Chelsea Manning

SF Pride Parade Extends, Then Rescinds Honors to Bradley Manning

Had been named an honorary grand marshal


The president of San Francisco's annual gay pride celebration said on Friday that Bradley Manning, the US Army private who is charged in a massive leak of US secrets to the WikiLeaks website, will not be an honorary grand marshal after all.

SF Pride board president Lisa Williams said in a statement that an employee of the organization had prematurely notified imprisoned intelligence specialist Manning this week that he had been selected for the distinction, which recognizes about a dozen celebrities, politicians and community organizations each year for their contributions to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

"That was an error, and that person has been disciplined. He does not now, nor did he at that time, speak for SF Pride," Williams said.

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  1. They must now look for a Uniformed Ultra-Violent Murderous Gay Warmonger to wave the rainbow flag as Grand Marshal. Killing innocent children for the state war apparatus represents a genuine contribution to the LGBT community.

    Peace-niks and whistle-blowers not welcome!

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  2. An employee has been disciplined. Oh, my!

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    Lisa Williams is President of One Source Public Affairs, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the management of state, local and national political campaigns and strategic programs for non-profit organizations.

    Professional rent-seeker!

  4. Someone high up in the Obama Regime made a phone call to Ms Williams. “Stop this shit, NOW!”


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