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Georgia Congressman Wants Amendment to Limit Free Speech for Corporations

Democratic representative is calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow for some legislative restriction of freedom of speech.

“We need a constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations,” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was quoted as saying by CNS News.

Source: CBS Atlanta. Read full article. (link)

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  • SIV||

    My Congressman. I liked Cynthia McKinney better.

  • AlgerHiss||

    "DNC" and "CPUSA" are now completely interchangeable.

    Nikita was correct: You will bring it on yourselves.

  • bmp1701||

    If too many corporations are in Georgia, the state may tip over!

  • GroundTruth||

    Fine, if it included unions, and groups like the Sierra Club too.

    Here's something that the fools promoting this forget: most organization that promote one thing or another are legally organized and recognized as "corporations". Just check their web sites to see their "Articles of Incorporation".