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Hillary Clinton: Legalization Not Answer to Drug War

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she did not believe that domestic drug legalization was the answer to the cartel violence that plagues Central America as a result of the drug trade.

Asked by the Costa Rican ambassador to United States Muni Figueres whether the drug war was winnable, Clinton stressed that legalization is the wrong approach.

"I respect those in the region who believe strongly that [U.S. legalization] would end the problem," Clinton said Thursday at a Washington D.C. forum hosted by Foreign Policy magazine. "I am not convinced of that, speaking personally."

Source: Politico. Read full article. (link)

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  • The_Choctaw||

    We must stay the course!

  • buybuydandavis||

    "I think when you've got ruthless vicious people who have made money one way and it's somehow blocked, they'll figure out another way," she said. "They'll do kidnapping they'll do extortion."

    It's amazing how dishonest people become when they defend the drug war.

    Yes, indeed, those are all great business ideas, but the cartels are just keeping them in their back pockets for a rainy day. They don't want to make all that money now - they're trying to rein in their appetite for cash. But if income from drug trafficking goes down, they know just where they can make up the loss.

  • ||

    It's like she doesn't understand how marginal productivity works.

    If kidnapping and extortion were the best way for them to make money, they'd already have shifted all their resources there.

  • Morphine Dealer||

    She's probably right. Keeping them illegal will definitely fix the problem.

  • plusafdotcom||

    What a "reality denier" she is... so sad!