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Sen. Lindsey Graham Primary Challenger Says Teachers Should Be Allowed To Carry Machine Guns in School

What would prevent school shootings? Arming teachers with machine guns. 

Republican State Senator Lee Bright, who is challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham in the Republican primary, said that a school teacher should be able to carry any type of gun – including a machine gun – to protect their students from gun violence.

Appearing on Fox News’ “The Alan Colmes Show” Friday, the tea party favorite expanded on his proposal for school districts in South Carolina that would incorporate guns into school curriculum and have high schools teach gun use. 

Bright was asked if teachers should be allowed to carry guns, even machine guns, in schools. 

“I would think a teacher protecting a school grounds should be able to carry whatever she can carry legally,” the lawmaker said. 

(H/T Charles WT)

Source: MSNBC. Read full article. (link)

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  • UnCivilServant||

    “I would think a teacher protecting a school grounds should be able to carry whatever she can carry legally,”

    Though very few teachers invest the time and money to get a federal tax cert for automatic weapons, they've spun the hell out of this in the headline alone.