Aliens vs. Bureaucrats

Our costly, record-breaking system for dealing with illegal immigrants

If Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is elected president, she promises to install two security fences wherever the land of the free meets the land of the willing-to-work-for-less-than-minimum-wage. And just in case you doubt Bachmann’s commitment to redundancy, she says this double shot of steel-and-concrete contraception will cover “every mile, every foot, every inch” of our border with Mexico. Another GOP hopeful, Newt Gingrich, is doubling down on a border fence too, and like Bachmann he promises to complete it by 2013. 

You can understand the urgency. In fiscal year 2011, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended just 340,252 illegal immigrants, a mere 20 percent of its catch in 2000, when the agency nabbed 1,676,438. It was the lowest total for alien snatching since 1971. In April 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported that parts of the border have gotten so tranquil that agents are “encouraged to walk around or take coffee breaks” to keep from nodding off on the job. By 2014 there might not be enough aspiring day laborers to justify even one fence, much less two.

Which of course means there’s a good chance two fences will get built, and possibly three. The war on illegal immigration is characterized by chronic uncertainty; no one knows exactly how many illegal immigrants reside in the U.S. or precisely what causes their numbers to wax and wane. What is clear, however, is that eliminating illegal immigration creates more and more bureaucratic infrastructure. 

Currently there are two main agencies that deal with illegal immigration, both divisions of the Department of Homeland Security. One is U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). With 58,000 employees, including 43,600 sworn federal agents and officers, CBP is the largest federal law enforcement agency. In less than a decade, its budget has nearly doubled, from $5.9 billion in fiscal year 2003 to $11.9 in FY 2012. In FY 2011 it devoted $3.5 billion just to border enforcement. The U.S. Border Patrol, a component of CPB, has grown fivefold since 1992, from 4,139 agents to about 21,444 in 2011.

The other bureaucracy is U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With more than 20,000 employees, ICE is the federal government’s second largest investigative agency. It has an annual budget of more than $5.7 billion, up from $3.3 billion in FY 2003. In FY 2003 it had the capacity to detain 18,500 illegal aliens on any given day. Today, operating six detention facilities of its own and renting space from approximately 250 state and local jails, it can house 33,442.

In concert with the declining number of Border Patrol apprehensions, which the agency attributes to more manpower, better monitoring technologies, and the 650 miles of fence that already exist, annual deportations are going up. In October, ICE announced it had given the boot to 396,906 illegal immigrants in FY 2011, “the largest number in the agency’s history.” It must have been an easy press release to write, as the agency has been fine-tuning it for years now. In 2010 ICE announced it had removed “more illegal aliens [that year] than in any other period in the history of our nation.” The year before was record setting too, as were 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003. According to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Immigrant Statistics (OIS), 2002 was the only year since 1992 that the federal government failed to set a new record for illegal alien removals.

Under President Barack Obama’s direction, ICE has removed 1,179,313 illegal aliens in three years. George W. Bush presided over 2,012,539 removals during his eight-year reign. Despite this expensively enforced exodus of more than 3 million individuals since 2000, the estimated number of unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. hasn’t changed much. The OIS reports that this population peaked at 11.8 million in 2007, dropped to 10.8 million in 2009, and stayed at 10.8 million in 2010. According to many experts, the drop-off from 2007 to 2009 was due in large part to the recession rather than enforcement efforts. With fewer American jobs available, fewer immigrants have chosen to make the increasingly arduous journey here. 

Sinking Mexican fertility rates may also play a role. In 1960 the average number of births per woman in Mexico was 6.8. By 1990 that number had dropped to 3.4, and in 2011 it’s down to 2.3. Soon there won’t be enough young Mexicans to fill all the jobs in Mexico, much less in America. But 2012 is an election year, and long- shots such as Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Bachmann can’t afford to let nature take its course. The former is promising to “detain and deport every illegal alien who is apprehended in this country.” The latter is a little more judicious. “It is almost impossible to move 11 million illegal immigrants overnight,” she told radio host Laura Ingraham in November. “You do it in steps.”

Forget moving 11 million illegal immigrants overnight. During the last three years, Obama has demonstrated that it’s damned hard to move just 400,000 illegal immigrants out of the country over the course of 365 days. Even with the costly expansion of CPB and ICE, the system is under strain. While illegal immigrants do not enjoy the same due process afforded to U.S. citizens, they do have some legal recourse. When CPB or ICE apprehends someone who may be an illegal immigrant, he is entitled to his day in one of the nation’s 53 immigration courts. In the end, the most crucial component of the war on illegal immigration isn’t border fences or surveillance cameras; it’s paperwork.

So while ICE has been achieving record numbers of deportations, its enforcement efforts have set other records as well. According to Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a research organization affiliated with Syracuse University, the number of deportation cases awaiting resolution reached an all-time high of 297,551 on September 30; the average wait time was 489 days. Not surprisingly, ICE didn’t issue a press release to celebrate this milestone.

One result is that the federal government is running up huge tabs housing detainees waiting for hearings. According to the National Immigration Forum, a pro-immigration advocacy organization, the “current cost to detain an immigrant is approximately $166 per day.” To save space and money, ICE releases thousands of suspected illegal immigrants on their own recognizance each year while they wait for their day in court. Many, unsurprisingly, vanish long before their hearings occur. Consequently, unexecuted deportation orders “have increased from 558,000 to 1.1 million” during the last three years, according to Mark Metcalf, a former immigration judge now affiliated with the Center for Immigration Studies, an advocacy organization that wants to tighten current immigration policies. This is another record-breaking statistic that ICE has little interest in trumpeting.

Last summer the Department of Homeland Security formed a joint committee with the Department of Justice to review all pending immigration cases with the intent of weeding out “low priority” deportations and thus reducing the backlog. Meanwhile, ICE and the private companies it contracts with are busy building new facilities. The GEO Group, for example, is building a 650-bed jail at a cost of $70 million in Adelanto, California, and a 600-bed jail for $32 million in Karnes City, Texas.

Such measures will merely help better process the current load of 400,000 deportees a year, which represents just 3.7 percent of the 10.8 million illegal immigrants. If Bachmann, Gingrich, and Perry want to surpass Obama’s record-setting enforcement efforts, a double fence is just a start. We will also need an exponential increase in CBP and ICE personnel, detention facilities, courtrooms, and judges. According to a March 2010 study by the liberal Center for American Progress, it would cost $285 billion to remove 11 million illegal immigrants in five years.

That’s a hefty price tag, and it doesn’t even address the ongoing costs of maintaining the supersized agencies and institutions that would persist once the purge was completed. Federal employees are even harder to remove than illegal immigrants once they’ve gained a foothold. But who knows? After they’ve vanquished every unauthorized worker in the land and have nothing left to fill their hours, maybe immigration-enforcement bureaucrats will be willing to pick strawberries.

Contributing Editor Greg Beato writes from San Francisco.

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    Out before this thread gets nasty!

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    Oh come now, we can do better than that!

    If Gingrich gets the nomination and Bachmann is his Vice Prez, will they combine for a triple fence or a quad fence?

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    Contributing Editor Greg Beato writes from San Francisco.

    Now, who would have ever guessed that?

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    Who would have ever guessed that a shitbag racist like you would show up on this thread, slaphead?

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    I await our hyperventilating, foam-lipped, Know-Nothing brethren.

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  • Dave Francis||

    When the States of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, Indiana and South Carolina is being financially crippled by the illegal alien invaders, it is undeniable that something smells of government corruption. These states have spoken out on behalf of their taxpayers, especially the border state of Arizona. Using fake ID, of exceptionally good quality unlawful nationals are able to qualify for food stamps, WICC and other public assistance programs. It is way past time that many incompetent administrations stopped this fraud? The only possible way is to issue every eligible US citizen and others able to qualify a National ID card, which can be substantiated?
    Our Social Security numbers and other documentation has been compromised, as seen in the overwhelming amount of victims that is unceasing spreading across our nation.

    The American people, namely ' the increasing fathomless numbers of THE TEA PARTY" must unseat all radical Politicians, Governors, mayors, judges police chiefs and every elected official, city manager and councilman who are anti-sovereignty and pamper them with taxpayer dollars. Their oaths of allegiance are meaningless to them as they have shown by their pro-illegal immigration agenda's. Both political parties have been complicit in the flood of illegal migrants and immigrants that is estimated to be well over 20 million, not the numbers calculated by the US census bureau? Our only chance of stopping this scattering pestilence is to support the business mandatory E-Verify program and the Birthright citizenship Act that must be introduced in Congress right now.

    Frank Sharry, Founder and Director of pro-amnesty group America's Voice and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) went was caught up in a verbal confrontation in The Huffington Post. Sharry calls Chairman Smith's mandatory E-verify bill "anti-immigrant legislation" and "unworkable and expensive bureaucracy." Sharry claims the bill would "grant the federal government the authority to approve or disapprove every new hire in America." That is how it should be, and rejection from being hired. A relatively simple solution that guarantees foreigners begin Mitt Romney’s ‘self-deportation’ antidote, better known as Attrition through Enforcement. Of Course Sharry doesn't individualize between a legal immigrant and illegal immigrant as it should be acknowledged or the Liberal media.

    Rep. Smith defended E-Verify by saying the web-based program "quickly identifies illegal workers and protects jobs for citizens by checking Social Security numbers and ID of newly hired employees" and describes E-Verify as "free, quick and easy to use."

    Rep. Smith cites a Rasmussen poll which found that 82% of likely voters think all businesses should be required to use E-Verify. Sharry, this open border individual and is now so frustrated and angry that millions of businesses have chosen to use E-Verify--both voluntary and state mandatory, that this far left progressive is reduced to name calling.

    Sen. Lamar Smith’s E-Verify, “The Legal Workforce Act” is just tipping the scales and only needs a little more momentum from American voters to get this bill into Congress. The potential law has 74 co-sponsors and needs a final push of only 26 more lawmakers with a backbone; four of the co-sponsors are Democrats.

    Join the TEA PARTY, as the refugees from every other delusional political voter and vote a Tea Party senate and house into office, displacing all those politicians and elected officers who protect illegal migrants and immigrants and betrayed the lawful U.S. Populace. These old party agenda is profit, votes and exploitation, and are in collusion with churches, unions, foreign governments and radical organizations and special interest groups. Illegal immigration has been forced on taxpayers through ‘UNFUNDED MANDATES’. These acts include free health care, free schooling, and has attributed to the loss of safety-net for Americans; coerced on citizens and lawful residents by liberal influenced courts.

    Frosty Wooldridge said in his latest article:
    Every indicator that our country is failing shows up daily with 15 million unemployed, 7 million underemployed, 46 million Americans subsisting on food stamps, $700 billion annual trade deficit, $15 trillion national debt, endless wars that cost $15 billion monthly and thousands of kids dropping out of high school daily. I have said it before: illiteracy defines a third world country. With 42 million functionally illiterate Americans, we are well on our way. Nonetheless, Congress pumps over 125,000 immigrants into this country every 30 days. I am beyond exasperated as to why and how we can do this to our country.

    Learn more at NumbersUSA, how the government is defying the U. S. Constitution and the laws that govern us. Investigate even more the terrible penalty our nation pays, for unending spending on foreign nationals by Googling—“AMERICAN PATROL.” Seek out your politician either by phone at 202-224-3121, or go their office in person. Proclaim to them they are–OUT–if they vote for any kind of AMNESTY, disguised as Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

    Important: Voter fraud does exist and our only chance of fair and impartial elections, from now until the November Presidential is every citizen show official Identification. Non citizens have been registered to vote and will again in all electoral cycles, which could cause major issues in a close vote. Fake ID has been around for years, but is more prevalent now than ever before?

  • ||

    I thought the Tea Party was for limited government. I guess they are just hypocrites and liars.

  • ||

    The Tea Party is for limiting the government to those functions authorised in the Constitution. Now, that is a proposition that can be argued with in a number of ways, but it is NOT simply 'less government of all kinds' as you imply.

    Which isn't to say that the Tea Party is not hypocritical. You just haven't demonstrated that it is. Yet.

  • MWG||

    ...and just where in the constitution does it give the government authority to keep da immigrantz out?

  • ||

    As I read it, Article One Section Nine.

  • MWG||

    Nope. Article 1 section 9 refers to slaves, not immigrants. Do I need to break it down for you or are you willing to accept that you're wrong?

  • ||

    Nope. You need to break it down. According to your logic, if Article 1 Section 9 is only applicable to slaves, then Amendment 14 Section 1 is only applicable to slaves.

  • MWG||

    Ok. With due credit to MikeP he pointed to these links over a year ago.

    James Madison in Federalist 42:

    "Attempts have been made to pervert this clause into an objection against the Constitution, by representing it on one side as a criminal toleration of an illicit practice, and on another as calculated to prevent voluntary and beneficial emigrations from Europe to America. I mention these misconstructions, not with a view to give them an answer, for they deserve none, but as specimens of the manner and spirit in which some have thought fit to conduct their opposition to the proposed government."

    And the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, who didn't feel the need for continued euphemisms when they rewrote the same clause:

    "The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same."

    For the sake of argument let's go ahead and look at the article.

    "The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person."

    Why did they say there should be no prohibition 'by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight'. Were they putting off dealing with issues related to immigration? Nope. They didn't want to deal with the issue of... Wait for it... Slavery.

    "...but a tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person."

    Who was being charged a duty? Slave holders.

    Madison made clear it was referring to slaves. The Constitution of confederate states made clear it was referring to slavery.

    I'm guessing your 'liberal' interpretation of the constitution begins and ends with this part of the constitution. Somehow I think you're not as open to liberal interpretation of the commerce or general welfare clauses.

  • ||

    "Migration or Importation of such Persons"

    It says persons. If it meant only slaves it would have said slaves. The framers were literate people.

  • ||

    The framers were literate people who never nowhere anywhere in the Constitution used the word "slaves". That was intentional and considered -- or do you think that they wanted the census to include only three-fifths of immigrants?

    When the CSA had a chance for a do-over, they made it obvious that this clause is not about migration.

  • MWG||

    Thanks Mike for the response and looking back at your 2010 post I never thanked you for the links... so... thanks.

  • ||

    You're quite welcome.

  • MWG||


    Without having you go back and read what I wrote (which you clearly haven't done, or at least closely done) I'll ask if you can cite ANY of the leaders at or around the time the constitution was written who claimed Article 1 Section 9 was referring to more than just slaves?

    I've cited the CSA and Madison who state both indirectly AND DIRECTLY that it isn't referring to immigration. Do you have any evidence to the contrary?

  • EMp||

    Bang, done....

  • EMp||

    @ C.S.P. - good stuff.

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    One the parts the Constitution puts in the purview of the Federal Government, the TP seem to want infinite government. And even within that they are willing to abuse the framework and violate individual rights to reach their desired ends.

    That's no more noble than liberals who abuse the general welfare and commerce clauses.

  • ||

    Nobility isn't necessary, or even all that desirable. The system works because everybody gets to pursue their own interests. It may not work all that WELL, but systems that have assumed that one class of people knew what was best for everybody have a much worse track record.

  • pmains||



    "Dave Francis"= Cut-and-paste propagandist:

    LoneWacko was, by contrast, at least something other than a auto-bot spewing overblown and sometimes counter-factual claims.

    And this guy's idea of sane policy is "e-verify". National ID cards. Statist wet dream!

    As vehement as these guys are about their anti-immigrant bugbear, none are informed enough to spend more than a vague-claim sentence or two about actual economic impact of immigration... ask them to show the data? Crickets.

  • An unnamed source||

    Homeland security and the TSA are both direct results of immigration. Culture matters and diversity kills.

  • MWG||

    LMAO... No... HS and the TSA are the results of government overreach based on the fears of the American sheople... fears you appearantly share.

  • EMp||

    IF the current immigration laws on the books were enforced - Obama would not be the current POTUS, ESL would not be an issue, the food stamp need would be significantly less, the 'Housing bubble' would not have been nearly the global 'domino-effect' crisis it became.. Both sides of the political aisle are doing this for thier own benefit and bearing out the monikers they've earned: the stupid party(Republicans..) and the evil party the Democrat party...)& yadda-yadda-yadda... etc.

  • MWG||

    "IF the current immigration laws on the books were enforced -

    Obama would not be the current POTUS"

    Show your work please.

    "ESL would not be an issue"

    ESL is an issue?

    "the food stamp need would be significantly less"

    How much does the government spend on food stamps? You really think a major issue faced by this country is food stamps? Medicare, SS, and defense spending/wars are what are bankrupting this country and at least two of those are the fault of white natives.

    "the 'Housing bubble' would not have been nearly the global 'domino-effect' crisis it became"

    This is extremely interesting as I've never heard these word uttered by any major politician who feed off anti illegal immigrant sentiment, and much less from any economist.

    "the stupid party(Republicans..) and the evil party the Democrat party"

    How generous of you to refer to team blue as evil, but team red as merely stupid. Let me guess, you're sympathies are with the right?

  • EMp||

    Conservative w/ a few libertarian sympathies. If we simply go with allowing/hiring/flooding the country with people who come from a 3rd world culture and they inevitably are going to get the privilege of voting - with whom do you think they will align their political aspirations? Riiiight... and then the Cosmo-Beltway libertarian wing will see their hopes and dreams of a Minarchist/Anarcho-capitalist Nirvana tossed on the "Ash-heap" of history, via giving away the store. Am I wrong? If so, please educate me....

  • MWG||

    I'd be interested in what you think defines 3rd world culture.

    In terms of people from the 3rd world and their long-term voting patterns are, it's hard to predict, but if conservatives want to continue on their path to self destruction via the alienation of hispanics and immigrants in general, it makes little difference to me. If you think libertarians are well aligned with conservatives you should tell that to the current crop of 'conservative elites' who see libertarians as 'cooky' and dangerous. Am I wrong in believing conservatives and republicans have done NOTHING in advancing libertarian ideas? If so, please educate me.

  • EMp||

    There are (at least...)a couple of different camps in Libertarian thought. I just cannot see how the pro open-borders, legalize all drugs, & "if it ain't human - sell it!" stripe thinks that they can ever achieve their stated goals with the means they attempt. Human nature and the propensity to go to the lowest common denominator if there is no higher standard, or value of 'permanent things' or ideals in life, I think should be self-evident if we are to learn the lessons of history. Does Rome ring a bell? Or a more recent example, California?

  • ||

    I find it interesting that given a chance to cut back on the welfare state or enforcing a statist crackdown, these guys go for statist crackdown every time.

    I would even say that they are moist for a statist crackdown.

  • EMp||

  • EMp||

    Crickety enough for ya?

  • EMp||

  • EMp||

    More crickets....

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Cool story, bro, but VDARE is that way ---->

  • Charles 3E||

    was this translated from Japanese?

  • Mooooooooo||

    @Dave Francis

    Did you really expect anyone to read that ?

    As far as the article...

    Libertarians should really be called Trustafarians. Best not to trust a word.

  • ||

    The elephant in the room, where the immigration debate is concerned, is that Mexico is a failed State, or at least gives considerable evidence of being one. Regardless of what we decide regarding immigration, having a fence between us and that might not be all that bad an idea.

    Of course we could do a lot toward defusing the explosiveness of the Mexican state if we dropped the War on Drugs down a deep hole.

  • MWG||

    "Of course we could do a lot toward defusing the explosiveness of the Mexican state if we dropped the War on Drugs down a deep hole."

    Gee, ya think?

  • ||

    Yeah, that would probably also reduce the number of people jumping the border. Companies don't want to invest in Mexico for a reason, and families naturally want to escape the violence.

  • ||

    Yes, I do think. Pity we can't seem to sell such an obvious idea to enough people, though.

  • MWG||

    The disconnect between our experience with alcohol prohibition and the WODs boggles the mind. What's more, is the hypocrisy involved given the fact that, at least, our last three presidents are admitted drug users... two of whom used cocaine. Bush and Obama deserve to rot in hell (I'm an atheist) for continuing to incarcerate people for years on end for doing that which they themselves have admitted to.

  • White Indian||

    As Rep Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) verkose president, belowe sy twee veiligheidswagte heinings te installeer waar die land van die vrye aan die land van die gewillige-om-te-werk-vir-minder as minimum-loon. En net in geval jy twyfel Bachmann se verbintenis tot ontslag, sê sy sal hierdie dubbele skoot van staal en beton-voorbehoeding dek "elke myl, elke voet, elke duim van ons grens met Mexiko. Nog 'n GOP hoop, Newt Gingrich, verdubbel neer op 'n grensdraad ook, en soos Bachmann het hy beloof om dit teen 2013 te voltooi.

    Jy kan verstaan ​​die dringendheid. In die fiskale jaar 2011, die Amerikaanse grenspatrollie in hegtenis geneem net 340.252 onwettige immigrante, 'n skrale 20 persent van sy vangs in 2000, toe die agentskap vasgetrek 1.676.438. Dit was die laagste totale vir vreemdeling ruk sedert 1971. In April 2011, die Los Angeles Times het berig dat dele van die grens gekry het so rustig dat agente "aangemoedig om rond te loop of koffie breek" indutten op die baan te hou. Teen 2014 is daar dalk nie genoeg aspirant-dag-arbeiders selfs 'n heining op te regverdig, baie min twee.

    Wat natuurlik beteken daar is 'n goeie kans om twee heinings gebou sal kry, en moontlik drie. Die oorlog teen onwettige immigrasie word gekenmerk deur chroniese onsekerheid, en niemand weet presies hoeveel onwettige immigrante in die VSA woonagtig is of presies wat veroorsaak dat hulle getalle voortgaan en wegneem. Wat wel duidelik is, is egter dat die uitskakeling van onwettige immigrasie skep meer en meer burokratiese infrastruktuur.

    Tans is daar twee agentskappe wat te doen het met 'n onwettige immigrasie, beide afdelings van die Departement van Binnelandse Veiligheid. Een daarvan is die Amerikaanse Doeane en grens beskerming (CBP). Met 58.000 werknemers, waaronder 43.600 gesweer federale agente en beamptes, CBP is die grootste federale wetstoepassingsagentskap. In minder as 'n dekade, sy begroting het byna verdubbel, van $ 5,9 miljard in die fiskale jaar 2003 tot $ 11,9 in FY 2012. In FY 2011 gewy $ 3,5 miljard net grens afdwing. Die Amerikaanse grenspatrollie, 'n komponent van CPB het vyfvoudig gegroei sedert 1992, van 4139 agente oor 21.444 in 2011.

    Die ander burokrasie is die Amerikaanse Immigrasie en Doeane handhawing (ICE). Met meer as 20,000 werknemers, ys is die federale regering se tweede grootste ondersoekende agentskap. Dit het 'n jaarlikse begroting van meer as $ 5,7 miljard van $ 3,3 miljard in die boekjaar 2003. In FY 2003 het die vermoë om om 18.500 onwettige immigrante aan te hou op enige gegewe dag. Vandag, die bedryf van ses aanhouding fasiliteite van sy eie en die huur van die ruimte van ongeveer 250 staats-en plaaslike tronke, kan dit huis 33.442.

    In konsert met die dalende aantal van Border Patrol besorgdhede, wat die agentskap skryf meer mannekrag, 'n beter monitering tegnologie, en die 650 myl van die heining wat reeds bestaan, word die jaarlikse deportasies gaan. In Oktober ICE aangekondig dat dit die boot het gegee 396.906 onwettige immigrante in die boekjaar 2011, dit moet gewees het 1 maklik pers vrystelling om te skryf, as die agentskap het is fine-tuning dit vir die jaar "die grootste aantal in die agentskap se geskiedenis." nou. In 2010 ICE aangekondig het dit verwyder die jaar "meer onwettige immigrante daardie jaar] as in enige ander tydperk in die geskiedenis van ons nasie." Voor was rekord opstel te, soos 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, en 2003 . Volgens die Departement van Homeland Security se Kantoor van Immigrant Statistiek (OIS), 2002 was die enigste jaar sedert 1992 dat die federale regering nie 'n nuwe rekord vir onwettige uitheemse verskuiwings te stel.

    Onder president Barack Obama se rigting, het ICE verwyder van 1.179.313 onwettige immigrante in die drie jaar. George W. Bush voorsitter van oor 2.012.539 verskuiwings tydens sy agt jaar heerskappy. Ten spyte van hierdie duur afgedwing uittog van meer as 3 miljoen mense sedert 2000, het die beraamde aantal van ongemagtigde immigrante wat in die VSA woon nie veel verander nie. Die OIS verslae dat die bevolking bereik 11,8 miljoen in 2007 gedaal tot 10,8 miljoen in 2009, en gebly het op 10,8 miljoen in 2010. Volgens baie kenners, die drop-off 2007-2009 was as gevolg van 'n groot deel van die resessie eerder as handhawing pogings. Met minder Amerikaanse werksgeleenthede wat beskikbaar is, het minder immigrante gekies om die toenemend moeilike reis om hier te maak.

    Die sink Meksikaanse fertiliteitskoerse kan ook 'n rol speel. In 1960 het die gemiddelde aantal geboortes per vrou in Mexiko was 6.8. Teen 1990 het dat die getal gedaal tot 3.4, en in 2011 is dit af na 2.3. Binnekort sal daar nie genoeg jong Meksikane al die werk in Mexiko te vul, baie minder in Amerika. Maar 2012 is 'n verkiesing jaar, en lang skote soos Texas Gov Rick Perry en Bachmann kan nie bekostig om te laat die natuur sy loop neem. Die voormalige is vasberade om te "hou en elke onwettige vreemdeling wat in die land in hegtenis geneem is, te deporteer." Laasgenoemde is 'n bietjie meer oordeelkundige. "Dit is byna onmoontlik om 11 miljoen onwettige immigrante oornag te beweeg," het sy gesê radio gasheer-Laura Ingraham in November. "Jy doen dit in stappe doen."

    Vergeet van die verskuiwing van 11 miljoen onwettige immigrante oornag. Gedurende die afgelope drie jaar, het Obama bewys dat dit verdoem moeilik om net 400,000 onwettige immigrante uit die land te beweeg oor die loop van 365 dae. Selfs met die duur uitbreiding van CPB en ys, die stelsel is onder druk. Terwyl die onwettige immigrante nie dieselfde as gevolg proses verleen aan die burgers van die VSA geniet, het hulle 'n wettige middel. Wanneer CPB of ys apprehends iemand wat dalk 'n onwettige immigrant wees, is hy geregtig om sy dag in een van die land se 53 immigrasie howe. Op die ou end, die mees belangrike komponent van die oorlog teen onwettige immigrasie is nie grensdrade of kameras, dit is papierwerk.

    So terwyl ys is die bereiking van die rekord getalle van deportasies, die handhawing pogings ander rekords as goed. Volgens te transaksierekords Toegang Clearinghouse, 'n organisasie geaffilieer is met Syracuse Universiteit, die aantal van deportasie gevalle wag resolusie bereik 'n all-time hoog van 297.551 op 30 September, die gemiddelde wag tyd was 489 dae. Nie verrassend nie, het ICE nie 'n persverklaring uitreik om hierdie mylpaal te vier.

    Een gevolg is dat die federale regering is besig om groot tabs behuising gevangenes gewag vir verhore. Volgens die Nasionale Immigrasie Forum, 1 pro-immigrasie voorspraak organisasie, die "huidige koste 'n immigrant te aanhou is ongeveer $ 166 per dag." Ruimte en geld te bespaar, ICE vrystellings duisende van die vermeende onwettige immigrante op hul eie borgakte elke jaar, terwyl hulle wag vir hul dag in die hof. Baie, verrassend, verdwyn lank voor hulle verhore plaasvind. Gevolglik, unexecuted deportasie bestellings "van 558,000 tot 1,1 miljoen" verhoog gedurende die afgelope drie jaar, volgens Mark Metcalf, 'n voormalige immigrasie regter nou verbind met die Sentrum vir Immigrasie Studies, 'n voorspraak organisasie wat wil hê dat die huidige immigrasie beleid te versterk. Dit is nog 'n rekord-brekende statistiek dat die ys het min belang in die trompet.

    Verlede somer het die Departement van Binnelandse Veiligheid gevorm 'n gesamentlike komitee met die Departement van Justisie alle hangende immigrasie gevalle te hersien met die doel om van die bossies uit te trek uit die "lae prioriteit" deportasies en dus om die agterstand te verminder. Intussen, ys en die private maatskappye wat kontrakte met die is besig om nuwe fasiliteite te bou. Die geo-groep, byvoorbeeld, is die bou van 'n 650-bed tronk teen 'n koste van $ 70 miljoen in Adelanto, Kalifornië, en 'n 600-bed tronk vir $ 32 miljoen in Karnes City, Texas.

    Sulke maatreëls sal net help om beter proses die huidige las van 400,000 gedeporteerden 'n jaar, wat verteenwoordig net 3.7% van die 10,8 miljoen onwettige immigrante. As Bachmann, Gingrich, en Perry wil Obama se rekord-instelling handhawing pogings te oortref, 'n dubbele heining is net 'n begin. Ons sal ook 'n eksponensiële toename in personeel van die CBP en die ICE, aanhouding, hofsale, en regters. Volgens 'n Maart 2010 'n studie deur die liberale Sentrum vir Amerikaanse Progress, sou dit kos $ 285 miljard 11 miljoen onwettige immigrante in vyf jaar te verwyder.

    Dit is 'n stewige prys, en dit nie eens die lopende koste van die instandhouding van die LEKKER agentskappe en instellings wat sou voortduur een keer die skoonmaak voltooi. Federale mense is selfs moeiliker om te verwyder as onwettige immigrante wanneer hulle 'n vastrapplek gekry het. Maar wie weet? Nadat hulle elke ongemagtigde werker oorwin het in die land en het niks meer oor hulle ure te vul, miskien immigrasie-toepassing burokrate sal bereid wees om aarbeie te kies.

  • White Indian||

    Rep Michele Bachmann da (R-Minn.) lehendakari hautatua bada, bi segurtasun hesiak instalatu lekuan librea lurra lurra betetzen konpromisoa hartzen du prest-eta-lan-gutxiago-baino-gutxienez-soldata. Eta bada Bachmann-en erredundantzia konpromisoa zalantzan jartzen duzu, altzairu-eta-hormigoizko antisorgailuak plano bikoitz honetan "kilometro guztietan, oin bakoitza, inch behin" gure Mexikoko mugan estaltzeko izango dio berak. Beste GOPren itxaropentsu, Gingrich Uhandre behera bikoiztu mugan hesi bat ere, eta Bachmann bezala, 2013 by burutzeko konpromisoa hartzen zuen.

    Premia ulertzen dezakezu. 2011ko ekitaldian, AEBetako Border Patrol lotsa berezirik pasa ere, 2000ko 340.252 legez kanpoko etorkinak, bere harrapaketa ehuneko 20 besterik ez denean, agentzia nabbed 1.676.438. , Alien 1971 urteaz geroztik snatching osoaren txikiena izan zen. 2011ko apirilean, Los Angeles Times jakinarazi duten mugaren zati ahaztuak beraz, lasaia eragile direla "animatu inguruan oinez edo atsedenaldiko kafea hartzen" off nodding lana mantentzeko. 2014 By agian ez izan nahikoa aspiring eguneko peoi ere bat hesi justifikatu nahi, eta are gutxiago bi.

    Jakina, horrek esan nahi du aukera on bat bi hesiak eraiki dira, eta seguru asko hiru da. Legez kanpoko immigrazioa gerra ziurgabetasuna kronikoa bereizten; inork ez daki zehazki zenbat legez kanpoko etorkinak AEBetan bizi edo, hain zuzen, ondorioz, beren zenbakiak to argizaria eta wane. Zer argi dago, hala ere, legez kanpoko immigrazioa ezabatuz gero eta azpiegitura gehiago burokratikoak sortzen da.

    Gaur egun, bi helburu nagusi legez kanpoko immigrazioa, segurtasuna Homeland Sailaren bi banaketa aurre egiteko duten agentziak. Estatu Batuetako eta Ohiturak Border Babesteko (cbp) bat da. 58.000 langile, 43.600 zinpeko agente federal eta ofizialen barne, cbp handiena agentzia federal legeak betearaztea da. Hamarkada bat baino gutxiago, bere aurrekontua ia bikoiztu egin da, 5,9 milioi dolar 2003ko ekitaldiko $ 11,9 FY 2012. FY 2011 $ 3,5 milioi dedicado mugan betearaztea. Fivefold AEBetako Border Patrol, CPB osagai bat, hazi egin da 1992tik, 4.139 eragile eta 21.444 buruz 2011.

    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) beste burokrazia da. 20.000 langile baino gehiago, ICE gobernu federalak ikerkuntzarako agentzia bigarren handiena da. Urteko 5,7 milioi dolar baino gehiagoko aurrekontua dauka, 3,3 milioi dolarreko FY 2003. 2003an FY 18.500 legez kanpoko atzerritarrei emandako eguneko edozein detain gaitasuna izan da. Gaur egun, gutxi gorabehera, 250 egoera eta tokiko jails sei atxiloketa, bere instalazioak eta alokairuan espazioa jarduten du, etxea 33.442 daiteke.

    Border Patrol apprehensions kopurua, gainbeheran den agentzia gehiago eskulan, monitorizazio teknologia hobea, eta 650 kilometroko hesia dagoeneko existitzen egozten kontzertu, deportations urteko gora. Urrian, ICE iragarri abio eman zuen 396,906 FY 2011 etorkinak legez kanpoko, "Agentziaren historia kopuru handiena da." Han izan da, behar bat erraza prentsa-oharra idatzi, agentzia du izan bezala fin-sintonia da urte orain. ICE iragarri 2010 urtean kendu zuen "legez kanpoko atzerritarrei gehiago [Urte hartan] gure nazioaren historian beste aldi edozein baino". Zen erregistro gehiegi ezartzeko aurretik, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, eta 2003 urtean . Segurtasuna Homeland, Immigrant Estatistika Bulegoa Sailaren arabera (ois), 1992tik 2002 urte bakarrik izan zen gobernu federalak huts egin duten, alien legez kanpoko kentzeko erregistro berri bat ezartzeko.

    Barack Obama presidenteak zuzendaritzapean, ICE azken hiru urteotan 1.179.313 legez kanpoko atzerritarrei kendu du. George W. Bush, 2.012.539 kentzeko buru, bere zortzi urteko erregealdian zehar. 3 milioi pertsona baino gehiago 2000. Urteaz geroztik, gizabanakoen-exodoa hau expensively behartuta egon arren, Estatu Batuetan bizi diren etorkinak baimenik gabe zenbatetsitako kopurua ez da gehiegi aldatu. Ois txostenak biztanleria hori 11,8 milioi peaked 2007an, 10,8 milioi beheratu zen 2009an, eta 10,8 milioi at geratu da 2010. Aditu askoren arabera, drop-off from 2007 to 2009, baizik eta betearazteko ahaleginak baino atzeraldi zati handi en ondorioz izan zen. American lanpostu gutxiago eskuragarri, etorkinak gutxiago aukeratu, gero eta bidaia neketsua egin hemen.

    Ugalkortasun-tasak Mexikoko hondoratu ere jolastu daiteke rol bat. 1960an jaiotza Mexikoko emakume bakoitzeko batez besteko kopurua 6,8 izan zen. 1990 By kopuru hori 3,4 ra eta 2011ko 2,3 ra jaitsi da. Laster, ez da nahikoa gazte mexikar Mexikon lanpostu guztiak betetzeko, eta are gutxiago Amerikan. Baina 2012 hauteskunde urtea da, eta besteak beste, Texas Gov. Rick Perry eta Bachmann-plano ezin DESOREKATU izaera hartu bere ikastaro utzi. Lehenengoak "detain eta behin alien den herrialde horretan lotsa berezirik pasa ere legez kanpoko deport." Zin Azken apur bat gehiago judicious da. "Ia ezinezkoa da 11 milioi legez kanpoko etorkinak batetik bestera mugitzeko," radio host Laura Ingraham azaroan esan zuen. "Urrats egin duzu."

    Ahaztu 11 milioi legez kanpoko etorkinak batetik bestera mugitzen. Azken hiru urteetan, frogatu du Obama dela madarikatu gogorra besterik 400.000 legez kanpoko etorkinak herrialdearen 365 egunetan zehar mugitzeko. Nahiz eta garestia hedapen CPB eta ICE, sistema Tentsioa dago. Legez kanpoko etorkinak ez bitartean gozatu, AEBetako herritarren formetan prozesua bera dela eta, lege-baliabide batzuk izan dute. Noiz CPB edo ICE, norbaitekin legez kanpoko etorkin bat izan daiteke apprehends, egin zuen bere eguna nazioa 53 inmigrazioa epaitegiak bat jasotzeko eskubidea. Azkenean, legez kanpoko immigrazioa gerra gehien funtsezko osagaia ez da mugan hesi edo zaintza-kamerak; tramiteak da.

    ICE izan da aldiz,, erregistro deportations zenbakiak lortzeko, eta horiek betearazteko ahaleginak ezarritako beste erregistro baita. Transakzio Records Access Clearinghouse arabera, ikerketa erakunde bat Syracuse University afiliatuta, bereizmen zain deportazioa kasu kopurua 297,551 goi-all-time irailaren 30a iritsi zen, batez besteko itxarote-denbora 489 egunekoa izan zen. Ez da harritzekoa, ICE ez jaulkitzeko prentsa-oharra mugarri hori ospatzeko.

    Emaitza da gobernu federalak dagoela exekutatzen erraldoia fitxak etxebizitza atxilotuen entzunaldiak egiteko zain. Nazionala Immigrazio Foroa, bat pro-inmigrazioaren sustapen antolaketa, duen arabera, "gaur egungo kostua etorkin detain to, gutxi gorabehera, $ 166 eguneko da." Espazioa eta dirua aurreztu ahal izateko, ICE oharrak beren recognizance propioak legez kanpoko ustezko etorkinak milaka urte bakoitzeko zuten bitartean itxaron dute egun epaitegian. Askok, unsurprisingly, desagertu luzea beren entzunaldi gerta aurretik. Ondorioz, unexecuted deportazioa aginduak "558.000 to 1.1 milioi gehitu" azken hiru urteetan, Mark Metcalf, immigrazioa epaile ohia bat da, gaur egun Immigrazio Studies Center, sentsibilizaziorako erakunde horrek egungo immigrazio politikak estutu nahi afiliatuta arabera. Hau da beste disko-haustura estatistika ICE trumpeting in interes gutxi du.

    Azken segurtasuna Homeland udako Saila sortu Justizia Sailarekin batera batzorde bateratua immigrazioa kasu zerrenda guztiak berrikusi guztien erakustaldia aldatu asmoa "lehentasun altua" deportations out backlog da eta, beraz, murrizteko. Bien bitartean, ICE eta enpresa pribatuen kontratuak lanpetuta instalazio berriak eraikitzeko. , GEO Taldeak, adibidez, 650-ohean kartzela eraikitzeko 70 milioi dolar: Adelanto, California, eta 600 ohe kartzela kostua $ 32 milioi Karnes City, Texas at.

    Neurri soilik laguntza prozesua hobeto uneko, 400.000 deportees karga urtean, 10,8 milioi etorkinak legez kanpoko% 3,7 baino ez da. Bachmann, Gingrich, eta Perry nahi, Obama disko-ezarpena betearazteko ahaleginak gainditzen bada, hesi bikoitza hasiera besterik ez da. Behar cbp eta langileen ICE, atxiloketa instalazioak, courtrooms, eta epaileek hazkunde esponentzial bat ere izango dugu. 2010eko martxoaren Amerikako Zinema Eraikitzen liberal Center ikerketa arabera, $ 285 milioi kostatuko litzateke bost urte 11 milioi legez kanpoko etorkinak kentzeko.

    Hori price tag hefty bat da, eta ez du agentziak supersized eta erakunde purge zen amaitu ondoren iraukorra litzateke mantentzeko kostuak ere etengabeko aurre. Are Federal langile etorkinak legez kanpokoa baino gogorragoa kendu dut irabazi dute behin sendotu daitekeela baieztatu du elkarrizketan. Baina nork daki? Ondoren, langilea behin baimenik gabe ditut dute vanquished lurrak eta ezer ez utzi beren ordu bete dute, agian, immigrazioa-betearazpena burokratak marrubiak hautatzeko prest izango da.

  • White Indian||

    Ako Rep Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) je izabran za predsjednika, ona obećava da će instalirati dvije sigurnosne ograde gdje god je to zemlja bez ispunjava zemlju spremni za rad-za-manje-od-minimalne plaće. I samo u slučaju da posumnja Bachmann predanost otpremnine, kaže ona to dvostruko pucao od čelika i betona-kontracepcije "će pokriti svaku milju, svaki stopala, svaki centimetar" naše granice s Meksikom. Drugi GOP kandidat, Newt Gingrich, je udvostručenje dolje na granice ograde previše, a kao Bachmann on obećava da će ga završiti do 2013.

    Možete shvatiti hitnost. U fiskalnoj godini 2011, US Border Patrol uhićen samo 340.252 ilegalnih imigranata, tek 20 posto svog ulova u 2000, kada je agencija nabbed 1,676,438. To je najniža ukupno za stranca otimajući od 1971. U travnju 2011, Los Angeles Times je izvijestio da su dijelovi granice dobivši tako mirno da agenti "ohrabreni da šetati ili se pauze za kavu" da bi od površno off na posao. Do 2014 se ne bi moglo biti dovoljno želja dan radnici opravdati ni jedan ogradu, a kamoli dvije.

    Što naravno znači da postoji dobra šansa dvije ograde će se graditi, a možda i tri. Rat protiv ilegalne imigracije karakteriziraju kronične nesigurnosti, nitko ne zna točno koliko je ilegalni imigranti žive u SAD-u ili upravo ono što uzrokuje njihov broj na vosak i nestajanje. Ono što je jasno, međutim, da je eliminiranje ilegalne imigracije stvara sve više i više birokratske infrastrukture.

    Trenutno postoje dvije glavne agencije koje se bave ilegalne imigracije, obje odjeljcima Odsjeka za domovinske sigurnosti. Jedan od njih je US carine i granične Zaštita (CBP). Sa 58.000 zaposlenih, uključujući 43,600 zakletvom saveznih agenata i službenika, CBP je najveća savezna agencija za provedbu zakona. U manje od desetljeća, njezin proračun gotovo je udvostručen, od 5,9 milijarde dolara u fiskalnoj godini 2003 do 11,9 dolara u FG 2012. U FY 2011 je posvećena 3,5 milijarde dolara samo na granici zakona. US Border Patrol, komponenta CPB je narasla pet puta od 1992, od 4,139 agenata na oko 21,444 u 2011.

    Druga birokracija je US imigraciju i carine Enforcement (ICE). S više od 20.000 zaposlenika, led je savezna vlada je drugi po veličini istraživački agencija. Ona ima godišnji proračun od više od 5,7 milijarde dolara, što je povećanje od 3,3 milijarde dolara u FG 2003. U fiskalne godine 2003 je imao sposobnost da privede 18.500 ilegalnih imigranata na bilo koji dan. Danas djeluje šest zatočeničke objekte vlastitih i najam prostor od oko 250 državnih i lokalnih zatvorima, može 33.442 kuća.

    U dogovoru s opadanja broja graničnih patrole poimanja, koja agencija pripisuje više radne snage, bolje praćenje tehnologije, i 650 milja od ograde koja već postoji, godišnja deportacije idu gore. U listopadu, ICE najavio je dao boot 396,906 ilegalnih imigranata u FY 2011 ", najveći broj u agencije povijesti." To mora da je lako Priopćenje za pisanje, kao što je agencija je fino podešavanje se godinama sada. U 2010 ICE najavio da je uklonjena "više ilegalnih stranaca koji [godina] nego u bilo kojem drugom razdoblju u povijesti naše nacije." Godinu dana prije nego je rekord postavljanje previše, kao što su bili 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 i 2003 . Prema Department of Homeland Security ureda za statistiku useljenika (OIS), 2002 je jedina godina od 1992 da je Savezna vlada nije uspio postaviti novi rekord za ilegalnih stranih uklanjanja.

    Pod predsjednika Baracka Obame smjeru, ICE je uklonjen 1,179,313 ilegalnih stranaca u tri godine. George W. Bush predsjedao 2,012,539 uklanjanja tijekom njegove osmogodišnje vladavine. Unatoč toj jeftinije prisilne egzodusa više od 3 milijuna ljudi od 2000, procijenjeni broj neovlaštenih imigranata koji žive u SAD-u nije mnogo promijenio. U OIS izvješća da ova populacija nalazio se na 11,8 milijuna u 2007, pao je na 10,8 milijuna u 2009 i ostao na 10,8 milijuna u 2010. Prema mišljenju mnogih stručnjaka, drop-off od 2007 do 2009 bio je zbog velikim dijelom na recesiju nego naporima. S manje američkih radnih mjesta na raspolaganju, manje useljenika koje su odlučile napraviti sve težak put ovdje.

    Sinking meksičke stopa fertiliteta svibanj također igraju ulogu. U 1960 Prosječan broj rođenih po ženi u Meksiku bio je 6,8. Do 1990 taj broj je pao na 3,4, a 2011 je do 2,3. Uskoro neće biti dovoljno mladi Meksikanci ispuniti sve poslove u Meksiku, a još manje u Americi. Ali 2012 je izborna godina, i dugo-snimke kao što su Texas Guverner Rick Perry i Bachmann ne može priuštiti da priroda učini svoje. Prvo je obećao da će "zadržati i deportirati ilegalne svaki stranac koji je uhićen u ovoj zemlji." Potonji je malo više pažnje. "To je gotovo nemoguće da se presele 11 milijuna ilegalnih imigranata preko noći", rekla je radijski voditelj Laura Ingraham u studenom. "Možete to učiniti u koracima".

    Zaboravite kreće 11 milijuna ilegalnih imigranata preko noći. Tijekom posljednje tri godine, Obama je pokazao da je proklet teško premjestiti samo 400.000 ilegalnih imigranata iz zemlje tijekom 365 dana. Čak i uz skupe širenje CPB i leda, sustav je pod pritiscima. Dok ilegalnih imigranata ne uživaju isti zbog procesa obecava američkim građanima, oni nemaju neku pouku o pravnom lijeku. Kad CPB ili ICE razumijeva nekoga tko može biti protuzakonito imigrant, on ima pravo na svoje vrijeme u jednoj od 53 nacije imigranata sudova. Na kraju, najvažniji dio rata protiv ilegalne imigracije nije granične ograde ili nadzornim kamerama, to je papirologija.

    Dakle, dok ICE je postizanje rekordan broj deportacija, njegovi napori za provedbu zakona smo postavili i druge evidencije, kao dobro. Prema transakcijske Records Access Clearinghouse, istraživačka organizacija povezana sa Syracuse University, deportacije broj slučajeva koji čekaju na rješenje postigli sve-vrijeme visoke od 297,551 na dan 30. rujna, prosječno vrijeme čekanja je 489 dana. Nije iznenađujuće, ICE ne izdati priopćenje kako bi proslavili ovaj jubilej.

    Jedan od rezultata je da je Savezna vlada radi se ogromne stambene karticama zatočene čekaju raspravi. Prema Forum Nacionalne imigracije, pro-imigracijska zastupanje organizacije, "tekuće cijene, pritvaranje iseljenik je oko 166 dolara po danu." Da biste uštedjeli prostor i novac, led tisak tisuća osumnjičenih ilegalnih imigranata na svojoj pismena svake godine, dok su čekati njihov dan na sudu. Mnogi, ne čudi, nestaju davno prije njihove rasprave dogoditi. Prema tome, neurađen deportacija nalozi "porasli su s 558,000 na 1,1 milijuna u proteklih tri godine, prema Mark Metcalf, bivši sudac imigracija sada povezan sa Centrom za imigracijske studije, zastupanje organizacije koja želi učvrstiti postojeće imigracijske politike. Ovo je još jedan rekord-razbijanje statistika koje ICE ima malo interesa za trubama.

    Prošlog ljeta Department of Homeland Security formirao Zajedničkog odbora Ministarstva pravosuđa za pregled svih neriješenih slučajeva imigracije s namjerom weeding out "niskog prioriteta" deportacija, a time i smanjenje broja neriješenih predmeta. U međuvremenu, leda i privatne tvrtke da ugovori s zauzeti izgradnjom novih objekata. GEO Grupa je, na primjer, gradi 650-bed zatvor po cijeni od 70 milijuna dolara u Adelanto, Kalifornija, i na 600-krevet zatvora za 32 milijuna dolara u Karnes City, Texas.

    Takve mjere samo će pomoći da bolje proces strujno opterećenje od 400.000 deportees godine, što predstavlja samo 3,7 posto od 10,8 milijuna ilegalnih imigranata. Ako Bachmann, Gingrich, a Perry želi nadmašiti Obame rekordnim naporima, dvostruka ograda je samo početak. Mi također će vam eksponencijalni porast CBP i ICE osoblja, zatočeničkim objektima, sudnicama i sudaca. Prema ožujka 2010 prema studiji Centra za liberalne američke napretku, to će koštati 285 milijarde dolara za uklanjanje 11 milijuna ilegalnih imigranata u pet godina.

    To je težak cijena krpa, i to ne čak i rješavanje tekućih troškova održavanja u ogromnim agencije i institucije koje bi ustraju jednom čistka je završena. Savezni zaposlenici su još teže ukloniti nego ilegalnih imigranata nakon što su stekli uporište. No, tko zna? Nakon što su uništili svaki neovlašteni radnika u zemlji i nema ništa lijevo da popuni svoje vrijeme, možda imigracije-provedbu birokrati će biti spremni da odaberete jagode.

  • White Indian||

    If Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is elected president, she promises to install two security fences wherever the land of the free meets the country of the willing-to-work-for-less-than-minimum wage. And just in case you doubt Bachmann's commitment to redundancy, she says this double shot of steel-and concrete-Contraception will cover "every mile, every foot, every inch" of our border with Mexico. Another GOP hopeful, Newt Gingrich, is doubling down on a border fence too, and like Bachmann he promises to complete it by 2013.

    You can understand the urgency. In fiscal year 2011, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 340,252 illegal immigrants just, a mere 20 percent of its catch in 2000, When The agency nabbed 1,676,438. It was the lowest total for snatching alien since 1971. In April 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported That parts of the border have gotten so tranquil That agents are "ENCOURAGED to walk around or take coffee breaks" to keep from nodding off on the job. By 2014 there might not be enough aspiring day laborers to Justify just one fence, much less two.

    Which of course Means there's a good chance two fences will get built, and may possibly three. The war on illegal immigration is characterized by chronic uncertainty, no one knows exactly how many illegal immigrants reside in the U.S. or Precisely what causes Their numbers to wax and wane. What is clear, however, Is That Creates Eliminating illegal immigration more and more Bureaucratic infrastructure.

    Currently there are two main agencies That deal with illegal immigration, Both divisions of the Department of Homeland Security. One is U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). With 58,000 employees, Including 43,600 sworn officers and federal agents, CBP is the largest federal law enforcement agency. In less than a decade, its budget has nearly doubled, from $ 5.9 billion in fiscal year 2003 to $ 11.9 in FY 2012. In FY 2011 it devoted $ 3.5 billion just to border enforcement. The U.S. Border Patrol, a component of CPB, has grown fivefold since 1992, from 4,139 agents to about 21,444 in 2011.

    The other bureaucracy is U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With more than 20,000 employees, ICE is the federal government's second largest investigative agency. It has an annual budget of more than $ 5.7 billion, up from $ 3.3 billion in FY 2003. In FY 2003 it had the capacity to detain 18,500 illegal aliens on any given day. Today, six detention facilities or operating its own and renting space from Approximately 250 state and local jails, it can house 33,442.

    In concert with the declining number of Border Patrol apprehensions, All which the agency attributes to more manpower, better monitoring technologies, and the 650 miles of fence That ALREADY EXIST, annual deportations are going up. In October, ICE Announced it had Given the boot to 396,906 illegal immigrants in FY 2011, "the largest number in the agency's history." It Must have been an easy press release to write, as the agency has leg fine-tuning it for years now. In 2010 ICE Announced it had removed "more illegal aliens [That year] than in any other period in the history of our nation." The year before was setting record too, as were 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003 . According To the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Immigrant Statistics (OIS), 2002 was the only year since 1992 That the federal government failed to set a new record for illegal alien removals.

    Under President Barack Obama's direction, ICE has removed 1,179,313 illegal aliens in three years. George W. Bush presided over 2,012,539 removals consistently his eight-year reign. Despite this enforced exodus expensively or more than 3 million Individuals since 2000, the estimated number or Unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. Has not changed much. The OIS Reports That this population peaked at 11.8 million in 2007, dropped to 10.8 million in 2009, and stayed at 10.8 million in 2010. Accor Thing to many experts, the drop-off from 2007 to 2009 was due in large part to the recession rather than enforcement efforts. With Fewer American jobs available, Fewer immigrants have increasingly Chosen to make the arduous journey here.

    Also Sinking Mexican fertility rates may play a role. In 1960 the average number of births per woman in Mexico was 6.8. By 1990 that number had dropped to 3.4, and in 2011 it's down to 2.3. Soon there will not be enough young Mexicans to fill all the jobs in Mexico, much less in America. But 2012 is an election year, and long-shots Such As Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Bachmann can not afford to let nature take its course. The former is promising to "detain and deport every illegal alien who is apprehended in this country." The Latter is a little more judicious. "It is almost impossible to move 11 million illegal immigrants overnight," she told radio host Laura Ingraham in November. "You do it in steps."

    Forget moving 11 million illegal immigrants overnight. During the last three years, Obama has demonstrated That it's damned hard to move just 400,000 illegal immigrants out of the country over the course of 365 days. Even with the expansion or Costly CPB and ICE, the system is under strain. While illegal immigrants do not enjoy The Same due process afforded to U.S. citizens, They do have some legal recourse. When CPB or ICE apprehends someone who may be an illegal immigrant, he is Entitled to his day in one of the nation's 53 immigration courts. In the end, the most Crucial component of the War on Illegal Immigration Is not border fences or surveillance cameras, it's paperwork.

    So while leg Achieving ICE has record numbers of deportations, its enforcement Efforts have set other records as well. According To Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a research organization affiliated with Syracuse University, the number of deportation cases awaiting resolution Reached an all-time high of 297,551 on September 30, the average wait time was 489 days. Not surprisingly, ICE did not issue a press release to celebrate this milestone.

    One result is That the federal government is running up huge tabs housing detainees waiting for hearings. According To the National Immigration Forum, a pro-immigration advocacy organization, the "current cost to detain an immigrant Approximately $ 166 per day." To save space and money, ICE releases thou sands or suspected illegal immigrants on Their Own recognizance Each year while They Their wait for day in court. Many, Unsurprisingly, vanish long before Their hearings occur. Consequently, unexecuted deportation orders "have Increased from 558,000 to 1.1 million" During the last three years, According To Mark Metcalf, a former immigration judge now affiliated with the Center for Immigration Studies, an advocacy organization wants to Tighten That current immigration policies. This is another record-breaking statistic That ICE has little interest in tax trump.

    Last summer the Department of Homeland Security formed a joint committee with the Department of Justice to review all pending immigration cases with the intent of weeding out "low priority" deportations and Galanthus Reducing the backlog. Meanwhile, ICE and the private companies it contracts with are busy building new facilities. The GEO Group, for example, is building a 650-bed jail at a cost of $ 70 million in Adelanto, California, and a 600-bed jail for $ 32 million in Karnes City, Texas.

    Such Merely Measures will help better process the current load of 400,000 deportees a year, Which Represents just 3.7 percent of the 10.8 million illegal immigrants. If Bachmann, Gingrich, and Perry want to surpass Obama's record-setting enforcement Efforts, a double fence is just a start. Also we will need an exponential increasement in CBP and ICE personnel, detention facilities, court rooms, and judges. Accor Thing to a March 2010 study by the liberal Center for American Progress, it would cost $ 285 billion to remove 11 million illegal immigrants in five years.

    That's a hefty price tag, and it does not even address the ongoing costs or Maintaining the supersized agencies and Institutions That would persist once the purge was completed. Federal employees are even harder to remove than illegal immigrants once They've Gained a foothold. But who knows? Unauthorized After They've vanquished every worker in the country and have nothing left to fill Their hours, maybe immigration-enforcement bureaucrats will be willing to pick strawberries.

  • White Indian||

    Kung Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) ay inihalal president, siya ipinapangako upang i-install ang dalawang fences seguridad kung saan ang lupain ng libreng nakakatugon sa mga lupain ng ang nais magtrabaho-para-mas mababa kaysa sa minimum na pasahod. At sakaling duda Bachmann ng pangako sa kalabisan, sabi niya ito double shot ng bakal-at-kongkreto pagpipigil sa pagbubuntis ay sumasakop sa "bawat milya, bawat paa, sa bawat pulgada" ng aming mga hangganan sa Mexico. Isa pang GOP umaasa, tritonus Gingrich, ay pagdodoble sa isang hangganan eskrima masyadong, at tulad ng Bachmann siya ipinapangako upang makumpleto ang mga ito sa pamamagitan ng 2013.

    Maaari mong maunawaan ang mga pangangailangan ng madaliang pagkilos. Sa piskal na taon 2011, ang US Border patrolya apprehended lamang 340,252 mga iligal na dayuhan, isang lamang 20 porsyento ng mga nito catch noong 2000, kapag ang ahensiya ang nabbed 1,676,438. Ito ay ang pinakamababang kabuuang para sa dayuhan pagdaklot mula noong 1971. Sa Abril 2011, ang Los Angeles Times iniulat na ang mga bahagi ng hangganan nakuha kaya panatag na ang mga ahente ay "hinihikayat na lumakad sa paligid o kumuha ng kape break" upang panatilihin mula sa nodding off sa trabaho. Sa pamamagitan ng 2014 ay may maaaring hindi sapat na naghahangad laborers araw sa katarungan kahit isa eskrima, mas mababa dalawang.

    Aling siyempre ay nangangahulugan na mayroong isang magandang pagkakataon ang dalawang mga fences ay binuo, at posibleng tatlong. Ang digmaan sa iligal na imigrasyon ay characterized sa pamamagitan ng talamak na kawalan ng katiyakan; walang alam eksakto kung gaano karaming mga iligal na dayuhan naninirahan sa Estados Unidos o tiyak kung ano ang nagiging sanhi ng kanilang mga numero sa waks at umuunti. Ano ay malinaw, gayunpaman, ay na-alis ang iligal na imigrasyon ay lumilikha ng higit pa at mas bureaucratic imprastraktura.

    Sa kasalukuyan mayroong dalawang pangunahing mga ahensya na makitungo sa mga iligal na imigrasyon, ang parehong mga dibisyon ng Department of Homeland Security. Isa ay US Customs at Border Protection (CBP). Sa 58,000 empleyado, kabilang ang 43,600 sworn pederal na mga ahente at mga opisyal, CBP ay ang pinakamalaking pederal na ahensiya ng pagpapatupad ng batas. Sa mas mababa sa isang dekada, ang badyet nito ay halos nadoble, mula sa $ 5.9 bilyong sa piskal taon 2003 sa $ 11.9 sa FY 2012. Sa FY 2011 nakatuon $ 3.5 bilyong lamang sa hangganan pagpapatupad. Ang pagpapatrolya ng US Border, isang bahagi ng CPB, ay lumago makalima mula noong 1992, mula sa 4139 mga ahente sa tungkol sa 21,444 sa 2011.

    Ang iba pang bureaucracy ay US Immigration at Customs Pagpapatupad (yelo). Sa higit sa 20,000 mga empleyado, ang yelo ay ang pangalawang pinakamalaking sa pederal na pamahalaan mausisa ahensiya. Ito ay may isang taunang badyet ng higit sa $ 5.7 bilyon, pataas mula $ 3.3 bilyon sa FY 2003. Sa FY 2003 ito ay nagkaroon ng kakayahan upang antalahin ang 18,500 mga iligal na dayuhan sa anumang naibigay na araw. Ngayon, operating anim na mga pasilidad ng pagpigil ng kanyang sarili at upa puwang mula sa humigit-kumulang 250 mga jails estado at lokal, maaari itong bahay 33,442.

    Sa konsiyerto sa ang pagtanggi bilang ng apprehensions Border patrulya, kung saan ang ahensiya ng mga katangian sa higit pang tauhan, mas mahusay na pagmamanman teknolohiya, at ang 650 milya ng eskrima na umiiral na, mga taunang deportations ay pagpunta up. Noong Oktubre, yelo inihayag ito ay ibinigay boot ang sa 396,906 iligal na dayuhan sa FY 2011, "ang pinakamalaking bilang sa kasaysayan ng ahensiya." Dapat Ito ay naging isang madaling release pindutin na magsulat, bilang ang ahensiya ay naging pinong-tune ito para sa taon ngayon. Sa 2010 yelo inihayag ito ay inalis ang "mas iligal na dayuhan [na taon] kaysa sa anumang iba pang mga panahon sa kasaysayan ng ating bansa." Ang taon bago ay talaan ng pagtatakda ng masyadong, bilang ay 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, at 2003 . Ayon sa Department of Homeland Security Office ng Immigrant Istatistika (OIS), 2002 ay ang mga lamang na taon dahil 1992 na ang pederal na pamahalaan ay hindi magtakda ng isang bagong tala para sa mga iligal na dayuhan pagtatanggal.

    Sa ilalim ng direksyon President Barack Obama, ang yelo ay tinanggal 1,179,313 mga iligal na dayuhan sa tatlong taon. George W. Bush presided higit sa 2,012,539 pagtatanggal sa panahon ng kanyang walong-taon na papaghariin. Sa kabila ito expensively ipinatupad na paglalabasan ng higit sa 3 milyong mga indibidwal mula noong 2000, ang tinatayang bilang ng mga hindi awtorisadong imigrante na nakatira sa US ay hindi nagbago magkano. Ang mga ulat ng OIS na ang populasyong ito masakitin sa 11,800,000 noong 2007, bumaba sa 10,800,000 noong 2009, at nagtutulog sa 10,800,000 sa 2010. Ayon sa maraming mga eksperto, ang drop-off mula sa 2007 sa 2009 ay dahil sa malaking bahagi sa pag-urong sa halip na pagsisikap sa pagpapatupad. May mas kaunting mga mga Amerikano trabaho na magagamit, ang mas kaunting mga imigrante ay pinili upang gawin ang increasingly mahirap na paglalakbay dito.

    Paglubog ng Mexican na mga rate ng pagkamayabong ay maaari ring i-play ang isang papel. Sa 1960 ang average na bilang ng mga births bawat babae sa Mexico ay 6.8. Sa pamamagitan ng 1990 ay bumaba ang numero na sa 3.4, at sa 2011 ito ay down sa 2.3. Sa lalong madaling panahon doon ay hindi sapat na kabataan Mexicans upang punan ang lahat ng mga trabaho sa Mexico, mas mababa sa America. Ngunit ang 2012 ay isang taon ng halalan, at mahaba-shot tulad ng Texas Gov. Rick Perry at Bachmann ay hindi kayang ipaalam sa kalikasan kumuha nito kurso. Ang dating ay maaasahan sa "antalahin at kumilos ang bawat iligal na dayuhan na apprehended sa bansang ito." Huli ay isang maliit na mas matalino. "Ito ay halos imposible upang ilipat ang 11 milyong mga iligal na imigrante magdamag," Sinabi niya ang radio host ng Laura Ingraham noong Nobyembre. "Gawin mo ito sa mga hakbang."

    Kalimutan ang paglipat ng 11 milyong iligal na imigrante magdamag. Sa panahon ng huling tatlong taon, Obama ay ipinapakita na ito ay sinumpa mahirap upang ilipat ang lamang 400,000 ilegal na imigrante ng bansa sa loob ng 365 araw. Kahit na ang mahal na paglawak ng CPB at ng yelo, ang sistema ay sa ilalim ng pilay. Habang ang mga ilegal na imigrante hindi tamasahin ang parehong angkop na proseso na afforded sa US mamamayan, sila kumuha ng legal na humingi ng tulong. Kapag ang CPB o yelo apprehends ng isang tao na maaaring maging isang iligal na imigrante, siya ay may karapatan sa kanyang araw sa isa sa 53 bansa korte imigrasyon. Sa huli, ang pinaka-mahalaga na bahagi ng digmaan sa iligal na imigrasyon ay hindi hangganan fences o pagmamanman camera; ito ay gawaing isinusulat.

    Kaya habang yelo ay pagkamit ng mga numero sa talaan ng deportations, ang pagpapatupad pagsisikap ng iba pang mga talaan pati na rin. Ayon sa Transactional Clearinghouse Records Access, isang organisasyon ng pananaliksik kaakibat sa Syracuse University, ang bilang ng mga kaso sa deportasyon na naghihintay resolution naabot ng isang lahat-ng-oras na mataas ng 297,551 sa Setyembre 30; ang average na oras ng paghihintay ay 489 na araw. Hindi nakakagulat na ang yelo ay hindi magbibigay ng isang pahayag upang ipagdiwang ito milyahe.

    Ang isang resulta ay na ang mga pederal na pamahalaan ay tumatakbo up ng mga malalaking mga detainees pabahay tab naghihintay para sa pagdinig. Ayon sa Forum ng Pambansang Immigration, isang pro-imigrasyon pagtatanggol organisasyon, ang "kasalukuyang gastos sa antalahin isang imigrante ay humigit-kumulang $ 166 bawat araw." Upang i-save ang space at pera, libu-libong yelo release ng mga pinaghihinalaang ilegal na imigrante sa kanilang sariling obligasyon sa bawat taon habang sila maghintay para sa kanilang mga araw sa hukuman. Maraming, unsurprisingly, maglaho katagal bago mangyari ang kanilang mga pagdinig. Bilang resulta, hindi tinupad deportasyon order "ay nadagdagan mula sa 558,000 sa 1.1 milyong" sa panahon ng huling tatlong taon, ayon sa Markahan Metcalf, isang dating hukom ng imigrasyon na ngayon kaanib sa Center para sa Pag-aaral sa Immigration, ang isang pagtatanggol organisasyon na nais upang higpitan ang mga kasalukuyang mga patakaran sa imigrasyon. Ito ay isa pang record-Pangunahing istatistika na ang yelo ay may maliit na interes sa trumpeting.

    Huling tag-init ang Department of Homeland Security nabuo ng isang magkasanib na komite sa Department of Justice upang suriin ang lahat ng mga nakabinbin na mga kaso ng imigrasyon na may layunin ng weeding out "mababa ang priority" deportations at kaya pagbabawas ng panustos. Samantala, yelo at ang mga pribadong kompanya ito kontrata sa abala gusali bagong pasilidad. Ang Geo Group, halimbawa, ay pagbuo ng isang 650-bed bilangguan sa isang gastos ng $ 70 milyong sa Adelanto, California, at isang 600-bed bilangguan para sa $ 32 milyon sa Karnes City, Texas.

    Tulad hakbang ay lamang makatulong sa mas mahusay na proseso ang kasalukuyang load ng 400,000 deportees sa isang taon, na kumakatawan lamang ng 3.7 porsiyento ng 10,800,000 iligal na imigrante. Kung ang Bachmann, Gingrich, at Perry nais upang malampasan ang record-setting pagsisikap ng Obama ng pagpapatupad, isang double eskrima ay lamang ng isang panimula. Kailangan din namin ang isang pagpaparami pagtaas sa CBP at yelo tauhan, mga pasilidad ng pagpigil, courtrooms, at hukom. Ayon sa isang pag-aaral ng Marso 2010 sa pamamagitan ng ang liberal Center para sa Amerikano Isinasagawa, ito ay ang halaga ng $ 285 bilyong alisin ang 11 milyong iligal na dayuhan sa limang taon.

    Iyan ay isang mabigat na presyo tag, at ito ay hindi kahit na matugunan ang patuloy na mga gastos ng pagpapanatili ng mga supersized ahensya at institusyon na magpumilit sandaling pagpupurga ay nakumpleto. Pederal na mga empleyado ay kahit mahirap na alisin kaysa sa mga iligal na dayuhan sa sandaling sila ay nakakuha panghahawakan. Ngunit na nakakaalam? Matapos daig sila na ang bawat awtorisadong manggagawa sa lupa at walang kaliwa upang punan ang kanilang mga oras, siguro immigration-pagpapatupad bureaucrats ay magiging handa upang pumili ng mga strawberries.

  • White Indian||

    Si Depite Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) Yo eli prezidan, li pwomès yo enstale de baryè sekirite tout kote nan peyi a nan gratis la satisfè peyi a nan vle-a-travay-la pou-mwens-pase-minimòm salè-a. Ak jis nan ka ou gen dout angajman Bachmann nan èkse, li di sa a piki doub nan kontrasepsyon an asye-ak-konkrè pral kouvri "chak mil, chak pye, chak pous" nan fontyè nou an ak Meksik. Yon lòt espwa GOP, Newt Gingrich, se doubling desann sou yon kloti fontyè tou, epi tankou Bachmann li pwomèt ranpli li pa 2013.

    Ou ka konprann ijans lan. Nan ane fiskal 2011 la, Patwouy nan fontyè a US arete jis 340.252 imigran ilegal, yon sèlman 20 pousan nan peche li yo nan ane 2000, lè ajans lan nabbed 1.676.438. Li te total ki pi ba a pou etranje sezi depi 1971. Nan mwa avril 2011 la, Los Angeles Times la rapòte ke pati nan fwontyè a yo vin pou trankilite ke ajan yo "ankouraje mache oswa pran repo kafe" kenbe soti nan siy Off nan travay la. Pa 2014 la ka pa ta gen ase travayè aspirin jou nan jistifye menm yon kloti, anpil mwens de.

    Ki nan kou vle di gen yon bon chans de baryè pral jwenn bati, ak posibman twa. Se nan lagè a sou imigrasyon ilegal karakterize pa ensèten kwonik; pesonn pa konnen egzakteman konbyen imigran ilegal abite nan peyi Etazini an oswa jisteman ki sa ki lakòz nimewo yo nan sir ak dekadans. Ki sa ki klè, sepandan, se ke elimine imigrasyon ilegal kreye enfrastrikti pi plis ak plis biwokratik.

    Kounye a gen de ajans prensipal ki fè fas ak imigrasyon ilegal, tou de divizyon nan Department of Homeland Sekirite Sosyal. Se yon sèl US Ladwàn ak Fwontyè Pwoteksyon (CBP). Ak 58,000 anplwaye, ki gen ladan 43.600 sèman ajan federal ak ofisye yo, CBP se ajans ki pi gwo federal pou anfosman lalwa. Nan mwens pase yon deseni, te bidjè li prèske double, li soti de $ 5.9 milya dola nan ane fiskal 2003 a $ 11.9 nan Ane Fiskal 2012. Nan Ane Fiskal 2011 li konsakre $ 3.5 milya dola jis ranfòse fontyè. Te Patwouy nan fontyè a ameriken, yon eleman ki nan CPB, grandi kwentuple depi 1992, ki soti nan 4.139 ajan a anviwon 21.444 nan 2011.

    Biwokrasi lòt la se US Imigrasyon ak Ladwàn Enforcement (glas). Ak plis pase 20,000 anplwaye, ICE se dezyèm pi gwo gouvènman federal la ajans ankèt. Li te gen yon bidjè anyèl la pi plis pase $ 5.7 milya dola, moute de $ 3.3 bilyon nan Ane Fiskal 2003. Nan Ane Fiskal 2003 li te gen kapasite a kenbe 18,500 imigran ilegal nan nenpòt jou bay yo. Jodi a, opere sis enstalasyon detansyon nan pwòp li yo ak espas lwe nan apeprè 250 prizon eta ak lokal, li ka kay 33.442.

    Nan konsè avèk nimewo a dekline nan arèstasyon Patwouy sou fwontyè, ki ajans la atribi nan plis MANPOWER, pi bon teknoloji siveyans, ak mil yo 650 nan kloti ki deja egziste, depòtasyon anyèl yo pral leve. Nan mwa Oktòb, ICE te anonse li te bay bòt la 396,906 imigran ilegal nan Ane Fiskal 2011 la, "nimewo ki pi gwo nan istwa ajans la." Li te dwe yon lage laprès fasil ekri, jan yo gen ajans la te bon-akor li pou ane kounye a. Nan 2010 ICE te anonse li te retire "etranje plis ilegal [ane sa a] pase nan nenpòt peryòd lòt nan istwa a nan nasyon nou an." Ane anvan an te mete dosye tou, kòm yo te, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, ak 2003 . Dapre Depatman nan Biwo Sekirite Nasyonal la nan Estatistik Imigran (Franswa), 2002 se te ane a sèlman depi 1992 ke gouvènman federal la echwe pou pou mete yon nouvo dosye pou ranvwa ilegal etranje.

    Anba direksyon prezidan Barack Obama a, ICE te retire 1.179.313 imigran ilegal nan twa ane. George W. Bush prezide sou 2.012.539 ranvwa pandan uit ane rèy li. Malgre sa Egzòd chèr aplike nan plis pase 3 milyon moun ki Depi ane 2000, nimewo a yo estime imigran ki otorize k ap viv nan peyi Etazini an pa te chanje anpil. Rapò sa yo Franswa ke popilasyon sa a nan some 11.8 milyon dola nan 2007, tonbe nan 10.8 milyon dola nan 2009, epi te rete nan 10.8 milyon dola nan 2010. Dapre ekspè anpil moun, drop-off la nan ane 2007 2009 te dwe nan pati gwo récession a olye ke efò pou ranfòse. Ki gen mwens Travay ameriken ki disponib, gen mwens imigran te chwazi fè vwayaj la de pli zan pli jòb ki vrèman difisil isit la.

    L ap desann to fètilite Meksiken kapab jwe yon wòl. Nan ane 1960 nimewo an mwayèn nan nesans pou chak fanm nan Meksik te 6.8. 1990 pa te ke nimewo tonbe nan 3.4, epi an 2011 li desann nan 2.3. Byento gen pa pral ase jenn Meksiken ranpli tout travay yo nan Meksik, anpil mwens nan Amerik la. Men, 2012 se yon ane eleksyon, ak tan-vaksen tankou Texas Perry Rick Gouvènè ak Bachmann pa kapab peye kite lanati pran kou li yo. Ansyen an ap pwomèt nan "kenbe ak depòte tout etranje ilegal ki moun ki arete nan peyi sa a". Lèt a se yon ti kras pi plis esyan. "Li se prèske enposib pou avanse pou 11 milyon imigran ilegal lannwit lan," li te di radyo lame Laura Ingraham nan Novanm nan. "Ou fè l 'nan etap."

    Bliye deplase 11 milyon imigran ilegal lannwit lan. Pandan twa dènye ane yo, Obama te demontre ke li nan dyableman difisil pou avanse pou pi jis 400,000 imigran ilegal deyò nan peyi a sou kou a nan 365 jou. Menm ak ekspansyon an koute chè a CPB ak glas yo, sistèm lan se anba souch. Pandan ke imigran ilegal pa jwi menm pwosesis la akòz yo bay sitwayen ameriken yo, yo gen kèk REKOU legal. Lè CPB oswa glas apreand yon moun ki ka gen yon imigran ilegal, se li ki gen dwa a jou li nan youn nan 53 tribinal imigrasyon nasyon an. Nan fen an, eleman ki pi enpòtan nan lagè a sou imigrasyon ilegal se pa baryè fwontyè oswa kamera siveyans; li nan papye.

    Se konsa, pandan ICE te reyisi nimewo dosye sou depòtasyon, lapolis efò li te mete dosye lòt yo tou. Dapre tranzaksyonèl Clearinghouse dosye, yon òganizasyon rechèch ki afilye avèk Syracuse University, ki kantite ka depòtasyon ap tann rezolisyon rive jwenn yon segondè tout-tan nan 297,551 sou 30 septanm; tan an datant mwayèn te 489 jou. Pa etonan, ICE pa t 'bay yon lage laprès pour selebre sa a etap enpòtan.

    Youn nan rezilta se ke gouvènman federal la ap kouri moute onglè gwo pwizonye lojman ap tann pou odisyon. Dapre Forum lan Imigrasyon Nasyonal, yon pro-imigrasyon òganizasyon defans, "kounye a pri a kenbe yon imigran ki se apeprè $ 166 pou chak jou." Pou sove espas ak lajan, ICE degaje dè milye de imigran sispèk ilegal sou kosyon pwòp yo chak ane pandan y ap tann pou jou yo nan tribinal. Anpil moun, supriz, disparèt depi lontan anvan odyans yo rive. Se sak fè, unexecuted lòd depòtasyon "yo te ogmante de 558.000 a 1.1 milyon" pandan twa dènye ane yo, selon Mak Metcalf, yon jij imigrasyon ansyen kounye a ki afilye avèk Sant pou Etid Imigrasyon, yon òganizasyon defans ki vle sere boulon politik imigrasyon aktyèl. Sa a se yon lòt estatistik dosye-lòn ke ICE gen enterè ti kras nan barisman.

    Denye ete Department of Homeland Sekirite fòme yon komite ansanm ak Depatman Lajistis revize tout ka imigrasyon ki annatant avèk entansyon a sarkle soti depòtasyon "priyorite ba" e konsa diminye aryere la. Pandan se tan, ICE ak konpayi prive yo li kontra ak yo okipe bati nouvo fasilite. Gwoup la Geo, pou egzanp, ap bati yon prizon kabann 650-a yon pri a $ 70 milyon dola nan Adelanto, California, ak yon prizon 600-kabann pou $ 32 milyon dola nan Karnes City, Texas.

    Mezi sa yo ap senpleman ede pi bon pwosesis chaj aktyèl la nan 400,000 depòtasyon yon ane, ki reprezante jis 3.7 pousan nan 10.8 milyon imigran ki ilegal. Si Bachmann, Gingrich, ak Perry vle surpasser efò dosye-anviwònman Obama a ranfòse, yon kloti doub se jis yon kòmansman. Nou pral bezwen tou yon ogmantasyon eksponansyèl nan CBP ak glas pèsonèl, fasilite detansyon, sal, ak jij. Selon yon etid mas 2010 by Sant lan liberal pou mezire Pwogrè Ameriken yo, li ki ta koute $ 285 milyon dola yo retire 11 milyon imigran ilegal nan senk ane.

    Sa se yon pri tag gro, e li pa menm adrese depans sa yo kontinye kenbe ajans yo supersized ak enstitisyon ki ta ka pèsiste te yon fwa épuration ou ranpli a. Anplwaye federal yo menm pi rèd yo retire pase imigran ilegal yon fwa yo te genyen yon pye. Men, ki konnen? Apre yo te venkr chak travayè san otorizasyon nan peyi a epi pa gen anyen kite ranpli èdtan yo, petèt imigrasyon anfòsman biwokrasi ap vle chwazi frèz.

  • White Indian||

    Ef Rep Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) er kosinn forseti, lofar hún að setja upp tvær öryggi girðingar hvar land er ókeypis mætir land viljugu til að vinna-fyrir-minna-en-lágmark-launa. Og bara ef þú efast um skuldbindingu Bachmann til að offramboð, segir hún þetta tvöfalt skot af stál-og-steypu getnaðarvörn mun ná "öllum mílu, á hverjum fæti, sérhver tomma" á landamærum okkar með Mexíkó. Annar GOP vongóður, Newt Gingrich, er tvöföldun niður á landamæri girðing líka, og eins Bachmann hann lofar að ljúka henni árið 2013.

    Þú getur skilið hversu brýnt. Í ríkisfjármálum árið 2011, the US Border Patrol apprehended bara 340.252 ólöglegra innflytjenda, fyrir aðeins 20 prósent af afla sínum árið 2000, þegar stofnunin nabbed 1,676,438. Það var minnst samtals um framandi snatching síðan 1971. Í apríl 2011, að Los Angeles Times tilkynnt að hluta landamæranna hafa fengið svo friðsælum að lyf eru "hvött til að ganga um eða taka Kaffitímar" til að halda frá nodding burt í starfi. Með 2014 það gæti ekki verið nóg aspirín dag verkamenn til að réttlæta jafnvel eina girðingu, mikið minna tveggja.

    Sem auðvitað þýðir að það er gott tækifæri tvær girðingar vilja fá byggð, og hugsanlega þrjú. Stríðið á ólöglegum innflytjendum er einkennist af langvarandi óvissu, og enginn veit nákvæmlega hversu margir ólöglegra innflytjenda búa í Bandaríkjunum eða nákvæmlega hvað veldur fjölda þeirra að vax og minnka. Ljóst er þó að koma í veg fyrir ólöglegan innflutning fólks skapar fleiri og fleiri skriffinnsku innviði.

    Nú eru tveir helstu stofnanir sem fást við ólöglegum innflutningi fólks, bæði svið Department of Homeland Security. Eitt er US Customs og Border Protection (CBP). Með 58,000 starfsmenn, þar á meðal 43,600 svarið sambands lyfjum og embættismanna, CBP er stærsta sambands löggæslu stofnun. Í minna en áratug, fjárhagsáætlun hennar hefur nær tvöfaldast frá 5900000000 $ í ríkisfjármálum árið 2003 til $ 11,9 í fjárlagaárið 2012. Í fjárlagaárið 2011 er varið 3500000000 $ bara að landa fullnustu. The US Border Patrol, sem er hluti af CPB hefur vaxið fivefold síðan 1992, frá 4,139 lyfjum til um 21,444 árið 2011.

    Hin skrifræði er US Immigration og tollaframkvæmd (ICE). Með meira en 20.000 starfsmenn, ICE er annar stærsti rannsóknarnefnd bandaríska ríkisstjórnin auglýsingastofu. Það hefur árlega fjárhagsáætlun meira en $ 5700000000, upp frá 3300000000 $ í fjárlagaárið 2003. Í fjárlagaárið 2003 það hafði getu til að kyrrsetja 18.500 ólöglega útlendinga á hverjum degi. Í dag, starfa sex fangelsum aðstöðu á eigin spýtur og leigja pláss frá um það bil 250 ríki og sveitarfélaga fangelsum, það getur hús 33.442.

    Í takt við minnkandi fjölda Border Patrol apprehensions, sem stofnunin eiginleika til að fá meiri mannafla og betri skjár tækni, og 650 kílómetra af girðingu sem þegar eru til staðar, eru árlegar deportations fara upp. Í október, ICE tilkynnti það hefði gefið stígvél til 396,906 ólöglegra innflytjenda í fjárlagaárið 2011, "flesta í sögu stofnunarinnar." Það hlýtur að hafa verið auðvelt fréttatilkynningu að skrifa, sem stofnunin hefur verið að fínstilla það fyrir árum nú. Árið 2010 ICE tilkynnti það hefði eytt "meira ólöglegt geimverur [sem ár] en í öðrum tíma í sögu þjóðarinnar." Árið áður var met setja líka, sem voru 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 og 2003 . Samkvæmt Department of Office Homeland Security er um innflytjendamál tölfræði (OIS), 2002 var aðeins ári síðan 1992 að alríkisstjórnin ekki að setja nýtt met í ólöglegum framandi brottflutning.

    Undir stjórn forseta Barack Obama, ICE hefur fjarlægt 1,179,313 ólögleg geimverur í þrjú ár. George W. Bush forseti yfir 2,012,539 brottflutning á átta ára valdatíma hans. Þrátt fyrir þessa expensively fullnægt fólksflótta af meira en 3 milljónir einstaklinga frá 2000, áætlaður fjöldi óviðkomandi innflytjenda búa í Bandaríkjunum hefur ekki breyst mikið. The OIS skýrslur að þetta þýði náði hámarki í 11,8 milljónir árið 2007, lækkaði í 10,8 milljónir árið 2009, og var á 10,8 milljónir árið 2010. Samkvæmt mörgum sérfræðingum, sem falla-burt frá 2007 til 2009 var að langmestu leyti rekja til samdráttar frekar en viðleitni til að framfylgja lögum. Með færri American störf í boði, hafa færri innflytjendur kosið að gera sífellt erfiða ferð hér.

    Vaskur Mexican herbergi frjósemi getur einnig gegnt hlutverki. Árið 1960 var meðalfjöldi fæðinga á hverja konu í Mexíkó var 6,8. Árið 1990 að tala hafði lækkað í 3,4, og árið 2011 það er niður í 2,3. Fljótlega mun ekki vera nóg ungur Mexíkanar til að fylla öll störfin í Mexíkó, mun minna í Ameríku. En 2012 er kosning ár, og lengri skot eins og Texas Gov. Rick Perry og Bachmann getur ekki efni á að láta eðli taka völdin. Hið fyrra er vænleg til að "kyrrsetja og senda úr landi alla ólöglega útlendinga sem náðin í þessu landi." Hið síðarnefnda er lítið meira judicious. "Það er nánast ómögulegt að færa 11 milljónir ólöglegra innflytjenda á einni nóttu," sagði hún útvarp gestgjafi Laura Ingraham í nóvember. "Þú gerir það í áföngum."

    Gleymdu að færa 11 milljónir ólöglegra innflytjenda á einni nóttu. Á síðustu þremur árum, Obama hefur sýnt að það er fordæmdur erfitt að færa bara 400.000 ólöglegra innflytjenda úr landi á meðan á 365 daga. Jafnvel með dýr stækkun CPB og ís, kerfið er undir álagi. Þó ólöglegra innflytjenda njóta ekki sömu málsmeðferð veittu bandarískum borgurum, þeir hafa sumir réttarúrræði. Þegar CPB eða ICE apprehends einhvern sem kann að vera ólöglegur innflytjandi, er hann rétt á degi sínum í einu af 53 innflytjendamál dómstóla landsins. Í the endir, mest áríðandi hluti af stríðinu gegn ólöglegum innflytjendum er ekki landamæri girðingar eða eftirlit myndavél, það er pappírsvinnu.

    Svo á meðan ICE hefur verið að ná taka fjölda deportations, hefur framkvæmd viðleitni þess að setja önnur gögn eins og heilbrigður. Samkvæmt viðskiptalegs Records Access Clearinghouse, rannsóknir stofnun í samvinnu við Syracuse University, fjöldi tilvika brott bíða úrlausnar náð allan tímann hár af 297,551 á 30. september, að meðaltali bíða tíma var 489 dagar. Ekki kemur á óvart, ICE ekki að gefa út fréttatilkynningu til að fagna þessum áfanga.

    Ein afleiðing er sú að alríkisstjórnin er í gangi upp mikið tabs húsnæði fanga bíða eftir réttarhöldum. Samkvæmt National Útlendingastofnun Forum, atvinnumaður-innflytjenda málsvörn fyrirtækisins, "núverandi kostnaður að kyrrsetja innflytjandi er um það bil $ 166 á dag." Til að spara pláss og peninga, Ice gefa út þúsundir grun ólöglegra innflytjenda á eigin recognizance þeirra á hverju ári meðan þeir bíða eftir degi þeirra í dómi. Margir, Unsurprisingly, hverfa löngu áður en skýrslugjöf þeirra eiga sér stað. Þar af leiðandi, unexecuted brottvísun pantanir "hefur aukist frá 558,000 til 1,1 milljónir" á síðustu þremur árum, samkvæmt Mark Metcalf, fyrrum innflytjenda dómara nú tengd við Center for Studies innflytjendamála, sem er málsvörn stofnun sem vill herða núverandi stefnu innflytjenda. Þetta er annar met-brot tölfræði sem ICE hefur lítinn áhuga á trumpeting.

    Síðasta sumar Department of Homeland Security myndast sameiginlega nefnd með Department of Justice að endurskoða öll yfirstandandi málum innflytjenda með þeim ásetningi að illgresi út "lágu forgangi" deportations og þannig draga úr backlog. Á sama tíma eru ICE og einkafyrirtæki það samninga við upptekinn að byggja nýja aðstöðu. Í GEO Group, til dæmis, er að byggja upp 650-bed fangelsi á kostnað $ 70.000.000 í Adelanto, Kalifornía, og a 600-rúm fangelsi fyrir 32.000.000 $ í Karnes City, Texas.

    Slíkar aðgerðir munu aðeins hjálpa betur ferli núverandi álag á 400.000 deportees ári, sem er bara 3,7 prósent af 10,8 milljónum ólöglegra innflytjenda. Ef Bachmann, Gingrich, og Perry vilt bera met-stillingar Obama fullnustu viðleitni, tvöfaldur girðing er bara byrjun. Við munum einnig þurfa að veldisvísis aukning í CBP og ICE starfsliði, fangelsum aðstöðu, courtrooms og dómarar. Samkvæmt mars 2010 rannsókn á frjálslynda Center for American Progress, myndi það kosta $ til að fjarlægja 11 milljónir ólöglegra innflytjenda í fimm ár.

    Það er stæltur verðmiði, og það er ekki einu sinni að takast á við áframhaldandi kostnaði við að viðhalda supersized stofnanir og stofnanir sem myndi viðvarandi þegar hreinsa var lokið. Federal starfsmenn eru jafnvel erfiðara að fjarlægja en ólöglegra innflytjenda þegar þeir eru búnir náð fótfestu. En hver veit? Eftir að hann hefur vanquished hvert óviðkomandi starfsmann í landinu og hafa ekkert til að fylla tíma sinn, kannski innflytjenda-framfylgja embættismenn munu vera tilbúnir til að velja jarðarber.

  • White Indian||

    Jika Rep Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) terpilih sebagai presiden, dia berjanji untuk menginstal dua pagar keamanan di mana pun negeri orang bebas bertemu negeri orang mau-ke-bekerja-untuk-kurang upah minimum. Dan hanya jika anda meragukan komitmen Bachmann untuk redundansi, katanya ini ditembak ganda kontrasepsi baja-dan-beton akan mencakup "setiap mil, kaki setiap inci setiap" dari perbatasan kami dengan Meksiko. Lain berharap Partai Republik, Newt Gingrich, adalah dua kali lipat ke bawah pada pagar perbatasan juga, dan seperti Bachmann dia berjanji untuk menyelesaikannya pada tahun 2013.

    Anda dapat memahami urgensi. Pada tahun fiskal 2011, Patroli Perbatasan AS ditangkap hanya 340.252 imigran ilegal, 20 persen hanya tangkapan pada tahun 2000, ketika badan tertangkap 1.676.438. Itu adalah jumlah terendah untuk merebut asing sejak tahun 1971. Pada bulan April 2011, Los Angeles Times melaporkan bahwa bagian dari perbatasan sudah mendapatkan begitu tenang bahwa agen yang "didorong untuk berjalan-jalan atau mengambil rehat kopi" untuk menjaga dari terkantuk-kantuk di tempat kerja. Tahun 2014 mungkin tidak ada buruh harian cukup bercita-cita untuk membenarkan bahkan satu pagar, apalagi dua.

    Yang tentu saja berarti ada kemungkinan dua pagar yang baik akan bisa dibangun, dan mungkin tiga. Perang terhadap imigrasi ilegal ditandai dengan ketidakpastian kronis; tidak ada yang tahu persis berapa banyak imigran ilegal berada di AS atau tepatnya apa yang menyebabkan jumlah mereka untuk lilin dan berkurang. Yang jelas, bagaimanapun, adalah bahwa menghilangkan imigrasi ilegal menciptakan infrastruktur yang lebih dan lebih birokratis.

    Saat ini ada dua badan utama yang menangani imigrasi ilegal, kedua divisi dari Departemen Keamanan Dalam Negeri. Salah satunya adalah US Customs dan Perlindungan Perbatasan (CBP). Dengan 58.000 karyawan, termasuk 43.600 agen federal disumpah dan petugas, CBP adalah lembaga penegak hukum terbesar federal. Dalam waktu kurang dari satu dekade, anggaran hampir dua kali lipat, dari $ 5,9 miliar di tahun fiskal 2003 menjadi $ 11,9 pada tahun fiskal 2012. Pada TA 2011 tidak menyediakan $ 3500000000 hanya untuk penegakan perbatasan. Para Patroli Perbatasan AS, komponen dari CPB, telah tumbuh lima kali lipat sejak 1992, dari 4.139 agen menjadi sekitar 21.444 pada tahun 2011.

    Birokrasi lainnya adalah US Imigrasi dan Bea Cukai (ICE). Dengan lebih dari 20.000 karyawan, ICE adalah terbesar kedua lembaga pemeriksa pemerintah federal. Ini memiliki anggaran tahunan lebih dari $ 5,7 miliar, naik dari $ 3,3 miliar dalam tahun fiskal 2003. Pada TA 2003 itu memiliki kemampuan untuk menahan 18.500 orang asing ilegal setiap harinya. Hari ini, operasi fasilitas penahanan enam sendiri dan ruang menyewa dari sekitar 250 penjara negara bagian dan lokal, dapat rumah 33.442.

    Dalam konser dengan menurunnya jumlah kekhawatiran Patroli Perbatasan, yang badan atribut untuk tenaga kerja lebih banyak, teknologi pemantauan yang lebih baik, dan 650 mil dari pagar yang sudah ada, deportasi tahunan naik. Pada bulan Oktober, ICE mengumumkan telah diberikan boot untuk 396.906 imigran ilegal di TA 2011, Pasti press release mudah untuk menulis, sebagai agen telah fine-tuning selama bertahun-tahun "jumlah terbesar dalam sejarah lembaga itu." sekarang. Pada tahun 2010 ICE mengumumkan telah dihapus Tahun "alien ilegal lebih [tahun itu] daripada periode lain dalam sejarah bangsa kita." Sebelum itu catatan pengaturan juga, seperti juga 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 dan 2003 . Menurut Kantor Departemen Homeland Security Statistik Imigran (OIS), 2002 adalah tahun hanya sejak tahun 1992 bahwa pemerintah federal gagal untuk menetapkan rekor baru untuk kepindahan asing ilegal.

    Di bawah arahan Presiden Barack Obama, ICE telah menghilangkan 1.179.313 orang asing ilegal dalam tiga tahun. George W. Bush memimpin 2.012.539 kepindahan selama delapan tahun pemerintahannya. Meskipun demikian eksodus murah diberlakukan lebih dari 3 juta orang sejak tahun 2000, perkiraan jumlah imigran yang tidak sah tinggal di AS tidak banyak berubah. Laporan OIS bahwa populasi ini memuncak pada 11,8 juta pada 2007, turun menjadi 10,8 juta pada tahun 2009, dan tinggal di 10,8 juta pada tahun 2010. Menurut banyak ahli, drop-off 2007-2009 adalah karena sebagian besar untuk resesi daripada upaya penegakan hukum. Dengan pekerjaan Amerika lebih sedikit tersedia, lebih sedikit imigran telah memilih untuk melakukan perjalanan semakin sulit di sini.

    Sinking tingkat kesuburan Meksiko juga mungkin memainkan peran. Pada tahun 1960 rata-rata jumlah kelahiran per wanita di Meksiko adalah 6,8. Pada tahun 1990 jumlah itu turun menjadi 3,4, dan pada tahun 2011 ini turun menjadi 2,3. Segera tidak akan ada orang Meksiko cukup muda untuk mengisi semua pekerjaan di Meksiko, apalagi di Amerika. Tapi 2012 adalah tahun pemilu, dan lama-tembakan seperti Texas Gubernur Rick Perry dan Bachmann tidak mampu untuk membiarkan alam mengambil jalannya. Yang pertama cukup menjanjikan untuk "menahan dan mendeportasi setiap asing ilegal yang tertangkap di negara ini." Yang terakhir ini sedikit lebih bijaksana. "Hampir tidak mungkin untuk memindahkan 11 juta imigran gelap semalam," katanya kepada radio host Laura Ingraham pada bulan November. "Anda melakukannya secara bertahap."

    Lupakan bergerak 11 juta imigran gelap semalam. Selama tiga tahun terakhir, Obama telah menunjukkan bahwa itu terkutuk sulit untuk bergerak hanya 400.000 imigran ilegal ke luar negeri selama 365 hari. Bahkan dengan ekspansi mahal CPB dan ICE, sistem ini di bawah tekanan. Sementara imigran gelap tidak menikmati proses yang sama diberikan kepada warga negara AS, mereka memiliki beberapa jalur hukum. Ketika CPB atau ICE apprehends seseorang yang mungkin merupakan imigran ilegal, ia berhak hari di satu dari 53 bangsa pengadilan imigrasi. Pada akhirnya, komponen yang paling penting dari perang terhadap imigrasi ilegal bukanlah pagar perbatasan atau kamera pengintai, melainkan dokumen.

    Jadi sementara ICE telah mencapai jumlah rekor deportasi, upaya penegakannya telah mengatur catatan lain juga. Menurut Clearinghouse Rekaman Akses Transaksional, sebuah organisasi penelitian berafiliasi dengan Universitas Syracuse, jumlah kasus deportasi menunggu resolusi mencapai tinggi sepanjang masa dari 297.551 pada tanggal 30, waktu tunggu rata-rata adalah 489 hari. Tidak mengherankan, ICE tidak mengeluarkan siaran pers untuk merayakan tonggak ini.

    Salah satu hasilnya adalah bahwa pemerintah federal berjalan sampai tahanan rumah besar tab menunggu untuk pemeriksaan. Menurut Forum Imigrasi Nasional, pro-imigrasi organisasi advokasi, "biaya saat ini untuk menahan imigran adalah sekitar $ 166 per hari." Untuk menghemat tempat dan uang, siaran ICE ribuan imigran ilegal dicurigai pada pengakuan mereka sendiri setiap tahun sementara mereka menunggu hari mereka di pengadilan. Banyak, tidak mengejutkan, menghilang jauh sebelum sidang mereka terjadi. Akibatnya, perintah deportasi tidak dijalankan "telah meningkat dari 558.000 menjadi 1,1 juta" selama tiga tahun terakhir, menurut Mark Metcalf, seorang hakim imigrasi mantan sekarang berafiliasi dengan Pusat Studi Imigrasi, sebuah organisasi advokasi yang ingin memperketat kebijakan imigrasi saat ini. Ini adalah satu lagi statistik memecahkan rekor yang ICE memiliki sedikit minat dalam terompet.

    Musim panas lalu Departemen Keamanan Dalam Negeri membentuk komite bersama dengan Departemen Kehakiman untuk meninjau semua kasus imigrasi pending dengan maksud menyiangi deportasi "prioritas rendah" dan sehingga mengurangi backlog. Sementara itu, ICE dan perusahaan swasta itu melakukan kontrak dengan sibuk membangun fasilitas baru. Grup GEO, misalnya, sedang membangun penjara tempat tidur 650-dengan biaya $ 70 juta pada Adelanto, California, dan penjara 600 tempat tidur sebesar $ 32 juta di Karnes City, Texas.

    Tindakan tersebut hanya akan membantu proses yang lebih baik beban saat ini sebesar 400.000 dideportasi tahun, yang hanya mewakili 3,7 persen dari 10,8 juta imigran ilegal. Jika Bachmann, Gingrich, dan Perry ingin melampaui rekor Obama upaya penegakan, pagar ganda hanyalah sebuah awal. Kita juga perlu peningkatan eksponensial dalam personel CBP dan ICE, fasilitas penahanan, ruang sidang, dan hakim. Menurut sebuah studi 2010 Maret oleh Pusat Kemajuan Amerika liberal, akan biaya $ untuk menghapus 11 juta imigran ilegal di lima tahun.

    Itu harga yang lumayan, dan bahkan tidak mengatasi biaya terus menerus mempertahankan lembaga supersized dan lembaga yang akan bertahan setelah pembersihan selesai. Karyawan federal bahkan lebih keras untuk menghapus dari imigran gelap setelah mereka telah memperoleh pijakan. Tapi siapa yang tahu? Setelah mereka telah kalah setiap pekerja yang tidak sah di negeri itu dan tidak ada yang tersisa untuk mengisi jam mereka, mungkin imigrasi penegak birokrat akan bersedia untuk memilih stroberi.

  • White Indian||

    Má tá Rep Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) go dtoghfar Uachtarán, geallúintí sí a shuiteáil dhá fálta slándála cibé áit a fhreastalaíonn ar an talamh ar an saor in aisce ar an talamh an-go-sásta bheith ag obair-do-níos lú ná mar íos-phá. Agus ar eagla na heagla amhras ort tiomantas Bachmann chun iomarcaíochta, a deir sí beidh sé seo lámhaigh dúbailte frithghiniúna cruach-agus-nithiúla a chlúdach "gach míle, gach scór, gach orlach" ar ár teorann le Meicsiceo. Tá eile dóchasach GOP, Niút Gingrich, dúbailt síos ar claí teorann freisin, agus is maith Bachmann geallúintí sé chun é a chríochnú faoi 2013.

    Is féidir leat tuiscint a fháil ar bhonn práinne. Sa bhliain 2011 fioscach, an Patróil Teorann US gabhadh ach 340,252 inimirceach neamhdhleathach, ach ní bhíonn ach 20 faoin gcéad dá ghabháil i 2000, nuair a nabbed an ghníomhaireacht 1,676,438. Ba é an t-iomlán is ísle le haghaidh eachtrannaigh sciobadh ó 1971. I mí Aibreáin 2011, thuairiscigh an Los Angeles Times go bhfuil codanna den teorainn gotten ionas go suaimhneach gníomhairí ag "spreagadh chun siúl timpeall nó sosanna caife a ghlacadh" a choinneáil ó nodding amach ar an bpost. Faoi 2014 ní a d'fhéadfadh a bheith ann oibrithe lá go leor aspiring a dhlisteanú fiú amháin fál, i bhfad níos lú dá.

    Cé acu ar ndóigh ciallaíonn níl seans maith go mbeidh dhá fálta a fháil tógtha, agus, b'fhéidir, trí. Tá an cogadh ar inimirce neamhdhlíthiúil arb iad is sainairíonna neamhchinnteacht ainsealach; fhios ag aon duine go díreach cé mhéad inimircigh neamhdhleathacha cónaí sna Stáit Aontaithe nó go beacht cad is cúis a n-uimhreacha le céir agus wane. Is éard atá soiléir, áfach, is é sin go bhfuil deireadh a chur le inimirce neamhdhlíthiúil bonneagar níos mó agus níos mó mhaorlathach.

    Faoi láthair tá dhá gníomhaireachtaí is mó a bhíonn ag déileáil leis an inimirce neamhdhlíthiúil, dá rannán den Roinn Slándála Dúiche. Is é ceann US Custaim agus Cosaint na Teorann (CBP). Le 58,000 fhostaithe, lena n-áirítear 43,600 gníomhairí faoi mhionn agus oifigigh cónaidhme, is é an ceann is mó CBP ghníomhaireacht forfheidhmithe dlí cónaidhme. I níos lú ná deich mbliana, tá a bhuiséad faoi dhó beagnach, ó $ 5900000000 sa bhliain 2003 go 11.9 $ fioscach i FY 2012. I FY 2011 chaith sé 3500000000 $ ach a fhorfheidhmiú trasteorann. Tá an Patróil Teorann na Stát Aontaithe, comhpháirt de CPB, tar éis fás faoi chúig ó 1992, ó 4139 go dtí thart ar 21,444 gníomhairí i 2011.

    Is é an maorlathas eile US Inimirce agus Custaim Forfheidhmiú (ICE). Le níos mó ná 20,000 fostaí, is é ICE an rialtas cónaidhme an ghníomhaireacht imscrúdaithe dara ceann is mó. Tá sé an buiséad bliantúil de níos mó ná $ 5700000000, suas ó $ 3.3 billiún i FY 2003. I FY 2003 go raibh sé an cumas a choinneáil 18,500 eachtrannaigh mídhleathach ar aon lá áirithe. Inniu, ag oibriú sé áiseanna coinneála dá chuid féin agus spás ar cíos ó thart ar 250 jails stáit agus áitiúla, is féidir é teach 33,442.

    I ceolchoirm leis an líon ag titim de apprehensions Patról na Teorann, a tréithe an ghníomhaireacht a daonchumhachta níos mó, teicneolaíochtaí monatóireachta níos fearr, agus an 650 míle de fál atá ann cheana féin, ag díbirt bliantúil ag dul suas. I mí Dheireadh Fómhair, d'fhógair ICE thug sé tosaithe le 396,906 inimirceach mídhleathach i FY 2011, "an líon is mó sa ghníomhaireacht stair." Caithfidh sé a bheith ina press release éasca a scríobh, mar tá an ghníomhaireacht a bhí fíneáil-gcuideoidh sé ar feadh na mblianta anois. I 2010 d'fhógair ICE bhain sé "níos eachtrannaigh mídhleathach [bhliain] ná in aon tréimhse eile i stair ár náisiúin." Sa bhliain sular tugadh taifead leagan síos freisin, mar a bhí 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, agus 2003 . Dar leis an Roinn Slándála Dúiche Oifig Staidrimh na Inimirceach (OSI), ba é 2002 an bhliain amháin ó 1992 gur theip ar an rialtas cónaidhme a shocrú le taifead nua do removals eachtrannach mhídhleathach.

    Faoi stiúir Uachtarán Barack Obama, tá ICE bhaint 1,179,313 eachtrannaigh mídhleathach i gceann trí bliana. George W. Bush gceannas 2,012,539 removals le linn réimeas a ocht mbliana. In ainneoin seo a chuirfeadh deireadh leis expensively bhfeidhm de níos mó ná 3 mhilliún duine aonair ó 2000 i leith, nach bhfuil an líon measta na n-inimirceach neamhúdaraithe ina gcónaí sna Stáit Aontaithe athrú i bhfad. Tuairiscíonn an OSI go peaked seo daonra ag 11.8 milliún i 2007, thit go 10.8 milliún i 2009, agus d'fhan siad ag 10.8 milliún i 2010. Dar le saineolaithe go leor, bhí an titim-uaire 2007-2009 dlite i gcuid mhór chun an cúlú seachas iarrachtaí forfheidhmithe. Le poist níos lú Meiriceánach atá ar fáil, tá inimircigh níos lú roghnaithe a dhéanamh ar an turas atá ag éirí níos arduous anseo.

    Is féidir Fiachmhúchta rátaí torthúlachta Mheicsiceo ról. I 1960 ba é líon na mbreitheanna meán in aghaidh an bhean i Meicsiceo 6.8. Faoi 1990 bhí thit an líon sin go 3.4, agus i 2011 tá sé síos go dtí 2.3. Go gairid ní bheidh Mexicans óg go leor chun a líonadh na poist go léir i Meicsiceo, i bhfad níos lú i Meiriceá. Ach tá 2012 ina bliain toghcháin, agus ní féidir fad-shots, mar shampla Texas Gov. Rick Perry agus Bachmann acmhainn a ligean nádúr a ghlacadh a chúrsa. An iar Tá gealladh go "choinneáil agus gach eachtrannach mhídhleathach a ghabhtar sa tír seo ionnarbadh." Tá an Rialachán sin beagán níos mó thuisceanach. "Tá sé beagnach dodhéanta a bhogadh 11,000,000 inimircigh neamhdhleathacha thar oíche," a dúirt sí raidió óstach Laura Ingraham i mí na Samhna. "Dhéanann tú é i gcéimeanna."

    Nábac gluaiseacht 11 milliún inimirceach mídhleathach thar oíche. I rith na trí bliana anuas, tá Obama léirigh go bhfuil sé damanta deacair a bhogadh ach 400,000 inimirceach mídhleathach amach as an tír le linn na laethanta 365. Fiú amháin leis an leathnú costasach de CPB agus ICE, tá an córas faoi strus. Cé nach bhfuil inimircigh neamhdhleathacha taitneamh a bhaint as an bpróiseas céanna mar gheall ar fáil do shaoránaigh na Stáit Aontaithe, an bhfuil siad roinnt leas dlíthiúil. Nuair a apprehends CPB nó ICE duine éigin d'fhéadfadh a bheith ina neamhdhlíthiúil imirceach, tá sé i dteideal a lá i gceann de na náisiúin 53 cúirteanna inimirce. Sa deireadh, níl an chomhpháirt is ríthábhachtach an chogaidh ar inimirce neamhdhlíthiúil fálta teorann nó ceamaraí faireachais; tá sé páipéarachas.

    Mar sin, cé go bhfuil ICE a bhaint amach líon taifead ar díbirt, tá a chuid iarrachtaí forfheidhmithe atá leagtha taifid eile chomh maith. Dar le Clearinghouse Rochtain Transactional Taifid, eagraíocht taighde cleamhnaithe le Syracuse University, shroich líon na gcásanna ag feitheamh ar réiteach ionnarbtha ar ard uile-am de 297,551 ar 30 Meán Fómhair; an t-am feithimh an meán bhí 489 lá. Ní nach ionadh, ní raibh ICE a eisiúint preaseisiúint a cheiliúradh seo cloch mhíle.

    Is é ceann de thoradh air sin go bhfuil an rialtas cónaidhme ag rith suas detainees tabs ollmhór feithimh tithíochta le haghaidh éisteachtaí. "Is é an costas reatha a choinneáil ar inimirceach tuairim is $ 166 in aghaidh an lae." Dar leis an bhFóram um Inimirce Náisiúnta, pro-inimirce eagraíocht abhcóideachta, an Chun a shábháil spás agus airgead, scaoileadh ICE na mílte inimirceach mídhleathach amhras ar a n-recognizance féin gach bliain agus iad ag fanacht ar a n-lae sa chúirt. Go leor, unsurprisingly, vanish fada sula dtarlaíonn a n-éisteachtaí. Dá bhrí sin, orduithe ionnarbtha unexecuted "tar éis méadú ó 558,000 go 1.1 milliún" i rith na trí bliana seo caite, dar le Mark Metcalf, breitheamh inimirce iar anois cleamhnaithe leis an Ionad um Staidéar um Inimirce, eagraíocht abhcóideachta a ba mhaith leis a dhéanamh níos doichte polasaithe inimirce atá ann faoi láthair. Is é seo an staitistic eile taifead a bhriseadh go bhfuil ICE mórán suime i trumpeting.

    Samhradh seo caite bhí an Roinn Slándála Dúiche có-choiste leis an Roinn Dlí agus Cirt chun athbhreithniú a dhéanamh ar gach cás inimirce feitheamh le hintinn weeding amach "tosaíocht íseal" hionnarbadh agus mar sin ag laghdú an riaráiste. Idir an dá linn, tá ICE agus na cuideachtaí príobháideacha conradh sé gnóthach ag tógáil áiseanna nua. An Grúpa GEO, mar shampla, ag tógáil jail leaba 650-ag costas de $ 70,000,000 i Adelanto, California, agus jail 600-leaba le haghaidh $ 32,000,000 i Karnes Cathrach, Texas.

    Beidh na bearta sin cabhrú le próiseas ach níos fearr ar an ualach atá ann faoi láthair de 400,000 Deireadh Seachtaine Craiceailte in aghaidh na bliana, rud a léiríonn ach 3.7 faoin gcéad de na hinimircigh 10.8 milliún mídhleathach. Más mian Bachmann, Gingrich, agus Perry chun surpass iarrachtaí Obama forfheidhmithe taifead-suíomh, tá fál dúbailte ach tús. Beidh orainn chomh maith le méadú easpónantúil i pearsanra CBP agus ICE, áiseanna coinneála, seomraí cúirte, agus breithiúna. Dar le 2,010 Márta staidéar ag an Ionad liobrálacha le haghaidh dul chun cinn Meiriceánach, bheadh ​​sé costas $ 285,000,000,000 a bhaint 11 milliún inimirceach mídhleathach i gceann cúig bliana.

    Sin tag praghas hefty, agus ní dhéanann sé aghaidh a thabhairt ar fiú na costais leanúnacha a chothabháil na gníomhaireachtaí agus institiúidí supersized a bheadh ​​ann fós nuair a críochnaíodh an purge. Is iad fostaithe Chónaidhme fiú níos deacra ná mar a bhaint inimircigh neamhdhleathacha nuair atá siad a fuarthas cos isteach. Ach a fhios a? Tar éis tá siad traochta gach oibrí neamhúdaraithe sa talamh agus a bhfuil rud ar bith fágtha a líonadh a n-uair an chloig, b'fhéidir go mbeidh inimirce-forfheidhmithe Maorlathaigh a bheith toilteanach a phiocadh sútha talún.

  • White Indian||

    Se Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) è eletto presidente, lei promette di installare due recinzioni di sicurezza ovunque la terra della libertà incontra la terra dei volenterosi a lavorare-for-less-than-salario minimo. E solo nel caso abbiate dei dubbi impegno Bachmann alla ridondanza, dice questo doppio colpo di contraccezione in acciaio e cemento coprirà "ogni chilometro, ogni metro, ogni centimetro" del nostro confine con il Messico. Un'altra speranza GOP, Newt Gingrich, è il raddoppio su una recinzione di confine troppo, e come Bachmann promette di completarlo entro il 2013.

    Si può capire l'urgenza. Nell'anno fiscale 2011, la pattuglia di frontiera degli Stati Uniti fermati a 340.252 immigrati clandestini, soltanto il 20 per cento delle sue catture nel 2000, quando l'agenzia nabbed 1.676.438. E 'stato il più basso totale per strappare aliena dal 1971. Nel mese di aprile 2011, il Los Angeles Times ha riferito che le parti del confine hanno ottenuto così tranquillo che gli agenti sono "incoraggiati a camminare o prendere pause caffè" per evitare di addormentarsi sul posto di lavoro. Entro il 2014 potrebbe non esserci abbastanza aspiranti lavoratori a giornata per giustificare anche un solo recinto, e tanto meno due.

    Il che, naturalmente, significa che c'è una buona probabilità otterrà due recinti costruiti, e forse tre. La guerra contro l'immigrazione clandestina è caratterizzato da incertezza cronica, nessuno sa esattamente quanti clandestini risiedono negli Stati Uniti o esattamente ciò che causa i loro numeri per crescere e calare. Ciò che è chiaro, tuttavia, è che eliminando l'immigrazione clandestina crea infrastrutture sempre più burocratico.

    Attualmente ci sono due principali agenzie che si occupano di immigrazione clandestina, entrambe le divisioni del Department of Homeland Security. Uno è US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Con 58.000 dipendenti, di cui 43.600 agenti giurati federali e dei funzionari, il CBP è la più grande agenzia federale per l'applicazione della legge. In meno di un decennio, il suo bilancio è quasi raddoppiato, da $ 5,9 miliardi nell'anno fiscale 2003 a 11,9 dollari nell'anno fiscale 2012. Nel corso dell'esercizio 2011 ha dedicato 3,5 miliardi dollari solo per controlli alle frontiere. La polizia di frontiera degli Stati Uniti, un componente del CPB, è quintuplicata dal 1992, da 4.139 agenti a circa 21.444 nel 2011.

    La burocrazia altra è di US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Con oltre 20.000 dipendenti, l'ICE è la seconda più grande agenzia investigativa del governo federale. Ha un budget annuale di oltre $ 5,7 miliardi, rispetto ai $ 3,3 miliardi dell'esercizio 2003. Nel corso dell'esercizio 2003 ha avuto la capacità di detenere 18.500 clandestini in un dato giorno. Oggi, operando sei centri di detenzione proprie e dello spazio affitto da circa 250 prigioni statali e locali, può ospitare 33.442.

    In concerto con il minor numero di apprensioni Border Patrol, che l'agenzia attribuisce a più manodopera, migliori tecnologie di monitoraggio, e gli 650 chilometri di recinzione già esistenti, deportazioni annuali stanno salendo. Nel mese di ottobre, l'ICE ha annunciato di aver dato l'avvio a 396,906 immigrati clandestini in FY 2011 ", il numero più grande nella storia dell'agenzia." Deve essere stato un comunicato stampa facili da scrivere, come l'agenzia è stata messa a punto per anni ora. Nel 2010 ICE ha annunciato di aver rimosso "alieni illegali più che [anno] che in qualsiasi altro periodo della storia della nostra nazione." L'anno prima era record di fissare troppo, così come 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 e 2003 . Secondo il Department of Homeland Security dell'Ufficio di statistica immigrati (OIS), il 2002 è stato l'unico anno dal 1992 che il governo federale non è riuscito a stabilire un nuovo record per traslochi alieni illegali.

    Sotto la direzione del presidente Barack Obama, ICE ha rimosso 1,179,313 clandestini in tre anni. George W. Bush ha presieduto 2,012,539 traslochi durante i suoi otto anni di regno. Nonostante questo esodo forzato costoso di oltre 3 milioni di individui dal 2000, il numero stimato di immigrati clandestini che vivono negli Stati Uniti non è cambiata molto. Le relazioni OIS che questa popolazione ha raggiunto il picco a 11,8 milioni nel 2007, è sceso a 10,8 milioni nel 2009, e siamo stati in 10,8 milioni nel 2010. Secondo molti esperti, il drop-off 2007-2009 è dovuto in gran parte alla recessione, piuttosto che far rispettare la normativa. Con meno posti di lavoro americani a disposizione, un minor numero di immigrati hanno scelto di rendere il viaggio sempre più arduo qui.

    Sinking tassi di fertilità messicane possono anche svolgere un ruolo. Nel 1960 il numero medio di nascite per donna in Messico è stata del 6,8. Entro il 1990 il numero era sceso a 3,4, e nel 2011 si è scesi a 2,3. Presto non ci sarà abbastanza giovani messicani a riempire tutti i posti di lavoro in Messico, molto meno in America. Ma 2012 è un anno elettorale, e lungo-shots come Governatore del Texas Rick Perry e Bachmann non può permettersi di lasciare che la natura faccia il suo corso. Il primo è la promessa di "detenere e deportare tutti gli stranieri illegali che vengano fermati in questo paese". Quest'ultimo è un po 'più giudiziosa. "E 'quasi impossibile spostare 11 milioni di immigrati clandestini durante la notte", ha detto alla radio ospite Laura Ingraham nel mese di novembre. "Lo si fa per gradi."

    Dimenticate muove 11 milioni di immigrati clandestini durante la notte. Nel corso degli ultimi tre anni, Obama ha dimostrato che è dannatamente difficile muoversi solo 400.000 immigrati clandestini fuori del paese nel corso di 365 giorni. Anche con l'espansione e costosa di CPB ICE, il sistema è sotto pressione. Mentre gli immigrati clandestini non godono dello stesso processo a causa offerto ai cittadini degli Stati Uniti, essi hanno un certo ricorso alle vie legali. Quando CPB o ICE apprende qualcuno che può essere un immigrato clandestino, ha diritto alla sua giornata in uno dei 53 campi da nazione in materia di immigrazione. Alla fine, il componente più importante della guerra in materia di immigrazione illegale non è recinzioni di frontiera o telecamere di sorveglianza: è lavoro di ufficio.

    Così, mentre ICE sta realizzando un numero record di deportazioni, i suoi sforzi di applicazione hanno stabilito altri record pure. Secondo transazionale accesso Records Clearinghouse, un organismo di ricerca affiliato con Syracuse University, il numero di casi di espulsione in attesa di risoluzione raggiunto il massimo storico di 297.551 il 30 settembre, il tempo di attesa media è stata di 489 giorni. Non sorprende, ICE non ha emesso un comunicato stampa per celebrare questo importante traguardo.

    Un risultato è che il governo federale sta correndo enormi detenuti abitative schede attesa dell'inizio delle udienze. Secondo il National Immigration Forum, un pro-immigrazione organizzazione di difesa, il "costo corrente di detenere un immigrato è di circa $ 166 per giorno." Per risparmiare spazio e denaro, rilascia ICE migliaia di presunti immigrati clandestini sul loro stessa garanzia ogni anno, mentre attendere per il loro giorno in tribunale. Molti, ovviamente, svaniscono molto prima di loro audizioni si verificano. Di conseguenza, gli ordini di espulsione non eseguiti "sono aumentate da 558.000 a 1,1 milioni di euro" negli ultimi tre anni, secondo Mark Metcalf, un giudice dell'immigrazione ormai ex affiliato al Center for Immigration Studies, un'organizzazione di difesa che vuole inasprire le politiche di immigrazione attuali. Questo è un altro record statistico che ICE ha poco interesse a strombazzare.

    La scorsa estate il Dipartimento della Homeland Security costituito un comitato congiunto con il Dipartimento di giustizia di riesaminare tutti i casi in sospeso in materia di immigrazione con l'intento di estirpare "bassa priorità" deportazioni e riducendo l'arretrato. Nel frattempo, ICE e le società private si sono occupati con contratti di costruzione di nuovi impianti. Il Gruppo GEO, per esempio, sta costruendo un carcere di 650 posti letto ad un costo di 70 milioni di dollari Adelanto, California, e un 600-letto prigione per $ 32 milioni nel Karnes City, Texas.

    Tali misure si limiterà a contribuire a migliorare il processo di corrente di carico di 400.000 deportati un anno, che rappresenta appena il 3,7 per cento dei 10,8 milioni di immigrati illegali. Se Bachmann, Gingrich, e Perry vuole superare Obama da record attività di controllo, una doppia recinzione è solo l'inizio. Abbiamo anche bisogno di un aumento esponenziale del personale del CBP e ICE, strutture di detenzione, nei tribunali e giudici. Secondo uno studio del marzo 2010 dal Center for American Progress liberale, che costerebbe 285 miliardi dollari per rimuovere 11 milioni di immigrati clandestini in cinque anni.

    Questo è un prezzo pesante, e non ha nemmeno affrontare le spese correnti di mantenimento delle agenzie Super-Sized e istituzioni che persistono una volta che l'epurazione è stata completata. Impiegati federali sono ancora più difficili da rimuovere che gli immigrati clandestini una volta che hanno preso piede. Ma chi lo sa? Dopo aver sconfitto tutti i lavoratori non autorizzati nel paese e non hanno nulla a sinistra per riempire le loro ore, forse di contrasto all'immigrazione burocrati sarà disposto a raccogliere fragole.

  • White Indian||

    Si Fusce Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) est electus praeses, promittit ad install duo securitatem sepibus ubicumque terra libera occurrit terra velle-ad-operari enim-minus-quam-minimum-gerunt. Et iustus in causa dubitas Bachmann scriptor officium ad nugatio, dicit hoc duplex schot ferro-et-concretum contraconceptionem operiet "omnis milliario, omnis pede, omnis inch" nostri terminus cum Mexico. Aliud Dignissim spei, Newt Gingrich, est duplicando super terminum sepem quoque, et sicut Bachmann promittit ad complere per MMXIII.

    Te potest intelligere necessitate. In fiscali anno MMXI, in US Border Patrol apprehensum iustus 340.252 illegal immigrantes, a mere XX cento eius captura in MM, cum opera nabbed 1.676.438. Erat imo totalis aliena rapientes cum MCMLXXI. In April MMXI, in Los Angeles Times nuntiatum partes termini Possedi ita tranquilla quod agentia sunt "cohortatus ad ambulare vel capulus frangit" ut a annuens off in opus. Per MMXIV posset non esse satis Aspirantes die operarios ad iustificare etiam sepem, multo minus duo.

    Quod scilicet significat wisi occasio sepes habebunt duas aedificavit, et si tres. Bellum in illegal Nullam est propria per longos incertum; non scit prorsus quam multa illegal immigrantes residere in in US vel praecise quod facit numero ad Rephaim et decrescente. Quod est patet, tamen, est quod subtrahas illegal Nullam creat magis et magis bureaucratic infrastructure.

    Suspendisse duo institutionum agunt cum illegal Nullam, et divisiones hac de Gravida faucibus. Est US moribus et Border magna (CBP). Cum 58.000 elit, possidet 43.600 iuravit diam agentibus et ministri, CBP est maxima diam egestas opera. In minus quam a decade, eius budget habet prope duplicato, a $ 5,9 sescenti in fiscali anno MMIII ad $ 11,9 in fy MMXII. In fy MMXI eam dedita $ 3.5 sescenti iustus ad terminum exigeretur. In US Border Patrol, pars CPB, crevit quintuplum cum MCMXCII, a 4.139 agentia ad de 21.444 in MMXI.

    In aliis bureaucracy est US Nullam et moribus Libris (REFRIGERO). Cum magis quam 20000 elit, REFRIGERO est foederati imperium secunda maxima percontando opera. Habet annua praevisionem magis quam $ 5,7 sescenti, a $ 3.3 sescenti in fy MMIII. In fy MMIII habuit facultatem ad detinent 18.500 illegal advenae in quis diem. Hodie, operante sex detentione consectetuer sua et conductione spatium a proxime CCL statu et loci mancipati, potest domus 33.442.

    In concentus cum declinando numerus Border Patrol timore, quod opera attribuit ad magis manpower, melius adipiscing vitae, et DCL milia sepem iam esse, annua deportations sunt usque. In October, REFRIGERO nuntiatum eam dedit in tabernus ad 396,906 illegal immigrantes in fy MMXI, "maxima numerus in opera historia." Oportet fuisse facile torcular remissionis scribere, ut opera fuit denique-tuning pro annis nunc. In MMX REFRIGERO nuntiatum erat abstulit "magis illegal advenae [quod anno] quam in aliud tempus in historia nostri." Anno ante record occasus quoque, sicut MMVIII, MMVII, MMVI, MMV, MMIV, et MMIII . Secundum ad hac de Gravida faucibus scriptor Officium aduenam Statistics (OIS), MMII erat tantum anno MCMXCII quod foederati imperium non novo record enim illegal aliena remotiones.

    Sub Praeses Baracum Obama auctore, REFRIGERO abstulit 1.179.313 illegal advenae in tres annos. George W. Bush praefuit super 2.012.539 remotiones in eius octo annis. Obstante hoc sumptuose urgeri Exodus magis quam III decies singulorum cum MM, extimationis numerus alienum immigrantes vivere in in US non mutari multo. In OIS tradit hoc multitudo SPICATUS ad 11,8 million in MMVII, omissa ad 10,8 million in MMIX, et mansit 10,8 million in MMX. Secundum multis periti, gutta-a MMVII ad MMIX debitum in magna parte ad recessum potius quam exigeretur conatus. Cum pauciores American jobs available, pauciores immigrantes elegi ut magis arduum iter hic.

    Mersa Mexicanus ubertatem elit ut etiam ludere a partes. In MCMLX in mediocris numerus partus per mulier in Mexico erat 6,8. Per MCMXC quod numero omissa ad 3.4, et in MMXI suus ad 2.3. Iam satis iuvenis non impleat omnia Mexicanos Jobs in Mexico minus Americae. Sed MMXII est electio anno, et diu offa ut Texas Gov. Rick Perry et Bachmann non possunt ut natura accipere cursum. Prior est promittens ad "detinent et ducti omnis illegal aliena qui est apprehensum in patria." Hoc est paulo oportunus. "Est fere impossibile movere XI decies illegal immigrantes nocte," indicavit radio militiae Laura Ingraham in November. "Tu facere in gradus."

    Oblivisci movens XI decies illegal immigrantes nocte. In tribus annis, Obama demonstravit suus damnatorum difficile movere iustus 400.000 illegal immigrantes de patria super cursum CCCLXV diebus. Etiam cum pretiosa expansionem CPB et REFRIGERO, ratio est sub contentionem. Dum illegal immigrantes non eadem debita processus praebuit ad US cives, habere aliquid legalis recursus. Cum CPB vel REFRIGERO apprehendit qui ut esse illegal aduenam, est competit eius die in de gentis LIII Nullam atriis. In finem, maxime crucial pars bellum in illegal Nullam est non terminus sepibus vel annotata cameras; suus paperwork.

    Ita dum REFRIGERO fuerit assequendum record numero deportations, eius exigeretur labore alias monumentis ut bene. Secundum ad Transactional Records Obvius Clearinghouse, a investigationis organizationem foederata cum Syracusas University, numerum deportanda casibus expectans resolutio pervenit an omnia tempus excelso 297,551 in September XXX; in mediocris insidiatur tempus CDLXXXIX diebus. Non mirum, REFRIGERO non ferat torcular remissionis celebrare miliarium.

    Unum ex est quod foederati imperium currit usque ingens tabs habitationi detainees expectans auditus. Secundum ad National Nullam Forum, a pro-Nullam patrocínio ordo, in "current sumptus ad detinent an advecti proxime $ CLXVI per die." Ad nisi spatium et pecunia, REFRIGERO solvo milia suspecta illegal immigrantes in sua recognitionem annum dum expectare diem in curia. Multa, unsurprisingly, evanescere diu ante auditus occurrunt. Consequens, unexecuted deportanda ordines "crevit a 558.000 ad 1.1 million" in tribus annis, secundum ad Mark Metcalf, quondam Nullam iudex foederata cum Center pro Nullam Studiorum, an patrocínio societatem vult ad obstringere current Nullam policies. Hoc est aliud record-fractione statistic glacies parum interest in stridore.

    Aestate hac de Gravida faucibus formavit iuncturam commissionibus cum hac de iustitia ad review omnes pendere Nullam casibus cum intenta BOTANISMOS de "humilis prioritate" deportations et sic redigere backlog. Interim, REFRIGERO et privata turmas contrahit cum sunt occupatus aedificare novum facultatem. In GEO Group, enim, est aedificare a DCL-lectum carcere ad sumptus $ LXX million in Adelanto, California, et a DC-lectum carcere enim $ XXXII million in Karnes urbem, Texas.

    Ita mensuras tantum auxilium melius processus in current onere 400.000 deportees a anno, quod repraesentat iustus 3.7 cento in 10,8 decies illegal immigrantes. Si Bachmann, Gingrich, et Perry vis superare Obama scriptor record-occasum exigeretur conatus, duplex sepem est a satus. Nos etiam indigent exponentiali augmentum in CBP et REFRIGERO curatores, detentione facultatem, courtrooms, et iudices. Secundum ad Martii MMX studium liberalibus Center enim American Progressus, esset constant $ CCLXXXV sescenti tollere XI decies illegal immigrantes in quinque annis.

    Quod suus a hefty pretium tag, et non etiam alloqui permanens sumptibus tuendae supersized institutionum et instituta qui perseverare semel expurget est completur. Diam magna sunt durius tollere quam illegal immigrantes semel Lorem obtinuit locum consistendi. Sed qui scit? Post auditionem victis omnis alienum artifex in terra et nihil implere horas, maybe Nullam-exigeretur bureaucrats voluerit ad colligunt fraga.

  • White Indian||

    Jika Rep Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), dilantik sebagai presiden, beliau berjanji untuk memasang dua pagar keselamatan di mana-mana tanah yang bebas memenuhi tanah yang rela bekerja-untuk kurang daripada upah minimum. Dan hanya dalam kes anda meragui komitmen Bachmann untuk pemberhentian, beliau berkata tembakan dua kali kontrasepsi keluli dan konkrit ini akan meliputi "setiap batu, kaki setiap, setiap inci" sempadan kami dengan Mexico. Lain berharap GOP, Newt Gingrich, adalah dua kali ganda di atas pagar sempadan juga, dan seperti Bachmann, beliau berjanji untuk menyiapkannya menjelang 2013.

    Anda boleh memahami segera. Pada tahun fiskal 2011, Peronda Sempadan AS diberkas hanya 340.252 pendatang haram, hanya 20 peratus tangkapan pada tahun 2000, apabila agensi ditahan 1676438. Ia adalah jumlah terendah untuk peragut asing sejak tahun 1971. Pada bulan April 2011, Los Angeles Times melaporkan bahawa bahagian sempadan telah mendapat begitu tenang bahawa agen-agen "digalakkan untuk berjalan-jalan atau mengambil rehat kopi" untuk menyimpan daripada mengangguk-angguk di tempat kerja. Menjelang 2014 tidak mungkin buruh hari yang cukup bercita-cita untuk mewajarkan walaupun satu pagar, lebih kurang 2.

    Yang sudah tentu bermakna ada peluang yang baik dua pagar akan dibina, dan mungkin tiga. Perang ke atas pendatang tanpa izin dicirikan oleh ketidakpastian kronik; tiada siapa yang tahu secara tepat berapa ramai pendatang tanpa izin tinggal di Amerika Syarikat atau tepat apa yang menyebabkan bilangan mereka lilin dan berkurang. Apa yang jelas, bagaimanapun, adalah bahawa menghapuskan pendatang tanpa izin mewujudkan infrastruktur yang lebih dan lebih birokrasi.

    Pada masa ini terdapat dua agensi utama yang berurusan dengan pendatang asing tanpa izin, kedua-dua bahagian Jabatan Keselamatan Dalam Negeri. Satu adalah Kastam dan Perlindungan Sempadan Amerika Syarikat (CBP). Dengan 58.000 pekerja, termasuk 43.600 ejen bersumpah dan pegawai persekutuan, CBP adalah penguatkuasaan undang-undang persekutuan agensi yang terbesar. Dalam masa kurang daripada satu dekad, bajet yang telah hampir dua kali ganda, daripada $ 5.9 bilion pada tahun fiskal 2003 kepada $ 11.9 pada TK 2012. Dalam TK 2011 menumpukan $ 3.5 bilion hanya untuk penguatkuasaan sempadan. Peronda Sempadan Amerika Syarikat, salah satu komponen UPBK, telah berkembang lima kali ganda sejak tahun 1992, daripada 4139 ejen kepada kira-kira 21.444 pada tahun 2011.

    Birokrasi lain Imigresen dan Penguatkuasaan Kastam Amerika Syarikat (ICE). Dengan lebih daripada 20,000 pekerja, ICE agensi penyiasatan kedua terbesar kerajaan persekutuan. Ia mempunyai belanjawan tahunan sebanyak lebih daripada $ 5.7 bilion, meningkat daripada $ 3.3 bilion pada TK 2003. Pada TK 2003, ia mempunyai kapasiti untuk menahan 18.500 pendatang haram mana-mana pada hari tertentu. Hari ini, beroperasi enam pusat tahanan sendiri dan menyewa ruang dari kira-kira 250 penjara negeri dan tempatan, ia boleh rumah 33.442.

    Dalam bersama-sama dengan bilangan menurun bimbang Peronda Sempadan, yang agensi mencirikan kepada lebih ramai tenaga kerja, teknologi pemantauan yang lebih baik, dan 650 kilometer dari pagar yang sedia ada, deportations tahunan akan. Pada bulan Oktober, ICE mengumumkan ia telah diberikan but 396906 pendatang haram pada tahun kewangan 2011, "yang bilangan terbesar dalam sejarah agensi itu." Ia mesti telah menjadi 1 siaran akhbar mudah untuk menulis, sebagai agensi telah menjadi memperhalusi selama bertahun-tahun sekarang. Pada tahun 2010 ICE mengumumkan ia telah dibuang "lebih haram alien [tahun itu] daripada apa-apa tempoh lain dalam sejarah negara kita." Tahun sebelum telah menetapkan rekod terlalu, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, dan 2003 . Menurut Jabatan Pejabat Keselamatan Dalam Negeri Perangkaan imigran (OIS), 2002 adalah satu-satunya tahun sejak tahun 1992 bahawa kerajaan persekutuan gagal untuk menetapkan rekod baru bagi penarikan balik asing haram.

    Di bawah arahan Presiden Barack Obama, ICE telah dikeluarkan 1179313 pendatang haram dalam tempoh tiga tahun. George W. Bush mempengerusikan 2012539 penarikan balik semasa pemerintahan lapan tahun. Walaupun penghijrahan ini mahal dikuatkuasakan lebih daripada 3 juta individu sejak tahun 2000, anggaran bilangan pendatang yang tidak dibenarkan tinggal di Amerika Syarikat tidak banyak berubah. Laporan OIS bahawa penduduk ini memuncak pada 11.8 juta pada tahun 2007, menurun kepada 10.8 juta pada tahun 2009, dan tinggal di 10,8 juta pada tahun 2010. Menurut ramai pakar, drop-off dari 2007 hingga 2009 adalah disebabkan oleh sebahagian besar kemelesetan berbanding usaha penguatkuasaan. Dengan pekerjaan disediakan kurang Amerika, kurang pendatang telah memilih untuk membuat perjalanan yang semakin sukar di sini.

    Tenggelam kadar kesuburan Mexico juga boleh memainkan peranan. Pada tahun 1960 purata bilangan kelahiran bagi setiap wanita di Mexico adalah 6.8. Menjelang tahun 1990, jumlah itu telah menurun kepada 3.4, dan pada tahun 2011 ia turun kepada 2.3. Tidak lama lagi tidak akan cukup Mexico muda untuk mengisi semua pekerjaan di Mexico, lebih kurang di Amerika. Tetapi 2012 merupakan tahun pilihan raya, dan lama-tembakan seperti Texas Gabenor Rick Perry dan Bachmann tidak mampu untuk membiarkan sifat mengambil kursus. Bekas berjanji untuk "menahan dan menghantar pulang setiap asing haram yang diberkas di negara ini." Yang terakhir adalah sedikit lebih bijak. "Ia adalah hampir mustahil untuk menggerakkan 11 juta pendatang haram semalaman," katanya kepada radio tuan rumah Laura Ingraham pada November. "Anda lakukan dalam langkah-langkah."

    Lupa bergerak 11 juta pendatang haram semalaman. Dalam tempoh tiga tahun yang lalu, Obama telah menunjukkan bahawa ia terkutuk sukar untuk bergerak 400,000 pendatang tanpa izin keluar dari negara sepanjang 365 hari. Walaupun dengan perkembangan mahal UPBK dan ICE, sistem ini adalah di bawah tekanan. Manakala pendatang tanpa izin tidak menikmati proses yang sama kerana yang diberikan kepada rakyat AS, mereka mempunyai beberapa kesan undang-undang. Apabila UPBK atau ICE apprehends seseorang yang boleh menjadi seorang pendatang haram, dia berhak untuk hari beliau dalam salah satu daripada 53 imigresen mahkamah negara. Pada akhirnya, komponen yang paling penting peperangan pada pendatang tanpa izin tidak pagar sempadan atau kamera pengawasan; ia kertas kerja.

    Manakala ICE telah mencapai nombor rekod deportations, usaha-usaha penguatkuasaan telah menetapkan rekod-rekod lain serta. Menurut Clearinghouse Akses Rekod Transaksi, sebuah organisasi penyelidikan yang bergabung dengan Universiti Syracuse, bilangan kes-kes pengusiran menunggu resolusi mencapai tinggi masa 297551 pada 30 September, purata masa menunggu adalah 489 hari. Tidak menghairankan, ICE tidak mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar untuk meraikan peristiwa penting ini.

    Satu keputusan bahawa kerajaan persekutuan sedang berjalan tahanan tab perumahan besar menunggu untuk perbicaraan. Menurut Negara Forum Imigresen 1 pro-imigresen advokasi organisasi, yang "kos semasa menahan pendatang adalah lebih kurang $ 166 setiap hari." Untuk menjimatkan ruang dan wang, siaran ICE beribu-ribu pendatang yang disyaki menyalahi undang-undang ke atas pengakuan sendiri mereka setiap tahun manakala mereka menunggu hari-hari mereka di mahkamah. Banyak, Tidak mengejutkan, hilang lama sebelum pendengaran mereka berlaku. Akibatnya, perintah pengusiran yang belum terlaksana "telah meningkat dari 558,000 kepada 1.1 juta" dalam tempoh tiga tahun yang lepas, menurut Mark Metcalf, bekas hakim imigresen sekarang bergabung dengan Pusat Pengajian Imigresen, sebuah pertubuhan penyokong yang mahu untuk mengetatkan polisi imigresen semasa. Ini merupakan satu lagi statistik memecah rekod bahawa ICE mempunyai kepentingan dalam trompet.

    Musim panas yang lepas Jabatan Keselamatan Dalam Negeri membentuk satu jawatankuasa bersama dengan Jabatan Keadilan untuk mengkaji semula semua kes-kes imigresen belum selesai dengan niat kawalan rumpai daripada "keutamaan rendah" deportations dan dengan itu mengurangkan tunggakan. Sementara itu, ICE dan syarikat-syarikat swasta Kontrak dengan sibuk membina kemudahan baru. Kumpulan GEO, sebagai contoh, membina penjara 650 katil pada kos $ 70 juta di Adelanto, California, dan penjara 600 katil bagi $ 32 juta di Karnes City, Texas.

    Langkah-langkah sedemikian hanya akan membantu proses yang lebih baik arus beban sebanyak 400,000 deportees tahun, yang mewakili hanya 3.7 peratus daripada 10.8 juta pendatang haram. Jika Bachmann, Gingrich, dan Perry mahu mengatasi rekod penetapan usaha penguatkuasaan Obama, pagar dua hanyalah satu permulaan. Kami juga akan memerlukan peningkatan eksponen dalam kakitangan CBP dan ICE, pusat tahanan, makamah, dan hakim-hakim. Menurut satu kajian Mac 2010 oleh Pusat untuk Kemajuan Amerika liberal, ia akan menelan kos $ 285 bilion untuk mengeluarkan 11 juta pendatang tanpa izin dalam tempoh lima tahun.

    Itulah tanda harga yang besar, dan ianya tidak menangani kos berterusan mengekalkan agensi supersized dan institusi yang akan berterusan sekali operasi pembersihan itu telah siap. Kakitangan persekutuan adalah lebih keras untuk mengeluarkan daripada pendatang tanpa izin sekali mereka telah berjaya bertapak. Tetapi yang tahu? Selepas mereka telah dikalahkan setiap pekerja yang tidak dibenarkan di muka bumi dan apa yang tinggal untuk mengisi jam mereka, mungkin-birokrat penguatkuasaan imigresen akan sanggup untuk memilih strawberi.

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    Off your meds?

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    The translate,cut and paste fucktards strike again.

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    Nah, it's just White Indian. It's amazing the ban hammer hasn't been dropped yet.

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    This website is reserved for native English speakers ONLY.

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    Oh, come on. Someone has to translate for all the hundreds of Welsh and Turkish and Finnish and Czech (?) and Swahili (?) speakers who are lurking here ...

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    You can say that again.

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    Gee Wally...look at all those drug dealers and people speaking a funny language standing on the street in front of our house looking over at us. Maybe we should've put that fence up after all. Naw, too expensive, let 'em camp out on our front yard. Better, yet, Wally, let them in our house. Mrs. Cleaver can serve apple pie if they do some odd jobs around the house. But Beav, what about the drug dealers and deadbeats and gang members? Should we let them in too? We'll have to Wally, it's too much trouble to stand on the front lawn and make sure they enter thru the front gate. Yea, you're right Beaver. Besides, once they have a chance to live in the Cleaver house, I'm sure they won't want to sell drugs or gang bang or any of that nonsense.

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    Ha! Too bad for you the United States is neither a house nor YOUR house.


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    It is indeed my home, you foul pig.

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    The US is not your private house you moron.

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    Why do other libertarians never point out that these guys are breaking the law not just by immigration law but by tax evasion and/or identity theft? Make it easier to enter the country but Jesus there are people who spend years trying to get here legally, this is a slap in the face to them. If I don't pay taxes or use someone else's social security number no one defends me. Maybe I have really great reasons for doing so. Doesn't matter.

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    another anti-american rant.. why is it that america is the only country that cant control its borders. americans have a constitutional right to be protected from invasion. not even one american should die bec ause of an illegal immigrant. i thought in this country we want to raise the minimum wage. maSSIVE CHEAP LABOR IS NOT good for the country. the stats on obamas mass deportaTIONS are complete fiction: judicial watch is investigating that right now. if our borders are so protected why are the cartels running the drug trade in 250 cities across this nation? drugs along the border are cheaper than they have ever been. let start out now by deporting this person who wrote the article, because he hates america

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    Sorry, but why the focus on Bachmann, she is no longer running for office?

    Also, why is the article using the term 'immigrant'? Aren't we talking about ILLEGAL ALIENS?

    Lastly, one of the major reasons the numbers are down for interceptions by Border Patrol is the politically instituted policy to either simply ignore calls about illegal border crossing activity or to tell illegals to 'go back home (south)' - thereby negeting the requirement to report the intercept in official government figures. I have read news stories where BP agents report encountering groups of 10 to 20 illegal aliens and only report encounter of 2 to 4 - because they've been told not to report large groups.

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    Please, they're not having as many babies?! Every time you see a Mexican woman she is either pregnant or holding an infant (paid for with US taxpayers money). They aren't coming over here because there aren't jobs?! Really?! You must be blind. Most people who ARE working in America are Mexican and they are not working for less than minimum wage; they are working in our banks, supermarkets, retail stores, customer service, every medical facility and not just janitors. Let's get real. Americans want them OUT because they are taking OUR jobs, defiling our neighborhoods, schools and making this country a nightmare.

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