Uncle Sam Trolls Jihadis on Twitter

Think Again Turn Away/TwitterThink Again Turn Away/TwitterOf all the bizarre government social media campaigns—and there have been a lot lately—I think the weirdest must be "Think Again Turn Away." If we're judging solely on WTF-factor, this U.S. Department of State (DOS) initiative blows Pajama Boy and Leather Jacket Boy and Obamacare's gifgasm out of the water. The main premise seems to be trolling jihadis on Twitter, with taunts aimed at knocking the bravery, intelligence, etc. of al Qaeda and other anti-West religious warriors. If it all seems a little "Uncle Sam tells terrorists 'your mama' jokes," it is.

Below are a few recent tweets from the (verified) Twitter account @ThinkAgain_DoS. As you can see, DOS seeks out pro al Qaeda tweets and then responds, engaging directly with individual users. To me, it all seems like a strategy wayyyyy more likely to inspire animosity among jihadis than to make them suddenly "think again" and "turn away." When's the last time you changed any minor opinion, let alone your entire value and belief system, because of a random Internet troll? And make no mistake about it, the DOS is definitely trolling. 

DOS reality checkDOS reality check

Chilly Willy says keep on trollin' DOSChilly Willy says keep on trollin' DOS

Modern day psy-ops, ladies and gents! According to Mother Jones, the DOS Think Again Turn Away campaign is only costing us a couple of million dollars annually. 

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  • Agammamon||

    . . . the DOS Think Again Turn Away campaign is only costing us a couple of million dollars annually.

    Fucking government. Twitter is free, throw a couple of interns at it, could probably get that cost down to a million easy.

  • Derpetologist||

    This could easily pass for an Onion article.

    Has the State Dept unfriended Al Shabaab yet?

  • ||

    If I worked at the DOS and had an unemployable little fuckwit of a son, I'd probably dream something like this up to keep him busy... which is why I believe thats exactly why this was created.

  • Root Boy||

    I remember reading some puff piece on some young dipshit who Condi Rice hired as a social media flunky and all he did was run around the world on my dime tweeting. He really got going when Hillary took over though.

    I'm sure he was making six figures.

  • Almanian!||

    Yo mama so fat, she can't WEAR a suicide vest!

    Mama so stank, airport security stopped her before she got on the plane!

    Yo brother so stupid, he set his dick on fire insteead of his underwear bomb!

    Brother so fat, motherfuckin bomb blew up in his ass and didn't kill no one!

    Yo morning prayer so weak, radio Tel Aviv be playin' it over the air!

    Yo sister so un-halal, bitch be found in the Kosher aisle at the grocery sto'!

  • Almanian!||

    So - am I hired or what??!

  • Rich||

    Come up with a rockin' avatar, and you're a shoe-in! Get it? A *shoe*-in?!

  • Vampire||

    Roflmao. Hell yeah ur hired.

  • SIV||

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Beat me to it.

  • Almanian!||


  • Notorious G.K.C.||


  • pan fried wylie||

    "Watch as I shove this stick into that beehive."


    Operation White Indian

    Release her on the muj. Zero-Dark-Now.

  • Root Boy||

    This will surely work on the four scumbags who went into a Kabul restaurant last night an murdered an Afghan terp family (mom, dad, two kids) among others.

  • Steve G||

    We're really digging to the root of the problem there. Well done culturally ignorant DOS intern.

  • Brandon||

    Intern? This is probably Kerry's baby. An intern ain't gonna be able to swing a couple million a year at something like this.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • Paul.||

    This is why I'm not on the twitters.

  • dinkster||

    Nothing left to cut.


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