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AARP Crowd Boos Paul Ryan

Speaking to an audience of seniors in New Orleans, Paul Ryan was booed after he called for a repeal of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law, and faced one of his frostiest crowds since joining the GOP ticket.

“I had a feeling there would be mixed reaction, so let’s get into it,” Ryan said at the AARP’s annual conference.

As Ryan asserted one of the main underpinnings of his candidacy — doing away with the federal health care law — the crowd chanted “no” and booed the Wisconsin representative more than once.

Source: Politico. Read full article. (link)

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  • RightNut||

    What many media outlets fail to mention, and I didn't see it in that politico piece, is that AARP is one of the big insurance providers that benefit the most from Obamacare. So of course AARP is going to boo attacks on Obamacare, its AARP's cash cow!

  • Bernieyeball||

    This will train Ryan for those South American good will tours. You know like Nixon in the 50's.

    Of course the AARP crowd in New Orleans were not motivated by a "Communist sparked onslaught" as Ed Herlihyn reports in the Universial-International News Reel from 1958.

    Or were they?!?!

    "Clearly AARP is little more than a front group for godless communism anyway."