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Police Raid Wrong Home, Kill Resident

A 61-year-old man was shot to death by police while his wife was handcuffed in another room during a drug raid on the wrong house.

Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night. They intended to raid the home next door.

Source: ABC News. Read full article. (link)

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  • Agile Cyborg||

    Policing is a Hollywood-style playground for belligerent egomaniacs high on adrenalin fixes. This country needs to put a stop to drug raids. PERIOD. End them. I'm sick of reading and seeing story after story of society-'protecting' jerkoffs killing, maiming, and mentally destroying citizens over the goddamn drug trade.

  • johnl||

    Well the cops made it home safe and that's all that really matters.