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Feds May Swipe Farmers’ Land For Growing Poppies

Pasco poppy farmers accused of growing and selling "opium poppies" have yet to be charged with a crime, but federal prosecutors are trying to seize their land by claiming it's being used for an "ongoing drug enterprise."

Kenneth James French and his wife, Shanna Rene French, were arrested in October by Tri-City Metro Drug Task Force detectives for allegedly selling poppy seed pods that were found to contain codeine, morphine and noscapine -- "naturally occurring compounds found in opium poppies," court documents said.

The Frenches have a 40-acre poppy farm at 5100 Elm Road in Pasco, and sell poppy seeds through their business, Poppydog Farms, and online at Dried Poppies Direct.

Source: Tri-City Herald. Read full article. (link)

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  • An0nB0t||

    How terrifying; people might make a calming, soothing tea out of the mature seed pods, put them atop their lemon cakes, or even look at them!

  • sloopyinca||

    I didn't know it was even possible to hate children as much as you obviously do, An0nB0t. Why do you hate them so?