"The Independents" Premieres on Fox Business

Reason TV's correspondent Kennedy launched her new show, "The Independents," on Fox Business Monday. The former MTV VJ and Reason contributor will host the political talkshow alongside Reason Magazine's editor-in-chief Matt Welch and America's Future Foundation's Kmele Foster.

The show airs Monday through Wednesday and Friday at 9pm ET on the Fox Business Network.

Air Date: 12.09.13

Duration: 40 min

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  • Westmiller||

    Good mash-up. Wish you the best!

    BUT ... what is that rolling background graphic? It looks like a dead psychedelic weed wrap. I know. Every "hip" show now has moving background graphics ... but one word: *subtle*, not distracting.

  • Tyler Durden||

    I love the new video embed, it actually works on my Windows Phone!

  • Tyler Durden||

    I didn't like that Kennedy talked about how friendly and collegial they would be, then talked all over the token liberal; I thought that was a bit rude. Apart from that it was a great first show, I'm looking forward to seeing more if the videos keep being available outside the US.

  • Libertarian Barbarian||

    I can see the partisan hacks coming out of the woodwork over this show.

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