizen||

    We just had Martin Sheen visiting central Ohio to support statist Sherrod Brown. He is the finest of limousine liberals. I hope his trip home ends badly.

  • دردشه عراقية||



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