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Obama Takes Hit from Economy’s Slowdown

Today's news of a 0.1 percent shrink in the 4th Quarter Gross Domestic Product is ambiguous in terms of the economics -- the fall was largely due to a drop in government spending and some shuffling of private inventories.

Nonetheless, the politics are unambiguously terrible for Barack Obama. This was a White House humming along with its "Recovery Winter" storyline, and Wednesday's bad number forces them into a defensive crouch after an early 2013 spent on offense. The words "unexpected contraction of the GDP" are never music to a White House, especially a White House singing new tunes on immigration, guns, et al.

Source: Politico. Read full article. (link)

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  • Sevo||

    "Obama Takes Hit from Economy’s Slowdown"

    Not that you'll notice.
    The MSM will ignore it, claim it's because the rethuglicans haven't given the messiah all He's asked for, or it's just plain BOOOOOSH!

  • Gladstone||

    His approval ratings and his media treatment don't seem to show it.