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Second Prosecutor Shot to Death in Texas

The district attorney of a largely rural county southeast of Dallas and his wife were found shot to death at their home Saturday night in Forney, Tex., two months after the county’s lead prosecutor was shot and killed as he walked to his office.

The fatal shootings of the district attorney of Kaufman County, Mike McLelland, 63, and his wife, Cynthia, 65, shocked law enforcement officials and residents, many of whom were still stunned by the murder of one of Mr. McLelland’s prosecutors, Mark E. Hasse, 57, who was killed on Jan. 31 as he walked to work in a parking lot near the county courthouse.

(Hat tip to CharlesWT)

Source: New York Times. Read full article. (link)

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  • Lyle||

    This ain't good.

  • Bernieyeball||

    We can all thank Sharon Angle for advocating for "2nd Amendment remedies" when citizens don't like the actions of political office holders. This is what she meant isn't it?


  • Thane of Whiterun||

    Should I even bother?

  • gaoxiaen||

    Payback's a motherfucker.

  • mr lizard||

    Sadly I would speculate that these were actual violent criminals providing the feedback. Low level drug dealers dont have the wherewithal to do something like this despite the moral justification. Although I really want to know why we still don't have a Chris Dorner level of response? This group strikes me as being far more dangerous than a single guy.

  • ||

    Somehow this is going to be spun into "Texas has too many guns".... in spite of the fact the stats don't back up the grabbers' assertions.

    I guess it's inevitable. I'll bet the perp used an AR-15... won't that give Piers Morgan a raging semi?