Brickbat: Now That It Is Permitted, It Is Also Required


Kakarlapudi Venkata Sivanaga Raju /

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says Catholic hospitals will be required to perform abortions once the procedure is legalized. Voters overwhelmingly repealed the constitution's ban on abortion, and lawmakers are drafting enabling legislation. Varadkar says individual doctors and nurses will not be required to perform abortions but hospitals will not be exempt from the law.

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  1. They won’t have to do abortions, if they don’t take government money. Libertarians should approve! This will motivate the Catholics to get of the public dole.

    1. Typo: should have written: “… to get off the public dole.”

    2. Of course, that is the problem with a national health care system. When it is nearly impossible to avoid some kind of government subsidy in order to maintain a general practice, seems to require de facto total submission to the government’s diktats.

      1. Yeah, and how about all these health-insurance mandates? Speaking of “all good things and supposedly-good things must be mandated”?

        If I do NOT want to pay for (or get) aromatherapy, Scientology therapy, addiction therapy, space alien abduction therapy, sex change therapy, species change therapy, enrich-my-uncle-the- hypnotist therapy, past-lives regression therapy, sex addiction therapy, love-your-Government -Almighty relationship therapy, therapy-therapy, and on and on… If I want to OPT OUT of all this bull-crap, to save me some money… WHERE does that leave me and my freedom?

        1. What about species-change surgery?!?! See specifically here, I am worried that “gender re-assignment surgery” is going to, more and more, be MANDATED on insurance coverage, as it being “medically necessary”, just because “I feel like I am of the opposite sex.” Then I have to pay for insurance coverage that I do NOT, no way in HELL, want!
          Dammit, I feel like I am a tiger! (Channeling Charlie Sheen here, I am). Can I get species-change operation, and make all you bastards pay for it, via mandated insurance coverage?!?!?!

          To see the results of “species change surgery” on people who are nominally human, but feel like cats, google “Dennis Avner” “Stalking Cat” ? Search on images especially?

          So if Dennis Avner had had kids, would his kids have been entitled to publically-subsidized “therapy” to help them adapt from the human-children-to-kittens transition!?!?! Inquiring minds want to KNOW, dammit!


    1. Please, It’s just an Irish Spring!

  3. Health care at the point of a gun. Liberal utopia.

    1. If it’s not at the point of a gun then that means people have a choice, and when people have a choice you don’t have total equality. Therefore everything must be at the point of a gun. Because that makes it equal. After all, equality is fair, and fairness is the most important thing in the world.

      Ask any two-year-old and they’ll tell you the same thing.

      1. Actually it’s better than that. It’s infanticide at the point of a gun. Something any true leftist should celebrate.

      2. Actually most two year olds are progressives. They want what they want, they what it now, they want it for free, and they throw a fit if they don’t get it.

    2. The hospitals are taking public money and the only request is to hire people willing to perform a legal medical procedure.

      1. And if none of the staff wishes to do so?

        1. Think of all the job openings! A country would be crazy not to legalize abortion.

  4. That which is not forbidden is mandatory.

  5. This will probably depopulate Ireland faster than the potato famine and do what the English weren’t quite able to accomplish over the centuries. It’ll go from pesky Ireland to another enclave of refugees from Asia/Africa/eastern Europe.

    1. The English will finally end The Ginger Menace!

  6. How would this work? If no one comes forward in a given period of time to request an abortion, the hospital will choose one lucky pregnant patient to undergo it against her will so the hospital can fulfill its quota?

    They really haven’t thought this through at all, have they? Typical of politicians.

    1. Unfortunately, I misunderstood. The hospitals are apparently required to accommodate patients who want an abortion, which is not the same as being given a quota to fulfill, like a cop handing out tickets.

      The way this piece was written, that wasn’t clear, but maybe I should resist posting until I’ve finished my morning coffee.

      1. but maybe I should resist posting until I’ve finished my morning coffee.

        Not at all. This is not a place of calm reasoned discourse; it is a web comment section.

  7. A Modest Proposal.

    1. That wasn’t very Swift. The article had been up for a whole four hours before you replied.
      But don’t think I’m belittling you. It takes a big man, with a face only a horse can love, to post that.

      1. You think I didn’t see what you did there? How Gulliver do you think I am?

        1. This whole exchange is a load of houy (hnhnms).

  8. That’s actually a pretty interesting consequence of having a single payer system.

    Not the “catholics doing abortions” part… but the “it is one of the legal services provided by the national healthcare system” part.

    Are all hospitals required to provide all services? The US has tremendous capabilities in its hospital system, but we don’t have that. There are lots of specialized services that only happen in a small percentage of hospitals. How many places do gender reassignment surgeries? Or have gamma knife cancer treatments?

    1. Turn that around. Patients only get the services a hospital can provide. Want something not available in your assigned hospital? Go home and die, you tax sucking parasite.

    2. Agree. Actually I can see the same thing happening here if we had a single payer system…or pushed to happen.

      For progressives, a good faith disagreement on something isn’t possible. You must be made to comply…bake that pizza, arrange those flowers, bake that cake, don’t say this don’t say that, etc etc….culminating in abortion.

      1. Yes, culminating in abortion.

        What I am looking forward to (well not really, but kinda-sorta in a schadenfreude way) is when, at the behest probably-sorta-MOSTLY of the conservatards, “designer babies” and other assorted GMO-improved human babies will be OUTLAWED in the supposedly-free USA… And then the anti-abortion conservatards will by hooting and hollering, OUTRAGED by American women who go abroad to have GMO “monster” babies placed in their wombs!!! They will be DEMANDING that such returning American women be inspected by the INS (border guards etc.) for the presence of “monster babies”, and demanding forced abortions for those detected!

        I am stocking up on popcorn for this upcoming charade…

        1. You don’t seem to have an understanding of the anti-abortion movement. Or conservatives.

  9. Yesterday it was illegal, today it is mandated! What mental whiplash this must cause worldwide!

    THIS is one of the applications where trans-species GMO into the germ line of humans is called for! WHY do I say that, you ask?

    I am told that woodpeckers have had to evolve very special quadruple-plus or who-knows-what, padding around their brains, to protect them from their constant jack-hammer-like high-frequency, high-amplitude wood-pecking activities. If there really are Government Almighty supporters who support Government Almighty in all things, at all times, I must wonder, have they had themselves genetically engineered to steal some brain-padding genes from Woody the Woodpecker? Or would they like to do the same?
    I personally have stolen some some genes from Woody, truth be told, but they are NOT for the brain padding!

    1. Good morning Most Honorable Righteous Feelz.


      1. Good morning Most Dudelish of All Uber-Liberty-Mike Dudes!!! Dude SIR!!! (Knocks out 20 pushups… OK, I am dreaming…)

        Duly noted, agree, concur… #SaveWoody’sGenes!!!

  10. US Proggies: We should be more like Europe!

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