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Activists Looking to Get Opponents of Stop-and-Frisk Registered to Votes

Civil rights and community groups announced Monday that they aim to become an electoral force by registering thousands of voters concerned about the stop-and-frisk policing strategy.

From an open-mike night for high school seniors to a Brooklyn subway station to a shopping area in a heavily Asian-American community, the advocates said Monday they were setting out to energize people, especially young ones, who may see their frustrations with stop-and-frisk or the NYPD’s surveillance programs as reasons to vote when they might not otherwise.

Source: CBS New York. Read full article. (link)

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  • AlgerHiss||

    These "activists" wish to get people to vote leftist. It has nothing to do with S&F.

    If it were a candidate that was against S&F, but was NOT a left-wingist on all other issues, these "activists" would find a reason not to support that candidate.