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Uncertainty Reigns Over Voter ID

A Pennsylvania judge is still considering a lawsuit to force state officials to change voter identification ads that some say misinform the electorate. In Wisconsin, some election materials still have references to that state’s suspended Voter ID law. And in Tennessee, the city of Memphis says election officials are defying a ruling issued just last week that said library cards could be used at the polling place as proof of identity.

Those are just three examples of last-minute complications plaguing state election officials in what has already been a numbingly complex election year for many of them. In some of the most closely watched and intensely fought-over states, recent court rulings and still-lingering litigation have cast even greater doubts on whether voters and administrators are up to the task of handling what will be one of the most scrutinized elections in recent memory.

Source: Stateline.org. Read full article. (link)

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