Tax Day is Coming: Game of Thrones Edition

Trying to write off that red wedding this year? As tax day approaches April 15, 2014, nobody's more upset about paying their debts than those playing the Game of Thrones. One thing is for sure: All men must pay. For more on taxes, check out these articles at

Approximately 2:43.

Written and performed by Justin Monticello. Shot and edited by Paul Detrick.

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  • Sudden||

    A little NSFW for worker bees would help, although given GoT I should've figured.

    Had to write a check two days ago made out to the United States Treasury. Wanted to throw up.

  • CentristClassicalLiberal||

    Replace all taxes, local and federal, with the FairTax. Pay as you go.

  • UnCivilServant||

    Remove all taxing power from the government. They clearly can't handle financial matters.

  • CentristClassicalLiberal||

    You can't have a government without some sort of revenue.

  • politicsbyothermeans||


  • Free Society||

    You can't have the tyrannically immoral governance that people like you love, without taxation.

  • CentristClassicalLiberal||

    Yeah worker's comp (the Cato Institute has alot of good information on how to reform it) and not allowing civilians to own nukes are examples of tyrannical immorality. Whatever.

    Does walking on a government-made sidewalk feel like walking inside of a former Nazi concentration camp?

  • Game of Thrones fan||

    Barack Obama, First of His Name, King of these United States, Liberator of the Uninsured(?), Deporter of Illegals, Khaleesi of the Great Surveillance State, called Barack the Americanborn(?), the Unscandalized, Azor Ahai reborn, and Mother of Drones

  • Free Society||


  • Game of Thrones fan||

    The Obamas send their regards...


  • DannielleHeardsieomu||

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  • Tim||

    I want to see the Game of Throne intro with US primary cities:
    [cue theme]

    WASHINGTON DC pops up and all the little cogs spinning, then over to the fooking IOWA state caucus, New Hampshire... when the Florida primary comes up the map sprouts gear driven mouse ears...

  • Vampire||

    Exactly right UCS. There is no such thing as a freaking "fair" tax. It is extortion. So what CCL is basically saying... If Uncivil or myself, or even both of us showed up at his door and extorted him for a "fair" amount of his earnings he wouldn't mind?

    Not so sure about how does this become okay when the politicians do it? For years governments have shown themselves incapable of protecting or defending liberty. Central planning is also a failure, yet folks still want to throw money at these politicians. That would be like GE making a horrible refrigerator, and instead of buying a Samsung model that performs better for a lower cost, everyone is forced to purchase the GE anyway. Many might just buy the Samsung anyway, but being they are forced to still purchase the GE frigerator, the horrid company is rewarded, that money forcibly malinvested, and the capital basically all but destroyed and prevented from rewarding efficiency and good products or services.

    What sense does operating in this manner make??????

  • NotAnotherSkippy||

    The FairTax is a specific implementation of a national sales tax that replaces all income taxes. You already show up at CCL's door and extort a "fair" amount of his earnings. With a national sales tax he would actually have more control over how much you can tax as opposed to punishing people for being productive and rewards consumption.

  • Vampire||

    No one goes to CCL's door. If they did they would likely face consequences for their attempt at theft. That is why individuals continually advocate it. It's just the same as if the government declared bank robbery legal, and defense of the bank illegal....there'd be more bank robberies, as folks wouldn't face consequences.

    They are punishing consumption. There is no reason to make believe anyone has much control, because the politicians can play with the percentage as they see fit. Why reward gross inefficiency through extortion (taxation)? Knowing politicians, something like this would probably happen: Oh looky, I get to control the extortion. I'm only going to buy used shit! Yay! Oh crap, they made the tax applicable to used items too. Damn. Ever by a car in one stare, then move and pay tax on it again? To even thing govt won't do such a thing is abandoning reality.

    We had a constitution that was supposed to protect liberty and put a limit on what the government could and could not do. Yet the constitution is violated continually, and liberty is not defended or protected. So what makes anyone think this new form of robbery will be good? There is no reason to believe it will be "different" this time around, because the track record of tyrants, despots and politicians throughout history is horrid.

    How anyone would say they support liberty, and then go on to talk about supporting taxation is befuddling. Taxation is antithetical to liberty.

  • Free Society||

    Of course taxation is totally different from theft, extortion and racketeering. You see as long as the perpetrators wear special costumes and have special permission from 51% of the people within an arbitrary geographic area, the normal rules of morality don't apply.

    It's simple, moral obligations apply to everyone equally unless you work for a group of people calling themselves the government.

  • Mickey Rat||

    Kat's accountant advised her to spend a year dead for tax purposes.

  • Paul Spomer||

    Somebody get these people a TV show.

  • Lady Bertrum||

    "We know about your secret accounts in the Iron Isles."

    Should have been: "We know about your secret accounts in the Free Cities."

  • WilliamsMaragret||

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