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Charlie Crist Hit For Funneling Tax Money to Broke Company

TALLAHASSEE – A hot shot financier, top Hollywood directors and an ambitious Florida governor in his last year in office: what could possibly go wrong?
Hobie Hiler, Treasure Coast Newspapers

BUSTED: Digital Domain Media Group failed its financial screening process, but Gov. Charlie Crist made sure the now bankrupt company received $20 million of taxpayer money anyway.

In an effort to explain what happened to $20 million of taxpayer money, Florida’s Chief Inspector General released a report last week that showed just how irresistible the lure of a Hollywood production company was to former Gov. Charlie Crist.

The company, Digital Domain Media Group, initially failed a legally-required financial screening process. But lobbyists, legislators and ultimately Crist helped circumvent the review and allowed Digital Domain to receive state money through an unnamed appropriation in the 2009 Florida budget.

Source: Florida Watchdog. Read full article. (link)

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