Steven Greenhut Says Minimum-Wage Hikers Are Cheap


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Foes of minimum-wage increases often ask supporters why they are so stingy. If a $10 minimum wage is unquestionably beneficial to the workers and the economy, then why not ratchet that number up to $20 an hour or even $50. They don't really want those absurdly high minimum wages, but want to showcase how damaging such an idea can be to the economy. Steven Greenhut writes that he to downplay that argument as hyperbolic, but after reading recent research used to tout a new San Diego measure, he sees the logic of these minimum-wage critics. Increasingly, wage-hike supporters claim that there virtually is no measurable down side to their proposal, that giving lower-wage workers more money helps the economy. If that's true and there's no downside, why are these minimum-wage hikers being so cheap?