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Anthony Weiner Accused of Continuing Online Sex Chats as "Carlos Danger"

Anthony Weiner is being accused of exchanging multiple sexts with a 22-year-old woman a little over a year after the former congressman was forced to resign from a sexting scandal in June 2011.

The alleged conversations were posted on the nightlife site "The Dirty" on Monday, which claims to be in contact with the unidentified woman.

According to the site, Weiner used the handle "Carlos Danger" when talking to the woman.

Weiner also allegedly offered to help her get featured on a Politico panel, if she did him a "solid" and "hard delete" all of their correspondence.

Source: Huffington Post. Read full article. (link)

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  • Warrren||


  • Calvin Coolidge||

    You've seen the pics?

  • Greg Gauthier||

    This guy is like his own personal episode of Arrested Development. LOL

  • BeBraveUSA||

    Nevertheless it is likely the well informed voters of NYC will vote him in as mayor. There is little that can distract them from pulling the lever marked "D" in this case the D is for Dingus

  • Xeynon||

    He may not be much of a husband or a mayoral candidate, but he'd be great as an adult entertainer for those with a fetish for self-righteous, narcisstic dweebs. "Carlos Danger" is one hell of a nom de porn.