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Clint Eastwood Endorses Mitt Romney

Barack Obama may have George Clooney. But Mitt Romney’s now got Clint Eastwood in his camp. 

Eastwood appeared at a Sun Valley fundraiser for Romney on Friday night, telling reporters that he’s behind the former Massachusetts governor because “I think the country needs a boost.” 

Source: LA Times. Read full article. (link)

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  • ||

    Ron Paul would have been better, but at least it ain't Obama, right?

  • Libr8r||

    Free minds,
    Free markets.

  • ||

    No Clint officially sucks now.

    The only credit he gets is for being of Hollywood and endorsing a Republican. Which is not worth very much.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    "You have to ask yourself, 'Did I set up the prototype for Obamacare or didn't I?' Well, did ya, punk?"

  • Brian from Texas||

    Eastwood's been a registered Republican his whole life, so his endorsing Romney is no suprise to me.

  • A Serious Man||

    I think he would have preferred Ron Paul, but he's a Republican so he's falling in line for Romney. I seem to recall him being asked earlier this year which GOP candidate he supported and he said Ron Paul was a good choice although he said he wouldn't fully commit to endorsing anyone till later.

  • Entropy Void||

    "Get off my White House lawn!"