Judge Rules Against Trump on Sanctuary Cities, Build the Wall and Make El Chapo Pay For It: P.M. Links


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    Ron Sachs/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom

    Sen. Ted Cruz wants to use assets seized from drug kinpin El Chapo to pay for President Trump's big, beautiful border wall.

  • Federal judge blocks Trump's executive order prohibiting sanctuary cities from receiving federal funds.
  • Read Lawrence W. Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education, on campus protests and incivility.
  • Baby Boomers: a generation of sociopaths, according to a new book.
  • Justin Trudeau admits his father used political connections to get brother out of trouble for marijuana arrest.

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  1. Federal judge blocks Trump’s executive order prohibiting sanctuary cities from receiving federal funds.

    The federal teat is a right not a privilege.

    1. If the feds are entitled to the funds, then why aren’t the states?

      1. You could always leave them with the individuals in the first place. OR MAYBE YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT.

        1. That doesn’t even make sense. Are you sure you’re speaking American?

          1. Can’t you two just admit that you’re in love?

            1. We’re just friends, baby, I swear.

            2. Uh, who isn’t in love with me? That’s the real question.

              1. This will be one of the lines in the final scene of my Fist And Crusty Go To Yellowstone movie.

                1. Is Yellowstone a euphemism?

    2. It’s a preliminary injunction by a judge in San Francisco.

      1. You’d think they’d ruled it unconstitutional or something.

        It’s a preliminary injunction.

  2. Sen. Ted Cruz wants to use assets seized from drug kinpin El Chapo to pay for President Trump’s big, beautiful border wall.

    Does he means bricks of cocaine?

    1. It’s a win-win scenario that in no way creates perverse incentives.

  3. Baby Boomers: a generation of sociopaths…

    Every generation should be defined by its primary mental disorder.

    1. That wouldn’t help – because then every generation would be ‘generation sociopath’.

    2. Milleneals – – Pantophobia.

    3. Millennials — Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder

    4. Garsch, i’m a sicopath and i didn’t even no it….

  4. ‘Bloodbath’ in Bristol: ESPN could cut 70 people

    Some ESPN stars are earning from $1.5 million to $3 million, according to Miller. They’re not going to make that kind of scratch at other networks. To save their jobs, some of these talents are accepting pay cuts to stay with the network, said sources.

    It’s no coincidence the layoffs are taking place before ESPN parent Disney’s release of its 2nd quarter financial results on May 9.

    With ESPN losing 12 million subscribers over the past five years, the brass in Bristol have to show Disney management and Wall Street its willing to bite the bullet on costs.

    More plump Michael Smith and Jemele Hill!

    1. I don’t give a shit. I have to have ESPN just for the NFL coverage.

      I don’t care who does the talking.

      1. I almost never watch ESPN, even during football season. You can get everything you need from NFL network and your local newspaper. MNF is nice but not a necessity.

    2. I watched ESPN nearly every night from 1993 – 1997. Now I can get all I want online. And the bald headed guy in the anchor chair seems like he thinks he’s pretty important.

  5. Justin Trudeau admits his father used political connections to get brother out of truble for marijuana arrest.

    When will those Canucks learn to pronounce words?

    1. All of the extraneous ‘u’s eventually take their toll.

    2. When their jaw muscles thaw enough. Give it a few more years and climate change will get them there.

    3. If you’ve never heard a Canadian pronounce “Mario” or “Mazda”, boy are you in for a treat. If only they pronounced “marijuana” like they were going to say “meh” as well.

      But good on Trudeau for talking about how the rich and connected get away with harmless (except for the legal consequences) behavior. I guess. I mean, also bad on him for just now getting around to doing something about it.

  6. Jeb Bush-Derek Jeter Group Said to Win Auction for Marlins

    A group led by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and former New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter has won the auction for the Miami Marlins baseball team with a $1.3 billion bid, according to a person with knowledge of the deal.

    They are going to change the name to “Marlins!”

    1. And despite being the favorites to win at the start of every season they’ll still finish in the middle of the pack.

    2. The Cubs sell for $895 million in 2009, and the Marlins are worth $1.3 billion today?? Do the Marlins have a 100+ year history, and do they sell out the park even during years when they suck?

      1. Location. Location. Location.

        1. I don’t think so. I think it’s a bubble, but I also think that it’s incredibly difficult to calculate true net present values of sports teams because of a “prestige” bump that’s impossible to evaluate. I don’t think it hurts, either, that there’s an assumption that new facilities will be covered by the local government in most cases, whereas the Cubs deal included a crumbling Wrigley that the Ricketts’ knew would probably need to be repaired from their own coffers.

        2. If you’re talking about the value of the real estate and improvements, you’re probably right. As far as the team itself, they’re not worth a plug nickel based on the fact that nobody gives enough of a shit to go to their games unless they make the World Series. Florida teams have the biggest fair-weather fans in the country because most of the population came from somewhere else removed by 1-2 generations.

  7. Federal judge blocks Trump’s executive order prohibiting sanctuary cities from receiving federal funds.

    I’m interested to know the rationale, considering that this is based off of a law passed by Congress.

    1. Trump’s pen doesn’t use the magic ink.

      1. But an executive order based upon a law passed by Congress is on sound footing

        1. Did Obama sign the Executive Order? No. Did Trump sign it? Yes. Case closed.

          1. Oh, I see your point. I’m still hoping that the judiciary hasn’t become that politicized, though

  8. Stealthing’ is the newest dangerous sex trend

    stealthing,” when a man secretly removes his condom in the middle of sex, is a form of sexual assault and should be treated as such.

    Even more troubling is the online community Brodsky uncovered, where men encourage other men to “stealth” their partners. These perpetrators ? both gay and straight ? believe it’s a man’s right to “spread one’s seed.”

    Back in my day the big, worrisome, sexual trend was called “The Tony Danza.”

    1. I asked ENB to cover this epidemic, but she is too busy edging out Robby on the college beat.

      1. She’s probably too busy punching up her resume for her future job at Slate.

      2. I thought you were going to use a completely different form of ‘edging’.

        1. I am not sure what mental picture you were trying to paint in my head, but well done.

      3. Give those two kids a break. They haven’t even officially graduated yet. So the campus beat is a large part of the life experience. Around 80% I’d say.

    2. Dares to ask what a Tony Danza is…?

      1. It’s when you hold her closer afterwards.

        1. It’s when you are making sweet love to a person and say, “Who’s the boss? Who’s the boss?” over and over again. Inevitably your partner will say, “You’re the boss!”

          You respond with, “No, Tony Danza’s the boss!”

  9. Brave girl, eight, fights off attacker who put a plastic bag on her head while she was playing in the street and tried to abduct her

    Cheniece Kidd’s daughter was riding her bike outside her grandmother’s Chicago home when a black man in his 40s snuck up behind her and put the bag over head.

    The terrified youngster managed to kick off her abductor and ran crying into the family home, causing the man to panic and flee in the ‘sickening’ incident on Sunday.

    Yeah, “free range” your kids and random men try to suffocate them.

    1. Teressia said: ‘We thought everything was fine because around here we kind of look out for each other, you know. So something like this you don’t really just expect to happen.

      ‘You got to be prayed up. Expect the unexpected. Things can happen at the wink of an eye.’

      Pray up, people.

      1. And get prayed up.

    2. Yet another reason to ban plastic bags. You can breathe through paper.

      1. This is exactly the angle that I saw.

  10. Baby Boomers: a generation of sociopaths…

    …who keep telling me to eat fewer salts.

    1. What are the odds on DanO having a weird-looking penis? I am thinking 3 -1.

      1. It looks like cedar-apple rust after a rain storm.

      2. Little. I’m guessing very, embarrassingly little

    2. You probably should cut back a bit on the bath salts.

      1. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  11. To the extent that millennials really are self-absorbed and narcissistic, it may be because they learned from the masters: their parents. Baby boomers

    Still don’t understand this.

    The Greatest generation begat the baby boomers.

    The Babyboomers begat millennials.

    Generation X was begat by… a mysterious ghostly race of aliens that just dropped eggs in a cave.

    1. GenX (1965-1980/85) was spawned by a combination of late Silent and early-mid Boomer parents. Some Silent Gen parents (1920-45) held off a bit on having kids, while the higher divorce and single parenthood rates of Boomers in the 1970s and 80s contributed to GenX becoming the “latchkey” generation.

      GenY and Millennials (starting about 1985 and 1995, give or take) tend to get conflated because there’s quite a bit of overlap between Boomers who had kids really late and GenXers who started families in their 20s.

      It’s really better to blame GenXers for the special snowflakeness of the recent generations and helicopter parenting, since we tend to over-compensate for not having one of our parents around and grew up watching those stupid “stranger danger” films in class.

      1. I just like how I’ve read this in the media dozens of times, with no explanation. Millennials’ parents are baby boomers. Full stop. That suggests baby boomers were the children of wwi veterans. There’s definitely overlap. I’m the child of WWII veteran parents, yet I’m Gen X. But… my father had me at 50. Schfifty years old. Honestly… don’t know how he did it. But I’m considered the anomaly. I was supposed to have boomer parents as pretty much everyone else in my age group did. But yet this mysterious ‘generation jump’ just keeps popping up in the media. I had children late as a Gen Xer, but had I had children even in my late 20s, she’d already be an adult.

        Anyhoo, it doesn’t really matter, but when you’re going to write a book and put blame for “the parents” of a given generation, assuming that millennial parents were baby boomers definitely suggests a major generational ‘skip’ that should be explained.

        1. I think the assumption is made because the Boomers and Millennials are a lot more numerous than the GenXers, and thus have had a greater impact on cultural developments. GenX’s cultural heyday was really about 1985-2000, mainly because advertising was geared towards attracting our dollars during that time, but it hasn’t really been a potent force on the zeitgeist since the dotcom bust and 9/11.

  12. Lena Dunham: No Comment on ‘Black Baby’ Mess as She Begins ‘Healing Tour’ of Middle America

    The woke celebrity is instead going on tour of the hinterland to promote her LennyLetter.com website. Together with Girls co-founder Jenni Konner, she’ll visit six cities starting with St. Louis in May 31 for a “Lenny: America IRL” tour. They’ll also visit Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minnesota, Des Moines, Iowa and Lexington, Kentucky.

    Other performers joining them include Saturday Night Live star Sasheer Zamata, “poet” Jenny Zhang and comics Charla Lauriston and Morgan Murphy. The “Lenny: America IRL” tour will consist of music, comedy and “spoken word”.

    After the tour Dunham and Konner are threatening to make the Lenny Letter into a documentary series and publish six books. “It’s all about trying to expand the way that women can have access to information that cracks their brains open,” Dunham said. “Jenni’s and my entire ethos is really built around relationships between women.”

    “Black Baby Mess” was my nickname in college.

    1. Omg St. Paul? I do need some healing.

      1. Laying of hands from Crusty is probably not going to be what you expected.

    2. ” ‘I’m going to gracefully bow out of the last controversy hopefully we will ever have about Girls,’ Konner said. ‘I won’t even dignify it. Ridiculous.’

      Such reticence hardly seems a good omen for their upcoming crusade to win over middle America.”

      That last sentence articulately sums up what I was planning on commenting. Good luck unifying women when you won’t even listen to them or acknowledge their ideas!

    3. The woke celebrity is instead going on tour of the hinterland to promote her LennyLetter.com website. Together with Girls co-founder Jenni Konner, she’ll visit six cities starting with St. Louis in May 31 for a “Lenny: America IRL” tour. They’ll also visit Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minnesota, Des Moines, Iowa and Lexington, Kentucky.

      Yeah, nothing says “reaching out to the heartland” like visiting deep-blue voting college towns and urban metropoles. Still, it’s better she sticks with her own kind on this self-serving FEELZ tour–it’s not like an Upper West Side elite like Dunham would have a hope in hell of relating to people in the blasted-out factory towns in southern Illinois or West Pennsylvania, or rural townships in Indiana or Kansas where people have known each other their whole lives and relate to each other based on conservative social and cultural norms.

  13. It’s not typically their parents who teach them intolerance, it’s a handful of their professors?the very professors their parents are bankrolling with their hard-earned tax and tuition dollars. They are besmirching the entire profession, which neither the serious students who want to learn or the good professors who want to teach deserve.

    I’m guessing that UC-Denver’s course on “Problematizing Whiteness: Educating for Racial Justice” is not helping matters.

    Not everyone has the chops to teach history or science.

    1. Most of the college professors who are teaching in academia now are the ones who were indoctrinated with the intellectually vapid concept of “whiteness” during the 90s and early 2000s. So it’s not a surprise that they’re pimping these kinds of stupid classes now.

      The schools at the Auraria campus have actually gotten worse with this shit in the last 20-30 years as it’s migrated from being largely a commuter campus for professional adults with some actual life experience to one that caters to new high school grads and people in their early 20s. That said, most of the student activists tend to be undergrads with daddy issues and way too much time on their hands.

  14. Federal judge blocks Trump’s executive order

    Sweet words -every time I hear them.

    The Buttplug is back, boys!

    1. I’ll take “things you might hear in a sex toy rental shop” for $100, Alex.

      1. Because they only stock one buttplug.

          1. Just spray it down with that stuff the bowling alley uses on its shoes.

  15. The cutthroat jobs strategy Amazon uses to conquer retail

    Amazon will add another 100,000 full-time jobs over the next 18 months, Bezos proudly announced this year.

    The new jobs are great, but a closer inspection shows Amazon may simply be adding back jobs it helped kill off.

    For example, Amazon played a large role in eliminating more than 50,000 jobs in recent years from just three companies ? Staples, Office Depot and Best Buy, public filings show.

    Take a back seat Walmart, we have a new villain.

    1. Die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.

    2. Back Seat Walmart was my nickname in high school.

  16. I don’t remember too many stories about federal judges blocking Obama’s numerous executive orders.

    Not that that’s inherently a problem, checks and balances and all that. It’s annoying to see the inconsistency though.

      1. 2 seconds ago buttplug was claiming “The Hill” was Wingnut.com

        The thing about stupid people? is that they don’t know they’re stupid.

    1. Judge blocks Obama overtime rule, putting it in jeopardy

      Judge blocks Obama order on immigration

      Two of many.

  17. 30,000 more comments and we can be like Glibertarians Breitbart!

    1. Why are you so obsessed with them? Just cause they blocked you?

    2. Do you have lots of pushpins on your bedroom wall tied together with yarn, with the names of commenters under each one?

  18. New Show On Comedy Central “Problematic” Aims Itself at Millenial SJW Audience

    Watching Problematic on Comedy Central is like staring into the black abyss where you’re pretty sure comedy fell and died, but it’s too black and obfuscated to know for sure.

    The title of this late-night talk show gives the false impression it will be an assault on political correctness and offense-taking, a hallmark or good comedy. Instead it seeks to solidify and reinforce PC culture. Multiple media outlets are labelling the show “deliberately problematic,” yet it deliberately toes the line of the orthodox college campus liberalism…. the host, Moshe Kasher, sanctimoniously lectures the audience about the social justice issue de jour, mixed with toothless jokes. Then he has guests on who basically agree with him, but actually have to dial back his smug liberalness, with lines like, “I guess it depends on the situation.”

    I suspect a very well-coiffed-someone would make a wonderful writer for the program.

    1. I saw commercials for this and was wondering if it was going to be any good… but it sounds like some guy was traumatized by being called out on Tumblr and is now doing public penance. It just feels like a really safe move – when the SJW crowd is agreeing with him, it’s because he is indeed sufficiently woke. But when the mob turns on him for an offensive joke (probably just a numbers game), he can claim the whole purpose of the show is to be problematic and just own that label.

      I guess we’ll have to see how it does, but I feel like its days are already numbered.

    2. WTF does this have to do with Comedy? Wouldn’t this be more appropriate for MSDNC?

      1. Comedy Central will be playing wrestling before long.

  19. “significantly higher levels of antisocial traits and behaviors ? including lack of empathy, disregard for others, egotism and impulsivity”


    “elect politicians who enacted policies that typically benefitted boomers’ interests, rather than future generations.”

    Not Guilty

  20. Testtest

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