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Bloomberg Opposes Marijuana Legalization

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he opposes legalizing marijuana — or any other illicit drug.

Bloomberg discussed the issue on his weekly WOR Radio show Friday. A day earlier, he said New York City plans to stop booking and arraigning many people arrested on low-level marijuana-possession charges.

Bloomberg says he opposes legalizing marijuana because it's stronger than it used to be. He added that if marijuana were legal, those dealers would just start selling something else, like cocaine.

Source: ABC News. Read full article. (link)

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  • Free Society||

    no shit

  • Paul Pot||

    Bloomberg is a racist control freak who loves searching people and generally giving the poor a hard time and he doesn't mind using ridiculous excuses that make no sense. He just can't get it into his head that most people prefer cannabis. And to say the street vendors would move on to something else is as pitiful as searching people for drugs on the pretext of finding a gun.
    And as for pot being stronger today, that is a lie everyone seems happy to perpetuate.
    In the eighties we were being told marijuana was seven times stronger than it was in the sixties. So how much stronger is it going to get?
    The truth is the idiot cops and so-called scientists were confiscating and testing schwagg leaf and tip, today they test the buds.
    The difference in quality between leaf and buds accounts for the ridiculous gap in content.
    Bloomberg is on his way and so is prohibition. His opinion doesn't count anymore. Legalize and turn your back on these idiots.