"Maiden trick-or-treater gets blade in candy bar": Hoax Countdown Begins…Now!


Via the Twitter feed of Ben Howe comes this report from Maiden, North Carolina:

MAIDEN, N.C.—It's a scenario parents fear.

Police in Maiden were alerted to a razor blade embedded in a small candy bar on Halloween night.

Vigilant parents who checked their child's candy noticed the blade inside the wrapper of a Twix mini candy bar. Someone passed out the candy to a small child while trick-or-treating.

No one was hurt but detectives say they take this matter very seriously.

The Maiden Police Department urges people to check candy before they eat it.

Detectives are conducting an investigation into this case.

Whole story here.

We'll keep an eye on how that investigation turns out, given the vanishingly small number of cases in which stories either are true or actually involve strangers.

Indeed, given all the overhyped fears about poisoned, tainted, pot-laced candy being dished out on Halloween like turnips at a Michelle Obama-approved school-lunch program, what remains amazing is just how rarely such incidents ever turn out to be real.

Here's something to really get worried about: Politicians scaring us with tales of Ebola-Infected Mexicans Who Are Secretly Working for ISIS.