Hillary Clinton

Nick Gillespie Talks Hillary, Trump, Libertarianism w Hot Air's Jazz Shaw & OTB's Doug Mataconis

...and much, much more on the Politinerds podcast.


Yesterday, I had the great honor and pleasure of jawing with two of my favorite bloggers, Outside the Beltway's Doug Mataconis and Hot Air's Jazz Show for their podcast Politinerds.

We covered a lot of ground, ranging from drug policy to policing to my checkered past as a teen magazine scribe and ghostwriter of an Alyssa Milano advice column for the late, lamented Teen Machine. Doug is libertarian and Jazz is conservative, but we all agreed and disagreed on various topics, so it was kind of like Sartre's No Exit—both because it absolutely proves "hell is other people" and because it was always two against one, but the alliances kept changing like they do in 1984 or contemporary Syria and Iraq.

Here's the writeup and Soundcloud insta-listen link from Hot Air:

This week was one of the more raucous episodes of Politinerds on record. Our guest was Nick Gillespie, noted (small "L") libertarian an editor of Reason. Nick talks to us about why everyone who grows up in Jersey tends to be crazy, his early days in heavy metal, teen magazine authorship and ghost writing an advice column for Alyssa Milano, as well as his introduction to libertarianism. After that we get into some spirited debate on how it all went so wrong for Rand Paul, the limits of privacy, the war on drugs and the police state. Needless to say, Nick and I don't see eye to eye on many of these subjects.

This one ran a bit long because of the variety of topics and it was a fascinating discussion. Nick is always controversial but he's a great guest.

Remember, the show is now available on iTunes so you can catch up with us as soon as new episodes air. And for you non-iTunes users, there's still the archive of all our previous shows.