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The Future Doesn't Look Good for BlackBerry

The tea leaves on BlackBerry’s attempt to save itself with a slick new operating system and phones are pretty unambiguous: The company is doomed. Let’s start with the fact that the company’s former CEO, Jim Balsillie, agrees: He just sold off his entire stake in the company, going from one of the largest individual shareholders in BlackBerry, with 26.8 million shares, to zero.

In addition to this vote of no-confidence, there are a number of reasons BlackBerry is in for a drubbing even if its new software, called Blackberry 10, were a hit. One of the few brights spots in the company’s future was that BlackBerry was doubling down on its core market, the enterprise, and rolling out features that would appeal to the governments, law firms and financial institutions that have long been BlackBerry stalwarts.

Source: Quartz. Read full article. (link)

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