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MegaUpload Raid Planned at the Very Top of NZ Government

The police organised crime squad that carried out the Kim Dotcom raid has given briefings to a high-powered group charged with protecting New Zealand's "national security".

The briefings to the subcommittee of the group known as "O-Desk" have the potential to draw John Key's closest intelligence advisers into the ongoing court inquiry into the raid.

This also contrasts with the Prime Minister's insistence the Dotcom fiasco is a sideshow. He said last month: "The Government actually doesn't care about Kim Dotcom. The person who cares about Kim Dotcom is Kim Dotcom."

Source: New Zealand Herald. Read full article. (link)

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  • Jerryskids||

    It's interesting to me that you see more information about this case coming from the government itself than you would ever expect to see coming from the US government in a similar US case. Almost as if they have an open, transparent government and a watchdog press that works to keep them honest in New Zealand.