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Dow Drops 300+ After Election

After every election it's human nature to take a moment to exhale, to reflect, to define takeaways and to never want to see another political ad as long as we live. 

Yet, after this election cycle we don't have the luxury. The Dow dropped 313 points yesterday after the election. Not because of a backlash for President Obama. No, it's because when we woke up yesterday the biggest problem in America was no longer Big Bird, the handling of the tragedy in Benghazi or Bain Capital. It became the Fiscal Cliff.

Source: Washington Times. Read full article. (link)

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  • Bill||

    Please let the stock market stay low until after at least one paycheck so I can buy low in my retirement account for a change. I notice that before each payday that the stock market usually goes up. Then goes down slightly the next week only to go up again just before I get paid.