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Big Tobacco Companies Push Regulations To Squeeze Out E-Cigarette Competitors

Coming soon to a convenience store near you: Vuse, an electronic cigarette that delivers nicotine without the use of tobacco and is benefiting from the combined marketing power of  R.J. Reynolds and state government regulators.

Reynolds is testing the Vuse brand e-cigarette in limited distribution and is expected to roll it out nationwide.

In anticipation of Reynolds’ first effort in the e-cigarette market, the company’s lobbyists are pushing laws at the state level that could add costs, paperwork and headaches onto smaller competitors that have largely served the e-cigarette market so far.

Source: Daily Caller. Read full article. (link)

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  • Jon Lester||

    I smoke RJR's Camel Filters, and I'll welcome an opportunity to get something like this Vuze product when it becomes widely available, just so I won't have to drop everything I'm doing to go outside and smoke, but I really wish they'd keep the price down and competitive with what you might get from AltSmoke, rather than push prices higher for everyone.

  • chadesheppard@gmail.com||

    Jon how much you smoking a day? There are some really good brands on the market already that you might really like. http://iknowecigs.com

  • chadesheppard@gmail.com||

    Tobacco cigarettes are going to be a thing of the past. It will not matter what our Government does, E Cigarettes will prevail. http://iknowecigs.com

  • genecigs||

    There are still people who don't know that electronic cigarettes even exist. Most people in Australia can only get them at online stores like http://genecigs.com.au/. It would be better for everyone if people could see them advertised in supermarkets and convenience stores, provided there were no foolish regulations and taxes to make a simple purchase needlessly complicated.