30 Years Ago in Reason

“True to form, the November elections elevated those who promised the maximum and spoke truth the minimum.”

—Thomas Winslow Hazlett, “Brickbats”

“The fact that most Americans don’t know the real price tag for Social Security is what keeps the system afloat.”

—Warren J. Shore, “The Great 1979 Social Security Heist”

“The very existence of the FCC, with its oddly antidemocratic compulsion to sanitize the airwaves of the unequal, the unfair, and the impure—the very existence of this federal control commission discourages the idea of assigning keen, thoughtful people to say what they want to say. Unless, of course, you do it on the twin-pack basis, Shana Alexander and Jack Kilpatrick, so they can neutralize each other and everyone is reassured by the smell of Lysol.”

—Bill Monroe, “Unchain the Electronic Media”

—February 1979

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