Shikha Dalmia on Sexism at the New York Times

Jill AbramsonCornelia Griggs/InstagramThe New York Times' firing of its first female executive editor, Jill Abramson, who led her paper to eight Pulitzer victories in three short years, elicited howls of protests from her sister scribes. And with good reason. After changing his story several times, the publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, finally explained that the real reason Abramson—who had the gothic "T" of the Times tattooed on her arm—got the boot was her "abrasive" and "high handed" management style which, as far as they are concerned, is sexism.

Reasond Foundation Senior Analyst notes that unlike other feminist complaints about wage gaps, not enough female CEOs, tax payer-covered birth pills, and, the emerging cause celeb, the absence of paid menstrual leave, this one actually might be valid.


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