‘The Kronies’ Are Back, Explaining Export-Import Bank Loan Subsidies

Remember the Kronies? This fun, deliberately horrifying parody of old Saturday morning cartoons was intended to illustrate the collusion between major corporations and the government to funnel money away from taxpayers (Read what we wrote when the Kronies debuted back in January here).

There is a new short piece out this week that explains in its own particular style how awesome (read: terrible) the Export-Import Bank is. Watch below:

Reason columnist and Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow Veronique de Rugy laughed along, but also wondered if the increased awareness of the corporate subsidies the bank offers was a sign that Americans were paying more attention to corporate cronyism. She wrote over at the National Review:

A growing number of people are aware that Big Business often teams up with Big Government, and that it’s causing big problems. People know this and they’re sick of it — the outrage about cronyism is definitely bipartisan.

It’s an issue that has been more aggressively embraced by free-market activities in Congress and around the country, and I actually think we’re about to see a backlash against “pro-business” Republicans (George Will rightfully argues that Eric Cantor’s demise can be traced back to people being fed-up with pro-business Republicans). If this trend continues, we may end up seeing a real shift in policies.

The first big test? In September, when the Ex-Im Bank reauthorization issue comes up. It will be interesting to watch. 

Our own Nick Gillespie also argued Cantor’s collapse is tied to his support of corrupt institutions like the Export-Import Bank. Watch or read his argument here.

More Reason on the awfulness of the Export-Import Bank here.

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  • Stickler Meeseeks||


    In the same vein, Amity Shlaes has helped to produce a graphic novel of her fantastic book "the Forgotten Man."


    Similarly, I just discovered this one over at the site of the Mises Institute, an early "comic" of Hayak's "Road to Serfdom."


  • creech||

    How ironic to see the Hayek cartoon was sponsored by General Motors.

  • Stickler Meeseeks||

    Some drawings were based on James Mooney's personal photographs! J.K.

  • ||

    Rick and morty is such a damn funny show.

  • sarcasmic||


  • ||

    So Parts and labor is supposed to be Unions right?

  • PH2050||


    Did you see the photo on the back of Bankor's newspaper? I think it is a new Krony that will be coming out soon, an insurance or medical care crony.

    Does the guy who beat Cantor talk much about the Export-Import Bank.

  • James Anderson Merritt||

    I used to read a Frank Miller comic book "Give Me Liberty," in which he predicted the breakup of the US into several mutually hostile factions, one of which was a Therapeutic State, run by the "Surgeon General" in the Pacific Northwest. They guy pictured on the back of Bankor's newspaper reminds me a lot of Miller's Surgeon General.

  • James Anderson Merritt||

    "they guy" should be "the guy"

    Reason, listen to reason: Please restore the power for authors to edit their own posts! (And while you are at it, please remove the counterproductive character limit for posting length.)

  • zaphod||

    Richard Anderson, the CEO of Delta, is none too happy with the way the Ex-Im subsidies hurt his business:


  • James Anderson Merritt||

    This was hilarious. "The Less You Know" needs to be the theme of a flurry of lampoon PSAs. The spots for "The More You Know" and "CBS Cares" now give me a retching reflex, whenever I see them. "The Less You Know" would be a much-welcome preventive or remedy.


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