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Economist: Calif. May Begin to Lose Population

California Lutheran University economist Bill Watkins told the Senate, California's once-vigorous population growth has slowed to a crawl, the state's population is likely to begin dropping in the next couple of decades due to out-migration and a dropping birthrate, and it's mostly losing middle-class families "because of a lack of opportunity."

"We're losing the economic heart of our state," Watkins told the Senate from its podium in one of a series of lectures arranged by its leaders.

The result, Watkins continued, could be a state of mostly rich and poor residents in which "there is no middle class."

Source: Sacramento Bee. Read full article. (link)

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  • Jesus H. Christ||

    As long as the rich stay to be robbed, and the poor stay to vote democrat, I'd say the CA legislature is pretty much ok with that prognosis.