Independent Review of U.N. Climate Panel Set



Climategate and glaciergate have set off a firestorm of criticism against the less-than-transparent Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change. Bowing to public pressure, the IPCC is now seeking an independent review of it procedures by the InterAcademy Council. The IAC is the umbrella organization for various national academies of science from countries around the world. Under the terms of reference, the IAC is supposed to:

Review IPCC procedures for preparing reports including:
• Data quality assurance and data quality control;
• Guidelines for the types of literature appropriate for inclusion in IPCC
assessments, with special attention to the use of non peer-reviewed literature;
• Procedures for expert and governmental review of IPCC material;
• Handling of the full range of scientific views; and
• Procedures for correcting errors identified after approval, adoption and
acceptance of a report.

The IAC report will be issued this coming August. It will be very interesting to see which scientists get to do the review of IPCC procedures. Stay tuned.