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Florida City Bans Saggy Jeans

A Florida city council has granted local law enforcement the powers of a fashion police after they passed a law banning the wearing of saggy pants in public.

Granting Cocoa Police the ability to control a dress code, yesterday the council banned pants that expose underwear or skin more than three inches below the waistline on streets, sidewalks and other designated city property.

Claiming that the law is to make sure the city of over 17,000 is known as a family orientated community, critics claim that it instead gives police the right to increase their stop and frisk under the guise of the new ordinance.

(Hat tip to Reason commenter Sarcasmic)

Source: U.K. Daily Mail. Read full article. (link)

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  • scallywag||

    Really does the wearing of saggy pants really hurt anyone besides the wearer, and those who insist on imposing their aesthetic choices on others? Perhaps really in the end this is just a cynical way to allow an abusive law to get by given that saggy pants are generally detested by most and will inevitably allow authorities another way to stop individuals that it normally wouldn’t be able to stop, so much for liberties…