Rand Paul Wins! (And other news…)


Rand Paul has been called as the winner in Kentucky and Dan Coats has been called the winner in Indiana (the latter means a pickup for the blue meanies). Jim DeMint squeaked by Alvin Greene and Pat Leahy (the senator, not the football kicker) is back as the Dem senator in Vermont.

More here.

Alex Pareene of Salon is liveblogging here.

National Review's The Corner is busy too.

Red and Black, a Univ. of Georgia student paper, is online here.

Twitter Election Night hashtag.

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  1. Really, linking to the multi color fish wrap?

  2. Dammit! I was really rooting for Alvin Greene!

  3. Since when is Dan Coats a blue meanie?

  4. the latter means a pickup for the blue meanies
    What does blue meanies mean? Coats has an R after his name. Are we going back to pre-1992 colors?

    I don’t know anything about these guys so I don’t care what you’re calling him or who wins. I’m just asking?

    1. Apparently I don’t know if I’m asking or not. Could you tell me?

  5. Here comes the confederacy!

    /liberal pussy

    1. Um, the dems were the confederacy. Lincoln was a Republican. The South said, “Not my president,” and we had a Civil War.

      1. No, we had a war of independence. A civil war is when two factions are trying to control the same country, not when part of it breaks off.


        1. You speak so casually of war. War never solved anything. War never fed a hungry child.

          1. Sure it did. Any hungry child could crawl over to the battlefield and feast on sweet human meat–it’s just laying all over the place.

    2. For the record, I have nothing against liberal pussy.

  6. Okay, yes, I am a shallow, horrible, soulless person. But I really want to know: Rand Paul’s hair, bad toupee or bad plugs? Anyone know for sure?

    1. Just…bad?

    2. I don’t think a guy who goes to the trouble of getting hair plugs would let them grow all shaggy and unkempt like he does.

  7. Dan Coats has been called the winner in Indiana (the latter means a pickup for the blue meanies)

    Coats is a republican…..Red not blue.

    1. +1

      Now there’s someone in the US Senate against the drug war.

  8. Rand Paul has been called as the winner in Kentucky…

    Let the thousand-year reign of the Aqua Buddha begin!

  9. * Blue Meanies (Yellow Submarine), fictional music-hating creatures who invade Pepperland in the film Yellow Submarine. They also make an appearance in the film Across the Universe
    * Blue Meanies, fictional cat-like creatures in Katherine Applegate’s book series, Remnants
    * The Big Blue Meanie, correctly known as Greed, a monster from the Bungie game Pathways Into Darkness

    From wiki

    I am thinking Nick is referencing the Bungie game.

    1. Blue Meanies are also a ska/punk/polka band from Chicagoland who were quite popular locally for a long while but never made it nationally.

  10. Ohio has been called for Rob Portman.

  11. Chris Matthews just said he grew up in “the inner suburbs of Philly.”

    1. ……..aye……

  12. The voice that crawls out from behind John King’s plastic human mask said that the Repukes are counting on racists in Pennsylvania.

    1. Wow. I didn’t know they had even courted the black vote.

      1. You Incas are so racist.

  13. Really, linking to the multi color fish wrap?

    Don’t make fun of Salon. It’s retarded.

    Jim DeMint squeaked by Alvin Greene

    DeMint isn’t the worst dude ever, but Alvin is a GOD. My day is ruined.

    1. I was actually rooting for Alvin, too. That isn’t a joke; I really wanted this guy to win solely based on entertainment value, which is probably the best trait that most politicians can possess.

      1. Greene wasn’t blue enough.

    2. DeMint is the “most libertarian” sitting Senator. I’ll be curious as to when he a
      and Rand Paul split on anything. I predict, if it ever happens, it will be on defense/national security.

      1. The “most libertarian” sitting Senator who fought to defend the power of the Executive to detain US citizens indefinitely without trial and to monitor citizens without warrant perhaps…

        1. That’s like winning the prize of “kindest genocidal dictator”.

  14. I’m glad Rand Paul won.

    1. Me too. Now I’m off to pray to Aqua Buddha for Prop 19.

      1. lol. I’m hoping for Prop 19 to win too.

  15. Back on the lead, it’s Ruffian by a half length. Dr. Fager is second on the turn by another half length. Then it’s Man o’War, moving easily…Swaps races up to be fourth as Seattle Slew uncharacteristically drops back…the quarter was in 22 and 1 …the filly did it in “The Whittingham” and her wire-to-wire potential must be respected here…To the backstretch Ruffian holds by three-quarters. Man o’War has pulled astride Dr. Fager and he clearly wants to run early. Swaps is fourth and also moving up…These top jockeys are unwilling to concede early distance to a filly who’s never been headed!…Count Fleet, very wide around the turn, is in good position fifth and then it’s another two lengths back to Seattle Slew…

    1. Very nice. Count Fleet and Ruffian. I didn’t know there were any other race fans left.

      1. Into the stretch now and the only thing preceding Man o’War is his colossal shadow. Kummer goes to the whip once to remind him who’s boss … Man o’War leads this field by an incredible eight lengths. Swaps is on the rail second and Shoemaker asks him for his very best. Secretariat has no prayer of catching the leader, but he’s full throttle, now third and moving magnificently. Citation is another half length back. The rest have faded and to address their respective plights would detract from the great scene about to unfold in the next half minute…

      2. Race fans…. or RACISTS?!?!?!?!

        1. Man o’War has an eighth of a mile between himself and destiny! His lead is nine lengths! He has never raced more brilliantly!. Secretariat is now second. Turcotte’s mount has charged past Citation and Swaps. He surely cannot catch the leader, but the Virginia chestnut will never subscribe to that assumption! Swaps is third by a neck. Citation, to his outside is under Arcaro’s heavy right handed whip, but he can’t get by…

          1. Since the seal has been broken on this topic, anyone else excited for the Breeders’ Cup this weekend?

            And in just one race, I’m not convinced I wouldn’t take Ghostzapper over all of them. He couldn’t run on the kind of schedule that the truly great ones did, but when he was ready to go? I’ve never seen a horse destroy his top competitors so easily, and at a variety of distances.

    2. How doesn’t end?

  16. OT: What happened to the Gary Johnson thread?

    1. Methinks the intern did a no-no posting it.

      1. Given that it was a steaming pile of an article, I would say so.

        1. Everyone kicks the intern.

          Intern is to permanent contributor as Jan is to Marsha.

  17. Paul and Rubio both won big. That is a big deal. Thank God Crist will no longer be anywhere near government. And good for Paul.

    1. Only 20% voted for the Dem on the election results I’m seeing, that’s a pretty telling tale.

      1. Semi-related to Dem. voter turnout: yesterday, Rush Limbaugh predicted journalists would announce bad weather to keep people from the polls. Today’s Tallahassee Democrat front page headline was “Bad Weather May Keep People from Polls”.

        1. Don’t Ask Me I Read The Democrat

          Do they still have those bumper stickers?

          1. I’ve never seen one! Pretty funny though, that is one shitty newspaper.

    2. 1% reporting in according to Google news, and Daniel Webster is cleaning Alan Grayson’s clock. It might be a massacre.

      1. Let’s hope so. God Grayson is the worst.

        1. Yeah, it’s a trounce. Might I also say that Florida District 8 is one of the most convoluted, gerrymandered districts in the entire region.

    3. I used to like Rubio and then I heard someone say that he is a protege’ of Jeb Bush. Now, I am wary.

  18. I’m hoping Olbermann’s tears work as a sort of oil to loosen his 20-year case of lockjaw.

  19. If only Vermont had elected the kicker!

    1. I ‘threw away’ my vote by voting agaisnt the winner. Dang.

  20. Sincere question, if either Christine O’Donnell or Sarah Palin is going to be a prominent national figure for the next 2 years, which would you choose?

    1. Palin is going to be a prominent national figure for the next 2 years, I don’t think we have much choice in the matter. Will the GOP be stupid enough to run her? Who knows.

    2. Palin isn’t as crazy as Christine but… she’s old, don’cha know?

    3. Uh, neither. Mark my words: Palin if elected will be our next George W Bush — clueless about freedom and therefore the ideal tyrant.

      Anyone remember her first vice presidential debate oh so long ago? The incoherency I can abide, it is the lack of principle that still sticks in my maw.

      1. You honestly expect politicians to have principles? 😉

        1. touche’

        2. Or The People to have a memory?

      2. *Shrug* I haven’t followed Palin closely in over a year, so I don’t feel too strongly about her. However, I think she’s better than average, because she stood up for the privacy of marijuana users during her gubernatorial primary.

        1. Palin supports jury nullification.

    4. I’d do Palin. Christine isn’t as experienced, probably nervous in the bedroom. I bet Palin knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to get it.

      1. “nervous in the bed room”

        Feature, not a bug. For me, at least.

        1. Right on man, me too.

          1. Dad??? I’ll catch up with you later. I’m committing a completely random act of violence in Union Square with Harmony Korine.

      2. Tough call, but i believe i would “do” Christine over Palin. I dig Palin’s naughty librarian look, but O’donnell has this sort of innocent, good girl kinda thing that does it for me.

    5. I’d choose Sarah Palin. O’Donnell is a dishonest little barracuda.

  21. Candy Crawley’s Kathleen Turner impersonation does not do well next to Parker

  22. Hfs, Donna Brazille just said that Democrats will have a better night with the black community because they’re running twice as many black candidates. Its frightening how much she’s sounding and looking like Bill Bennett these days.

  23. BTW, everyone should check out the twitter feed. A lot of dems are trying to convince themselves that tonight won’t be the blowout that everyone is expecting it to be. It’s damn funny the mental contortions people go through during elections, I remember the GOP doing the same in 2006/2008.

  24. With tonights win, Im probably stuck with Yarmuth! (the ! is part of his name, as far as I can tell) for the rest of my life.

    1. Yes, Northup was a hiccup in a long reign. And not a very good one.

      1. I was glad to see the Queen of Pork gone, but Yarmuth? is pretty damn bad.

        1. Oh I agree, I’m just saying we live in a heavy partisan Dem area. I voted Martin-LP. I hate Yarmuth, but I couldn’t hold my nose enough for Lally. Hey, Martin got 1%.

          1. I came close to voting for Lally, but voted Martin also (we now have his two votes tracked down). Lally’s responses to the Campaign for Liberty questionaire were pretty good, but one answer prevented me for voting for him.

          2. You know anything about Barr in District 6? He is now within 147 votes of Ben the Third. We need SF around to telling us something about him.

            1. I was just noticing that. His webpage doesn’t really make him seem like anything special, but that is a damn close race.

            2. I apparently only know as much as you. I did notice that Lexington voted in their first openly gay mayo in a nonpartisan race, which may be good for KY from a libertarian perspective. Also, the Fayette Co. judge-executive who beat a 30 year incumbent plans to eliminate the job

              1. Mayor, not mayo. That’s kind of hilarious.

              2. “Lexington voted in their first openly gay mayo”

                Woo-Hoo! Historio-quotatastic!

                1. It’s big for a state that voted 75% to amend the state constitution to outlaw gay marriage by outlawing common law partnerships.

                  1. “It’s big for a state that voted 75% to amend the state constitution to outlaw gay marriage by outlawing common law partnerships.”

                    Quota-quota-quota! Nothing is more important!

  25. BJ Lawson is up by around 400 votes in NC-4, with 55% of precincts reporting. That’s in a district that was custom-gerrymandered for David Price. I guess Obama’s coattails are a bit threadbare these days.


    1. Lawson is one of the underdogs I’m hoping makes it. Ron Paul might get a nice little voting bloc if some of the other candidates he endorsed win.

      Gosh, there might even be a dozen representatives in 2012 with a respect for the free market and individual liberties!

      1. Aw fuck you jinxed it.

      2. Justin Amash will probably also get in. Some indications lead me to believe that he is a closet anarchist in constitutionalist’s clothing.

        1. Yeah, Amash holds some pretty keen economic views on his issues page, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a closet Austrian.

      3. Count me in as hoping BJ Lawson pulls through. He’d be a great addition to the House

    2. I didn’t think Lawson stood a chance. David Price is a special level of evil shit.

      1. Yeah, disappointing. I’ll wait until the results are 100% in but oh well…

    3. “BJ Lawson is up by around 400 votes”

      400 votes doesn’t exceed the margin of cheating. Heck, 401 ballots can be “found” in a glove compartment. I don’t know anything about Lawson, but a BJ always sounds good.

  26. Todd Young is crushing incumbent Baron Hill in southern Indiana (up 15% with 63% of vote in, however race not called yet). Hill had the worst ad I saw all year, with lots of angry old people raging at the camera because Young called SS a ponzi scheme.

    1. To be fair, though, isn’t it?

      1. Umm, yeah, thats why I called it the worst ad of the year.

  27. I think I’m watching Lawrence O’Donnell finally figure out that everyone on MSNBC is insane. This meltdown might turn into a riot if he keeps interjecting reality.

    1. It doesn’t say a whole lot when Lawrence O’Donnell is injecting reality into your programming. Dude is a hack.

      1. No kidding. MSNBC is even more hilarious tonight than when Brown won Tedward’s seat.

  28. Richard Trumka up next on MSNBC. He runs a corporation of human beings called a union unlike corporations of shadowy foreign non-persons that the Supreme Court just mandated must influence elections in as unfair a manner as inhumanly possible.

  29. OT: Liberal write-in campaign gets Andrew Breitbart kicked off ABC’s election night coverage.

    1. I would have thought his deceptive hackish “reporting” would get him kicked off…

      1. That is true. That kind of stuff did get Nina Tottenberg fired at NPR.

        1. No fan of Totenberg, but I can’t think of anything she did as blatantly deceptive and hackish as Brietbart’s incompetent “cut n’ paste” reporting on the Sherrod affair. You remember that one right John? Cuz you fell for it!

          1. No she just publicly hopes people she disagree with and their grandchildren die of AIDS. And she still has a job. But that is just how you liberals roll right?

            1. Like I said, I don’t recall her doing anything so incompetently deceptive in her reporting. I guess you don’t either!

              1. I have never seen a report of hers that isn’t incompetant and deceptive. She also broke the Clearance Thomas Anita Hill smear. That was an outright lie and much more damaging and significant than Shirley Sherod.

                But she is on your team, so you will never admit any fault with her.

                1. Poor John, he’s so excited he missed my very first words above:

                  MNG|11.2.10 @ 9:12PM|#
                  No fan of Totenberg

                  Er! She’s on your team! Your team!

                  Unlike you John I feel little need to defend my team’s hacks. Pointing out she has not to my knowledge done anything as incompetently hackish and deceptive as Brietbart is not singing her praise dude. That’s a low, low bar.

                  BTW-you did hear that the Anita Hill smear got even more credibility recently when Thomas’ girlfiend at the time recently verified much of it. That didn’t make the memo did it?

                  1. MNG|11.2.10 @ 9:12PM|#
                    No fan of Totenberg

                    But you will never admit any specific thing that she is wrong about. You will just make some meaningless statement designed to make you seem like less of a dumb hack than you are.

                    Everyone knows the game MNG. And it is really fucking stale. Go away and let the adults talk for a while.

                    1. You can read about her less than ideal reporting on conservative law blogs all the time dude. You need me to report her shortcomings?

          2. The Obama adminsitration did fire her over it. I would say it wasn’t too much of a cut and paste job. Are they as dishonest as Breitbart? And racist to?

            1. No, but they were as guillible as you.

              I’m curious as to why you need to defend Brietbart. He essentially misled you, making you look like a fool in public on this. You’d think you’d dislike the deceptive hack.

      2. He’s not a reporter, he’s a right-wing hatchet man. But he’s a good one, and fairly entertaining. I wouldn’t want to piss him off.

    2. and you said we no longer have any influence

  30. Does anyone deserve less credit for any Republican resurgence than Michael Steele?

    1. No one can claim more credit than Obama and Pelosi, that’s for sure.

      1. Reid deserves some of that. Ultimately though every Democrat pol that backed them as they set their messed up agenda deserves the credit.

  31. Alex Pareene, of “hey — here’s some snarky humor from the never-had-a-real job perspective — Michelle Malkin does funny stuff with ping pongs” fame.

  32. Grayson lost huge.

    1. Fun to see Grayson get beat down, although I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Webster. I wound up voting for the “Tea Party” candidate.

  33. They are saying the Dem won in WV. I am not sure that matters. It is a special election. He has to stand for re-election in two years. And the Dem ran a whole campaign bashing Obama. I doubt he will vote much with Obama for the next two years.

  34. If we find that Rubio got 70%+ of the Cuban-American vote will those who were so vocally upset about African-Americans voting in such high numbers for Obama start wailing about tribalism?

    1. If Rubio got 95 percent. Sure.

      1. Just curious, what is the cut off number for wailing and gnashing of teeth about tribalism?

        1. I think 95+ qualifies. But if nearly a third of the group doesn’t vote for you, that is pretty shitty tribalism.

          1. According to CNN, tribalism wasn’t a very big factor. Rubio got a larger percentage of white men than Latino men. Meek did very well among blacks, but around 78%, not 95%.

            1. That is good. 78% is really low for a Dem.

            2. Latino and Cuban-American are not the same thing dude. All the latter are the former, but not vice versa.

              1. Yes, but since Cuban is a subset of Latino, and therefor less than, and Latino is less than white, that it follows that Cuban is less than white.

        2. I think turnout over average is more of a reliable indicator. Cubans tend towards TEAM RED anyways. Blacks tend towards TEAM BLUE (albeit even higher than the Cuban tendancy IIRC).

          I think what you would find is that black turnout in 2008 was likely twice its previous high, while Cuban turnout for Rubio was probably on par with its normal trend for a midterm election.

          1. You damn right. Get on the bus, fool.

    2. Well, Cuban-American politicians probably will do things that benefit, or at least won’t hurt, Cuban-Americans. TEAM BLUE politicians do things like increase the sentencing disparity between crack and powder coke to the detriment of African-Americans.

      1. Didn’t that get reduced under a Dem Congress/Administration?

        Also, you know in the original vote a higher % of GOP pols supported the bill than Dem pols. But of course you didn’t know that, did you?

        1. Well, no…I didn’t really start paying attention to politics until the 2008 race. How bout a big fuck you to teams red and blue.

        2. Tip O’Neill caving to the tiny Republican minority.The DEMS fucking OWN the 1980s draconian drug penalties MNG. They could have got anything between capital punishment for simple possession to complete legalization but they compromised for racially disparate mandatory minimum sentencing.

      2. The sentencing disparity came about because black activists wanted something done about the scourge of crack in the 80s. They were fine with it until the saw that it could be used as a weapon against those they demanded pass it in the first place.

  35. Rand Paul speaking now… he led off by talking about “Taking our country back”…. I believe the (from our Negro overlord) was implied

    1. That asshole didn’t mention roads once.

      1. Where we going, we won’t need roads (although Doc was lying, since they still needed roads in Hill Valley proper).

        1. They may have used roads, but by no means did the flying Delorian (sic?) need them.

          They could have buzzed the geriatric Biff at cruising speed and made him shit his colostomy bag.

          1. Well ya got me there (but what if the flight mode breaks down!)

            I still want a Mr. Fusion though.

    2. Rand Paul is going to filibuster the debt ceiling increase and destroy the world!

      And he’s a birther!

      1. Just saw Schultz say that…. and then he tried turning out the money meme on Feingold (“It doesn’t matter how much of a reliable lefty you are if you’re outspent 4-1”).

        Someone give Jerry Brown that fucking memo so he can drop out, otherwise I’ll have to kill my ears with DK for four years.

        1. They are also claiming that the Republicans are going to impeach Obama. Has any Republican ever said that?

          1. Yeah, I was kind of confused by that. Admittedly, I haven’t kept up with the tea party hysteria the way Eugene Robsinson (who sounds remarkably like Dave Chappelle’s black guy news guy) has. But I don’t recall any movement to impeach the guy the way there was a nascent Impeach Bush movement. Nor do I see any high crimes and misdemeanors (aside from the usual politician stuff) that would warrant any such proceedings.

            1. Obama is guilty of “presidenting while black”.

    3. Nope. He spoke of enlightenment ideals, inasmuch as a 21st century American politician may relate such arcane heresies to a preoccupied citizenry. He has won. The gloves are off. I wish him well.

      1. forgive me for forgetting my “/snark” tag. I wholeheartedly agree with Rand Paul and think he is without question the best our Senate has seen since Goldwater (or at least I hope he will be).

  36. MSNBC is saying the House is no Republican. Just think nancy will now be the first female ex speaker of the house. How historic is that?

    1. “MSNBC is saying the House is no Republican.”

      Oh shit, the returns are getting John all fired up. Grammar and spelling are the first to go when these fits hit…

      1. I have to give you somethign to talk about MNG. It is not like you can make intelligent points or anything. It is sort of like affirmative action for stupid people. I hope you appreciate it.

    2. Nancy will now be the first female ex speaker of the house. How historic is that?

      It is historic. I’m sure Katie Couric will soon be asking Madam (soon-to-be-ex-Speaker) Pelosi what it feels like to be bitch-slapped to the curb.

  37. Where are the election night drinking game rules?? I have a full bottle of wine I don’t even have to share with the recovering alcoholic hubby!

    1. Rule 1: drink!

      I’m winning.

    2. When someone says “so and so won, I thought they’d lose”, drink.
      When someone says “so and so lost, I thought they’d win”, drink.
      When someone bitches that the Libertarian candidate should have done better, drink.

      If someone mentions “Aqua Buddha”, take a bong swat. If you don’t smoke, drink.

      Stop when the room starts to spin.

      1. Speaking of which, the CNN FL Sen poll didn’t even have Snitker on it. I’d hoped he’d get at least one percent.

        1. Eh, worst damn 3B coach I’ve ever seen.

          1. Hey, he’s not the batting coach. It’s not his fault they couldn’t hit the Giants.

            And really, what does that have to do with how good of a Senator he’d be?

            1. I like my senators to be good at timing speaker tackles.

  38. Wow, Rubio just gave a speech about how God’s will is always done.

    1. Rubio is a frightening fundie douche. Predictably, National Review loves him.

  39. Barney Frank won.

    1. The people in his district are fucking hopeless.

      1. The people in his district are fucking hopeless fucked … again.

  40. Release the Kraken Aqua Buddha

  41. Jew know what communism is? Getting fucked.
    I eat octopus three times a day. I got these cheevato Russian shoes, my feet coming through.

    But I always know one day, I coming here, Jewnited States.

    1. Washington is like one big pussy waiting to get fucked.

      1. Thank you.

  42. They are saying the Dem won in WV. I am not sure that matters.

    Manchin, as governor, was pretty tight-fisted fiscally from what I’ve read. As Democrats go, he’s probably going to be closest to the political center.

    So, meh on who wins in WV.

    1. Yeah. And as I said, he is up for re-election in two years. If he breaks all of his promises, he is toast. If he doesn’t, he will be to the right of some Republicans. So meh is about right.

    2. Cato rated him one of the top governors in their report Reason covered a few weeks ago.

      1. Yeah Manchin seems like he’d be really good on fiscal issues, and he’s at least backed it up with some action in WV

  43. Chris Matthews thinks the republicans have begun an attack on Obama that has only just begun. Just wait until they start thinking about starting the attack!

  44. Harry Reid didn’t run away with Nevada. MSNBC is disappointed.

  45. Yeah, the fit the MSNBC crowd threw over Paul destroying the world over Paul filibustering the raising of the debt ceiling was pretty hysterical. funny though.

  46. Oh, my God! You didn’t even blink. You are not going to raise the debt ceiling. You really are not going to do it! YOU FUCKERS MEAN IT! AIEIEIEIEIE!

  47. I would have loved it if in Rand’s speech he had said “We won, praise Aqua Buddha” just to fuck with people…

    Conway ran to the right (and left, and right, and left, the guy seemed to have no real beliefs) of Rand and lost. Good for him.

    I hope Rand will take a stronger stance on drugs eventually though.

    1. Jack Conway falls before me, none shall besmirch my name.

  48. Tell me someone just saw Chris Matthews be the first of the MSNBC bloc to lose his shit. He practically became unhinged talking to Michelle Bachmann.

  49. Senator No. Sounds fantastic. I’m also pleased to see Senator Craigslist get elected. We need some funding for shutting down Internet “brothels.” That dude’s a tool, but a hell of warrior. He’ll be great on the War on Drugs. Fuck.

    1. …with his experience in Nam, you’d think he’d smoked some dope.

  50. Kaor! John Carter wins reelection in TX.

  51. MSNBC: Congress is only 1/6 of government. Nothing to worry about.

    1. Just flipped over and they were talking about outside money from the get go in Wisconsin. Olberdouche.

      1. Rachel is a strange name for a dude

  52. I’m here in Connecticut and sad to see that Blumenthal won in the Senate. He’s like Elliot Spitzer, only more intelligent, which means he actually gets things done. Not good.

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