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Jewelry Store Owner Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect in Newark

Police are investigating a deadly shooting at a jewelry store in Newark, New Jersey.

For parents like Sharon Payne it was the worst kind of afternoon pickup of her children.

"It's horrible, somebody always getting hurt," Payne said.

The cops were on the block and police tape was stretched out in front of her children's day care. The suspect's alleged gun was lying on the sidewalk.

Dajuan Barnett had seen enough.

"It's kids right here, it's dangerous for them," Barnett said.

It was the aftermath of an attempted robbery of a jewelry store on Central Avenue.

It happened at about 3:10 p.m. Monday.

In some surveillance video you can see a crossing guard in the intersection. Parents were walking their kids down the sidewalk. And then across the street, there was a man running out of the jewelry store and someone chasing him.

The attorney for the owner says the shooting occurred in the store, not on the street, and that the store owner was firing in self defense after the suspect made threats and demanded money.

Source: WABC. Read full article. (link)

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