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Obama May Implement Climate Pledge Without Congress

President Barack Obama, whose inaugural address made climate change a second-term priority, could bypass Congress and implement much of his environmental agenda unilaterally through regulations and executive action.

Obama can accomplish much of what was sought under the failed 2009 cap-and-trade legislation through regulation, in part because of legal authority stemming from the four-decade- old Clean Air Act and a 2007 Supreme Court decision applying it to carbon emissions.

Source: Bloomberg. Read full article. (link)

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  • Enviro Equipment Blog||

    Whether or not Pres. Obama uses his executive orders to enact environmental "change" by bypassing the legislation route altogether, it's scary to think how much power the Executive branch has to dominate (if not control) non-foreign policy in this country these days. Whatever happened to the checks and balances we all learned about in civics class?