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TSA Keeps Woman Off Plane Because She Ticks Them Off

Anyone who’s been paying the slightest bit of attention already knows the TSA retaliates against passengers who don’t toe the line. The punishing gropes, the pawing of every single thing in someone’s luggage, the deliberate destruction of property, the detention in the glassed-in gulag — all these things have nothing to do with security, everything to do with punishment.

But for those of you who still don’t get it, we have this little bit of proof on tape.

Source: TSA Newsblog. Read full article. (link)

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  • Fisher1949||

    This is proof that TSA is an arrogant and abusive agency and that passenger harassment is an ongoing problem. TSA does nothing to improve security and only adds to the misery of air travel. This supports the thousands of claims of harassment and abuse that have been filed against TSA in the past two years.

    The TSA propaganda campaign continues in the mainstream media, while they grope children, harass and rob elderly couples and smuggle drugs through our airports. How broken is a government agency that it needs a full time staff of propagandists?

    TSA has done more damage to our liberty and way of life than Al Qaeda could have ever hoped to do. Every time someone defends this sick agency they hand another victory to the terrorists. It is sad that America has become a nation of sheep and cowards that will sacrifice their rights and tolerate abuse of innocent people in exchange for a false promise of security.

    Government sanctioned assault and harassment is unacceptable and must be stopped. TSA must be replaced with professional security managed by the FAA or FBI, not by high school drop outs with two page rap sheets.

  • geo1113||

    You would be replacing one government agency with another. The FBI may even be less amused by the situation presented. Stossel did a show about private contractors in San Franciso doing the job. The employees and passengers were much happier. Google Stossel and TSA and you will find a WSJ article.

  • Cool Story, Bro||

  • Sevo||

    The fact is that TSA or any private replacement does more harm than good.
    Simple arithmetic shows that TSA delays amount to more man-lives lost per year than TSA could ever possibly save.
    TSA doesn't need replacement; TSA needs to be dismantled.