Joe Trippi: "I don't see Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton having a big fight over the NSA."

In this interview excerpt, Democratic political strategist, Joe Trippi, explains why voters will find a libertarian presidential candidate appealing.

For the full interview, click here.

Approx. 50 seconds.

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  • Hyperion||

    They'll have a big fight to see who can outdo Feinstein in cheering on more spying.

  • BethanyButlerpu||

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    While it's a big issue, people will elect the next president based on what financial goodies they will promise, whether it be more government checks or a more friendly environment for job creation.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Also in the mix, best hair.

  • David Wall||

    Why all the negativity, Fist? I think Trippi is trying to get ahead of the intellectual curve by doing this type of interview. He thinks possibly that libertarian view points will get some traction in the next few election cycles. So, he wants to be on record as making such a prediction to maintain his status as a visionary political analyst. His giving this interview should be seen as good news.

    Pessimism and defeatism will influence no one.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    He thinks possibly that libertarian view points will get some traction in the next few election cycles.

    Maybe in the midterms. Those are the elections where the turnout is mostly voters who are paying attention or have a chip or both. Presidential elections are about hair and goodies and save us from foreigners (self-fulfilling prophecies aside).

  • Notorious G.K.C.||

    As James Taranto would put it, bottom stories of the day.

  • Almanian!||

    "Answers to Questions No One is Asking"

  • Jordan||

    Nice example of voluntary cooperation in action:

    Free Online University Receives Accreditation, in Time for Graduating Class of 7

    From the start, Mr. Reshef has said that he aimed to show developing countries that it is possible to provide higher education to all, at a low cost.

    Without government subsidies? UNPOSSIBLE!!1

  • Almanian!||

    Who gave them permission to do this??! Where does it say this is legal??!!


  • Jerry on the boat||

    It's not free, you pay $100 per exam (40 in total). And why do they need accreditation anyways?

  • Jordan||

    Tuition is free. But yes, "Low Cost Online University" would have been more accurate.

    What's wrong with accreditation? They may not need it, but it theoretically provides a measure of quality assurance. And they were accredited by a private entity.

  • Robert||

    I read that as "Lost Cow Online University".

  • Redmanfms||

    And why do they need accreditation anyways?

    For students buying a certification (which is exactly what a degree is) accreditation of the issuing institute is pretty important because it is important to people who might employ that student in the future.

  • Mike M.||

    I'm going to go ahead and predict that Jeb Bush will NOT be the republican nominee, despite what the JournoList wants everyone to believe.

  • General Butt Naked||

    I think this is finally the year when the small government conservatives in the republican party stand up and holler a rousing "ENOUGH!".

    ...and Mike Huckabee will be the nominee.

  • From the Tundra||

    Pretty cynical, General.

    Besides, we all know it's Santorum's "turn".

  • General Butt Naked||

    But is he the most "electable"?

    It's much better to lose with an electable wet noodle than someone with principles.

  • From the Tundra||

    Ah, good point. Maybe they need to take another look at Pawlenty...

  • NotAnotherSkippy||

    Pawlenty made Romney look charismatic. If it's really Santorum, then they deserve to lose.

  • Robert||

    If Romney got the nomination, he'd have as god a chance as any Republican to win the gen'l election, i.e. about 50-50. People may not vote particularly for Romney, but more would probably vote against the Democrat than did against Obama. He won't get the nomination in 2016, though, because in recent times the parties tend not to renominate someone who lost the previous election for president.

  • wwhorton||

    Dave Mustaine supported him, and that's good enough for me!

  • From the Tundra||

    Well, Killing is My Business... would make an excellent campaign song.

  • Rich||

    How about something like this: Provide every NSA employee $1M tax free and $100K/year for life to resign *immediately*. "Wash the rice bowl."

  • General Butt Naked||

    You might get a taker or two, but most people don't work for 3-letter agencies for the money.

  • Rich||

    Serious question: What *are* they working for, then?

    Anticipated answer: "The good/safety of the nation."

  • Jordan||

    I prefer this: Agree not to investigate (and prosecute where appropriate) every NSA employee below a certain level if they agree to resign immediately. No such amnesty for the leadership.

  • wwhorton||

    There are a lot of people who work for the NSA playin' around with crypto all day. Math nerds, CS guys, etc. Not all of the people who work at NSA are in the nefarious division.

  • Jordan||

    Too bad. The NSA has proven it can't be trusted at all. Time to kill it and start over.

  • General Butt Naked||

    So, people that don't give a shit about civil liberties as long as they have nifty toys to play with.

  • Christophe||

    Well the NSA used to have a track record of helping the US private sector:

    That's part of why they started being trusted so much, and how they turned that into something they could exploit.

  • The Late P Brooks||

    Big government lovers love big government.

    No kidding.

  • The Late P Brooks||

    There are a lot of people who work for the NSA playin' around with crypto all day. Math nerds, CS guys, etc. Not all of the people who work at NSA are in the nefarious division.

    Don't say that he's hypocritical,
    Say rather that he's apolitical.

    "Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?
    That's not my department," says Wernher von Braun.

  • Jerry on the boat||

    "Joe loves calculating thermodynamic partial differential equations, just don't blame him for the efficient gas chamber he helped build."

  • karonkaron620||

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  • Zombie Jimbo||

    Is she doing crypto for the NSA? If so, she can resign or be prosecuted.

  • RishJoMo||

    Sometimes man you jsut have to jump on that bandwagon and roll with it.

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