Roger Stone on New Media and Old Campaign Tricks

In conjunction with The Interactive Media Studies Program at Miami University of Ohio, reason's Nick Gillespie is co-teaching a class called "Poltics, Culture, and New Media."

The course explores the theory and practice of new media, especially as it relates to cultural and political journalistic outlets. In alternating weeks, the course takes place in classroom spaces on the Miami University campus in Reason's DC-based offices, where Gillespie, a Ph.D. in literature and a 20-year veteran of journalism, leads Web-based videoconferences with journalists, authors, policy analysts.

On September 17, the class talked with legendary and notorious political operative, Roger Stone.

Click above to watch the hour-long conversation, which was filmed and edited by reason's Dan Hayes (himself a Miami alum).

For an audio podcast version of this conversation, go here.

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