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British Man Calls Police To Complain About Prostitute's 'Ugly' Appearance

A man contacted police in England on Tuesday evening to report a prostitute for “breaching the Sale of Goods Act”, after he met her and decided her looks were not as she had described.

The Sale of Goods Act dates back to 1979 and, amongst other things, requires that goods sold must match the description of the seller.

The man claimed he had met the woman in a hotel car park, but had changed his mind about engaging in her services. A spokesperson for the West Midlands police force said, “When he raised this issue with the woman concerned, she allegedly took his car keys, ran away from the car and threw them back at him, prompting him to call police.”

Source: Euronews. Read full article. (link)

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  • John Galt||

    "British Man Calls Police To Complain About Prostitute's 'Ugly' Appearance"

    Let me guess. Really bad teeth?