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Forensic Expert Says Evidence Suggests Martin Was On Top of Zimmerman When He Was Shot

A forensic expert testified Tuesday that Trayvon Martin's gunshot wound indicated that he was likely on top of George Zimmerman when the neighborhood watch volunteer shot him.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio, an expert on gunshot wounds who has written and co-authored several articles and a book on the subject, said the single shot that killed the Florida teen passed through Martin's clothing as it hung 2-4 inches from his skin, indicating that Martin was over Zimmerman and leaning forward.

Source: Fox News. Read full article. (link)

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  • Lord Rae||

    Hey just remember if you start losing a fight, its totally ok to kill the unarmed kid because he's winning.

  • ||

    No it is not totally okay. But it isn't murder, if in the heat of a fight you pull a gun that is voluntary manslaughter.