I Wish to Apologize in Advance for a Bunch of Gaffes & Misstatements I Will Be Making Later Today & Tomorrow on the TV


I'm in NYC to do a bunch of things, including some media appearances. Here's the list of today's shows at the current moment (all times ET, everything subject to change):

  • Around 1.10PM, I'll be on S.E. Cupp's webovision show, which is being guest-hosted by longtime libertarian Brian Sack (whose forthcoming book The B.S. of A. sounds awesome). Cupp's show is part of Glenn Beck's Extreme Insider stream, which costs about $7 a month for a variety of programming. I've been told my segment will get posted for free viewing around 2.30PM today. I'm talking about the rise of political indpendents and my and Matt Welch's forthcoming (June 28) tome The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America (pre-order now!).
  • I'll be on Fox Business' Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano at 8PM, talking about the rise of the surveillance state and how to roll it back to something vaguely in line with individual liberty.
  • I'll on CNN's In the Arena with Eliot Spitzer and Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation, talking PATRIOT Act extension and other news stories. That also airs at 8PM tonight.
  • And I'll be joining Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy, and Bill Schulz on Fox News Red Eye (3AM), talking about all the news that is too hot to discuss during a civilized hour on the TV.

Tomorrow, I'll appear on a special "American Budget Idol" themed episode of Stossel on Fox Business. The show airs at 10PM on Thursdays and this episode is nothing short of fantastic. Stossel pulls together representatives from five different think tanks (including right, left, and centrist) and has them pitch their budget plans to a panel of judges (also right, left, and centrist) to see whose is most compelling. The winning entrant gets one of John Stossel's 19 Emmys as a prize!

Who thought budget-wonkery could make such compelling TV? Stossel did, and it really is one of the very best discussions of budget stuff you'll ever see. It provides virtually every possible point of view (pathetically, the Center for American Progress declined to participate claiming Stossel wouldn't provide alternative perspectives!) and airs the issues and possible solutions in a hugely informative way.