Katherine Mangu-Ward Discusses the Powerball Lottery on NBC

Reason Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward discusses how the Powerball lottery is a regressive tax on the low-income earners on NBC. Airdate: November 29, 2012.

About 2.27 minutes.

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  • Sua Sponte||

    My all-time favorite bumper sticker:
    "The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math"

  • KenP||

    Looks like an argument against personal decision making that shouldn't be other's concern. Poor choices abound. At least the IRS isn't making them play.

  • ||

    Yeah, and McDonalds is a regressive tax on fat people.

    Fuckin' personal responsibility, how does it work?

    The state skimming off the top doesn't make the lottery a tax. The absence of coercion should be your first clue. The lottery is actually the closest thing to a voluntary tax that exists in this country - something libertarians should be applauding instead of bemoaning the choice like a grievance mongering Democratic Underground basement dweller.

  • Lottery Experiment||

    Taxes are levied, playing the lottery is not. Bumper stickers usually aren't the best sources for personal enlightenment.

  • trig||

    CMW could be a little more condescending please?

  • WWNGD?||

    The lottery is a tax on stupidity, the dumber the person is the more they play.

  • Pulmonary Kid||

    Why on earth does reason let individuals like this represent them in the mass media? Just because a portion of the revenues generated through MUTUAL EXCHANGE go to government doesn't make it a "regressive tax" targeting the poor.

    If you want to make that argument about the lottery you have to make that argument about sales tax on any goods.

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