Today the ACLU and a wide variety of other organizations sent a short letter to the Hill describing our concerns with the E-Verify program. These types of letters aren't unusual – in DC groups frequently try to showcase the breadth of support or opposition to particular programs. But what is surprising is how many groups that have little or nothing to do with immigration are worried about E-Verify.

Ok, take a deep breath. In addition to supporters of immigration reform, the concerns over E-Verify are shared by: libertarians and librarians; advocates for workers' rights and small business owners; those worried about government overreaching, government overspending, and income inequality; groups dedicated to limiting money in politics; and those protecting free speech, protecting civil rights, and protecting home schooling. And let's not forget, of course, lots and lots and lots of consumer and privacy groups. It's quite a list!

But the simple fact is that lots of people – no matter how they feel about the specifics of immigration reform – want to do it right. That means without an E-Verify system that we describe in the letter as "irredeemably flawed."