25 Years Ago in Reason

"The CIA has experimented with mind-control, telepathy and other parapsychological techniques. The agency even went so far as to hire John Mulholland, the New York magician, to help teach what Admiral Turner has called "aspects of magicians' art useful in covert operations."

-- James Dale Davidson, "The CIA and the Occult"

"Governor Jerry Brown of California no longer wants us to lower our expectations but to raise them; into geosynchronous orbit, in fact. The Zen Statesman...now believes orbiting space colonies and...solar power satellites are Small enough to be Beautiful."

-- Bill Birmingham, Brickbats

"Increased [vehicle] weight worsens handling, and deteriorates acceleration and passing ability which reduce the margin of safety in overtaking and highway maneuvers. Safety experts have for years recognized pick-up and passing capability as extremely valuable for the vehicle's 'active' safety."

-- Jack Solomon, "Billion Dollar Bumpers"

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